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  1. Trust me, your first run with the correct rules is pretty amazing. Our game was really close (2 spaces left until we would have reached the Sun). We had a really great game :).
  2. Haven't posted in these forums for quite a while, but wanted to quickly say that I really like the game! We made several mistakes the first time playing it, making it quite easy (especially differentiating between "regions" and "spaces" is quite challenging for a non-native-speaker). After giving it a second try, we had quite a lot of fun playing it. The game is amazing. But unfortunatelly, I don't have a chance of getting the promo-card :(. I also would like to see the miniatures being available! Clear-resin spirits anyone?
  3. Nice app, just installed it and haven't clicked through everything, but first thing that popped up in my mind is something that others have already mentioned: Manually selecting schemes, etc. after flipping it manually. I simply like flipping it myself.
  4. And a new one, after reaching Meathook:
  5. And here's a link to a Beasts of War Gameplay Introduction with Mat:
  6. Also backed this project to get me four to five teams, depending on how much will be achieved during the Kickstarter. I am following their facebook page quite closely after I learned parallels to the Arena Rex ruleset which I really like. I am looking forward to the achievements of this Kickstarter and I hope that it continues to grow until the end.
  7. Start a new Crew, build a gaming table with the result from the Games&Gears Kickstarter and then ask around for a local tournament.
  8. I agree with you. Took me three games with them to get the hang of them and how to realise some combinations. Thanks to my gaming colleagues, I got the hang of it and immediately won a tournament (was only 6 people, though). They are really interesting to play and in combination with intelligent scheme-choice, can be quite the victory points winner. I am looking forward to the synergy with upcoming models.
  9. Yes, the sci-fi is also interesting, but I am really looking forward to the Anima Board. I hope, I can find decent houses like those from Sarissa to put on the table. Actually, the anima logos kind of caught my attention, I really like the fine detail on the table and I am thinking about drawing a little bit more attention to them somehow (glowing-color effect or something similar).
  10. I managed to get a victory against Perdita with my Viktorias in my last game (being also the first against them). It is all about the victory points and how to achieve them. I had Victoria of Blood (with Frame for murder on her) charge into a guild guard without starting this charge in LoS of Perdita (she had that trigger on her). Then, after Perdita killed her with shooting, that was a guaranteed 3 VP. Next thing, when my Viktoria of Blood died: Killjoy came out and charged into the Perdita Crew with all of his models having activated already (seems like Perdita likes to be last in a round). That was quite some fun. Two Ronins kept two guild guards and the Perdita Gunslinger busy, dying only slowly with defensive stance and everything. Important is that you also look at your own crew and see, what might be important to you, what he wants to see dead and how to make him pay for it.
  11. I just pledged for my first Malifaux table board at this Kickstarter for the Anima Battle Board: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/554355176/games-and-gears-battle-boards You can find several pictures of it on this site. Also, if there are enough supporters, there is going to be another two 2'x2' pieces to have 6 unique board-pieces from which you can generate a table quite large (or two tables next to each other).
  12. Played Warhammer 40.000 about 14 years ago, stopping 12 years ago. And then, in Sweden, I discovered the game again and immediately loved it.
  13. And now, they posted the gameplay-video: Enjoy. It is amazing, looking exactly like what they promised .
  14. Next gladiator unlocked and teaser for new model: Wendigo.
  15. I love the idea of the game so far and I am really thinking about the amount of money, I will pledge, since I have to take into account the custom fees I will probably have to pay. But I love the spirit of the game and since I already bought an old Gladiatoral Miniatures Game Rulebook, I am looking forward to this one in particular.
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