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  1. Another hire to consider is Vincent. Out of keyword he is 10ss. However he is great at taking out summons with his crossbow. I haven’t played Against Tara this edition so it’s just a theory at this stage. But he may be helpful?
  2. the Whisper upgrade in my experience isn’t enough to compensate for all the discard. It’s crazy the amount of discard you have to do In keyword if you want to get the full value of their abilities. Personally I find it the number 1 frustrating part of playing revenant. She can already attack through pyres with her “unquiet Dead” tactical action.
  3. The main problem I have with reva is that if you stay in keyword you have lots of card discard, with no card draw. I’d like to see final veil allow card draw as well as the heal. I personally don’t mind the burning management. I actually find it quite fun. However I can see why people don’t like it
  4. Well this is a cause for celebration!!!! I didn't realize it had so many applications. Thanks.
  5. Good win well done. I’m surprised you didn’t bring Vincent. His crow trigger on his crossbow would have made dealing with those Jorogumos much easier. Lamp ads are card intensive but good. I’ll be running 2 in my next game to see if I have the resources to support them.
  6. I would like to add Daw to my resser collection, however I'm worried that he may be a NPE for my opponents. Are my concerns founded or he isn't as bad as he looks?
  7. Thanks for this thread. I’ve played one game with reva and friends and this has given me a few more ideas.
  8. I have only played one game with this crew but I found the RN to be very useful. Its projectile vomit turn 2 was crucial in limiting Howard Langston to one action and that was after he was Given fast by Hoffman. Also handed out distracted and poison two on him and a few other models nearby due to it being focused(thanks to molly) on its first attack. Having a built blank stare trigger is great. It along with stalk got it up to poison six. I would definitely take it into the crew again.
  9. maybe if we keep this thread going it may draw attention of the game developers? It would be nice to hear their thoughts on lucius. I remember hearing Justin on a podcast saying that not all masters were created equal. maybe lucius is meant to be at the bottom of the power curve, but he can be very frustrating to use. my early games with him almost made me put the master schemer in my minis case permanently. It was like I was trying to fight against Lucius and my opponent. he is hard work sometimes without a lot a reward. surely that is not what they intended.
  10. I agree. If anything he needs a tweak.Wyrd makes those tweaks on upgrades rather than the cards though so I think all his target numbers ect won't change. He reeks of a model that wasn't playtested enough to be honest. I suspect that it was determined that his devils deal ability was more powerful than it has turned out to be. its a great ability but 3 damage that can not be reduced is nasty. so after some thought my suggestion is this: change his loop holes upgrade to 2ss. Remove the aura ability it is so situational I find I rarely ever get any use out of it. put in and ability called something like "that contracts not binding" at the beginning of this models activation it may remove one condition. Maybe he can discard a card to do this. Give him a crow trigger on issue command that heals the targetmodel 2 wounds/ or removes a condition. Keeps the scheme marker stuff because as off gg 2016 it's not as good. Again just my 2 cents.
  11. also issue command should have a trigger on a crow that heals the target model 1-2 wounds.
  12. Its small but i think the ability to hire guardsmen and mimics from another faction should be on the front of his card rather than a upgrade. Red tape should be until the end of the enemy models next activation. my 2 cents
  13. Neverborn masters are squishy and Pandora is no exception, but I think you should give it a go. Inflict and the fears given form upgrade could really cripple a Lucius crew. With her activation control you may be able to mitigate the retaliation.
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