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  1. And some pictures from tournament https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPJWYQ6_FdrM_bWu2oGTZzhpOjIE6ZiDDiXcMBZQI9WtRF5csDCeNftNKLMMoR_WA?key=cjFTYmF1SFlBaUI2ZzhfN0xxU1l2UXQwNEFDR0RR
  2. Place - GATAGEWA, Husitska 44, Prague tel 420 734 527 331 more info : moorhed@post.cz
  3. And some pictures from our tournament. https://picasaweb.google.com/113209935285365270577/Malifaux2016 https://picasaweb.google.com/113209935285365270577/Malifaux2016 We are looking for you on next tournament on 28th May. Subscirbe here or on email malifauxcz at gmail.com
  4. Demo was moved by player to Monday Mar 14th
  5. I mean this Tursday - 10th March
  6. On Thursday at 17:00 I will held a demo for new player in Malifaux. Place is Ogri Doupe (www.fantasy.cz). All newcomers are invited. Temple of Dawn vs Tara
  7. This thread is for announcing small events happening in Prague
  8. Some photos from past tournament: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOB5d1rFqvatZUx5lvP3k-HZoeVr65Ddy1vDixjO2f6pe_etmi5Gg8-hV4fpZ4fjQ?key=bS12TmdmazdWc25yYW9venhBOW0zNnpid1JYNEZB
  9. Master of Resurrectionists - second big tournament in Prague When:19th Martch 2016 (Saturnday) Format: Fix FAction, Fix master, 45 SS and three games.
  10. Tournament was great! Thanks to guy from Florida, we can call it "International". Here are some pictures from gaming: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.969856383108598.1073741848.830370083723896&type=3 Hope to next tournament would be at least so good as this one.
  11. Hi, I was looking for the answer in this tread without success. I have liitle bit different question: Can be Incorporeal Model be hurt by Hazardous Terrain? From the rules is seems YES, which is guess because of rules, but it was not meant to be possible. Incorporeal says - ignore terraind DURING any movement or push. And Hazardous Terrain: deals damage to models that Activate while within it, or enter it (if they are Pushed, Moved or Placed within the terrain). So, incorporeal ignore Haz.terrain during move/push, but when starts activation while standing in, it gets damage. I feel that this is wrong.
  12. And here are some photos of Paintng contest. Enjouy. Winner is Erebi, with Pandora Gang Photo Gallery
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