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  1. We got Bokor and they Monster hunters. 😔😭
  2. Yeah Aunty Sammy, but she only has 2ap so doesn't count
  3. Did this "errata" take you more than an afternoon. Surely this is the start and you expand it further on another page?
  4. Sure playing for fun we got lots of new things, but Hamlin should have got a Cuddle, but instead got a rather large boost as did the 'point n click' Vix. Also believe ressers top masters got even better. That does seem to be a bit counter intuitive and not really balancing the factions. I was hoping for a different way of playing Somer. No summoning +1sh +1dam on melee sort of thing. It's not as if he needs a boost, but nor did Nico..
  5. Cheers for clearing it up for me. Roll on Black Cat Friday
  6. So you play tested stuffed piglets by putting them up a 50% and not taking them? They really aren't worth 3pts with no other changes.
  7. Wong will get a Card in wave 5 that gives him a 0 to summon stuffed piglets. It's legit
  8. Care to explain the issue because clearly I'm missing it. Personally I thought GG17 already Cuddled the pigapult compared to gg16. I never used it because it's not fun. It really should be a fun model seeing how silly it looks. Well making stuffed piglets cost 50% more wasn't the solution. If spamming them was the issue they could have limited the amount you could buy because Invalidating models is never good design. Stuffed piglets were never over priced or broken, they just needed a tweak.
  9. Can't see myself buying them over Bayou's because they are far to random with damage to ever be consistent and are clearly never worth 3pts. All they had to do is limit their use or they could have dealt with real issue aka the pigault. Really terrible that they ruined lots of models because they were too short-sighted to think a little further..
  10. Stuffed piglet change is so lazy and makes the model's pretty worthless at their job.
  11. Well that book surely isn't finished because last look it had Lenny on the cover! So perhaps there is a chance between slim and none
  12. I was listening to this and painting up my Outcasts just last night.
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