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  1. Thank you for that. I will have the page reference tattoo’d on my forehead
  2. Actually I’m glad of it. The problem was in both of our rule books at leas it doesn’t say play one stratagem it says play a stratagem. My opponent held that this meant they just had to resolve the first before playing another. Quite frankly the additional two or three breaching bombs were redundant, the first was quite sufficient to do the job.
  3. Can a player use more than one stratagem during the activation of a single unit?
  4. There were a couple of posters that used to hang in my local volunteer fire brigade station. One said “Stupid questions are easier to handle than stupid mistakes.” And the other said “The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.” I have always thought those were good advice.
  5. Very nice. Now we just need Odeodatos (or however the hell it is spelt) painted up to look like Ned Kelly. That bucket shaped head would be perfect for it.
  6. Sorry to necro this but I just read it for the first time and I got an overwhelming need to comment. Thanks for the display but I had to ask. Rain Gunners? Shouldn’t they be King’s Empire?
  7. Thank’s I will do so.
  8. Unfortunately I didn’t get in on the KS so I am limited to what has come out retail. As it was my Aby Allegiance Box didn’t have any objective tokens so I’m not sure what should have been where
  9. Is there any sign of the January or April New Releases? My local supplier says they have been on constant back/pre order but have not seen them.
  10. Not any more sadly. Only one prototype per unit now. 😢
  11. Absolutely, i’m Not sure if you are referring to England, America, Canada or Australia (has anything ever been written in Australia?) but I could not agree with you more.
  12. That’s what I thought but I have often found in war games rules what the English seems to say isn’t what it is supposed to mean. And not just in a certain futuristic skirmish game written in Spain either.
  13. Treating the wounded as invisible abstractions is the main job of a general isn’t it? Seemed that way in most of the first and second world wars anyway.
  14. Fair enough. Just a quick further question, if the Explosive Rocket Prototype is attached to a unit of Mechanised Infantry can the Walker use it like any other fireteam in the unit? I think the answer should be yes but I would like a more experienced hand’s advice.
  15. Yeah, sorry, I got a bit sidetracked from my own original question but the discussion about assets in general. To my mind the word reinforcement indicates a nice, military style, practical action however a better description of how the “reinforce” rule actually works would be “Oogedy boogedy, necromantic, chaos, super techno, magical resurrection miracle.” However that would be even more wordy.
  16. Quite frankly I don’t think it is a problem. The name of the mechanic makes it simple. It is not resurrection, it is not revival, it is not even healing. It is re-inforcement. I.e. rushing additional troops into the battle to replace those lost in the fight. To answer your complications; 1) You don’t return a model you replace it with a brand new one from the barracks/factory. Therefore no assets on reinforcements. 2) Can you get any of the discarded assets back? No because you don’t get the model back you get a new one still in factory defaults. 3) What happens to the assets attached to a model that is destroyed? Umm they were destroyed. Sorry, try not to get your elite guys killed next time.
  17. I’m not sure, isn’t there a line that says that if the hazardous value isn’t specified it defaults to Hazardous 0?
  18. That seems reasonable. My only question would be why are some of the assets Dreadnought specific. It seems to undermine their future flexibility. It seems however that you have confirmed my fear. I was hoping there was a FAQ or errata somewhere that I hadn’t seen that would allow me to take the Foggers with the Walker or Cutter. **SIGH** Thanks Adran Rannith
  19. Well the Cutter and Walker are both listed as Titans however as combined arms units they cannot have assets.
  20. Since the Combined Arms rules state that you cannot apply Assets to a Combined arms Fireteam does that mean the Chemical Foggers Prototype Asset can ONLY be applied to the Dreadnought? If so why isn’t the restriction Dreadnought Only instead of Titan Only?
  21. Great, that’s how I read it but I wanted to clarify. Thanks a lot.
  22. If an adjunct model is the only surviving model in a, normally, multi-model fireteam can the fire team make its normal attack and use the adjunct ability since the attack comes from the fire team I.e. the base? Or can it only make the adjunct action because that is the only model left?
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