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  1. Vanthor

    Misaki and her soulstone cache

    I've tended towards 4 but, on occasion, will take a Ronin and go with just her cache to give me the freedom to choose
  2. Vanthor


    Apologies. The pulse needs line of sight, which exists in your example, so yes, the target gets hit. No LOS, no effect.
  3. Vanthor


    This thread was quite lengthy but...
  4. I can confirm that the new box has the old sprue, so no separately packed Torokage I'm afraid
  5. Vanthor

    Lap Desk for Assembly

    Laptop/reading tray with the built-in reading light?
  6. Vanthor

    Lazarus and McCabe

    Sadly, Beta threads are hidden away but I'm sure it was discussed and explained at the time, as well as a short fluff piece to explain that Lazarus hates the Guild and thus won't work in a crew led by a model with Guild affiliations.
  7. Vanthor

    Remove Condition

    You'd remove the entire Condition stack, so all the burning. The armour it depends on what it's from: if it's an ability it can't be removed; if it's a condition then it all goes; if it's both then it drops to the value supplied by the ability.
  8. Vanthor

    Leap Confusion

    Small rulebook pg 44: That's it
  9. Vanthor

    Hamelin crew requirements

    I have 4 Rat kings (but only fielded 3 at any one time to date) and I've maxed out at 9-10 rats on the table.
  10. Vanthor

    Flay vs. Impossible to Wound

    This appears to be another "understanding English" debate: In English, "...may not [be cheated]," is not an optional rule, it is absolute, the same as, "...is not allowed to [cheat]." Conversely, "...may be [cheated]..." is permissive, it gives you the option to cheat but isn't absolute. As such there is no conflict between the two sentences.