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  1. With the Poison Errata, a model no longer needs to deal damage in order to apply poison counters to its target, it only needs to hit with an attack. Does this mean that a model such as Coppelius, which has Poison 2 on his Long Clawed Fingers will inflict poison counters on models it successfully hits with a disengaging Strike? From the rules, it would seem that it is the case as a disengaging Strike is still an attack.
  2. Yes, yes it is. Page 33, under General Actions: (1) Pass: This model does nothing for this Action.
  3. It depends on how the tokens/effects are applied. For example, Kaeris' Ignite says that models damaged get a Burning Token. If your original target doesn't take damage, he doesn't get a token. If there was an ability that gave out Burning Tokens when the target is hit (like Poison) then that would be different. As far as Rusty Alice's Rust spell, the effect does not depend on the model getting damaged. It simply states that the target receives Slow. So while the damage can get passed along, whoever gets hit will still be Slow. PS. Whether you ask at the store, on our own boards or here, I'm still gonna answer
  4. She has to keep going with whichever one she went with. So if you Pacify, you can only Pacify again. She has no ability to get around the one (0) action per turn beyond being able to re-use the one she just used successfully.
  5. I asked this myself a long time ago. Here's the response. http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?27410-Pandora-The-Box-Opens-and-Mental-Anguish&p=347379&viewfull=1#post347379 What The Box Opens doesn't remove is things that ignore Wp duels. There's a difference between ignores and immune in game terms. ---------- Post added at 11:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:45 AM ---------- Sure they are, unless it is specified to the contrary: see Nightmare and Soulless vs. Construct, Undead and Spirit characteristics on Pages 9 & 10 of the rulebook. Constructs, Spirit and Undead specifically say they are non-living and immune to Morale Duels in their rules. Nightmare and Soulless only specify non-living. All non-living does is make you unaffected by Terrifying (as per its rule), which while a Morale Duel is not the only type of Morale Duel. That's different as I mentionned in my previous [edit: merged] post. Perdita's See The Unseen allows her to ignore any spell/talent that restricts targeting which is what allows her to bypass Pandora's Expose Fears ability.
  6. Yes it does. It also strips Immune to Influence and Breach Psychosis (Ryle).
  7. The Stitched are just great all-around against Gremlins. Early on, with Creepy Fog, they are one-way LoS blockers. I say one-way because Diving Attack doesn't require LoS. Later turns, they take advantage of the Gremlin's horrible Wp4 by Gambling with them. As for activation sequence, this part of my first turn is always the same regardless of my enemy. I'm sure this is not the most optimal way to do it, but it's worked for me so far. Deployment is Young Nepihlim and Desperate Merc both base to base with the BBS and a Tot in melee range of the Merc. 1. Activate BBS, Defensive Stance, Blood Offering, cast Blood Magic (doing 3 wounds to Desperate Merc) and giving Fast to Young. BBS has 1 Blood Counter. 2. Activate Tot, kill Desperate, Healing Flip on BBS, Drain Blood, try to cast Grow. BBS now has 2 Blood Counters (gained one from Blood Sense) and 1 Corpse Counter (from being in base contact with Desperate when it died). 3. Activate Young, cast Mature (using Blood Counters on BBS), placing the Mature in front of the BBS while remaining in base contact. Depending on my enemy/terrain, I may then cast Carry twice to move up the BBS. The rest of the activations will depend on what my enemy does.
  8. Point-wise, the Primordial Magic is the same as a Cherub. It is really hard to play with anything other than the Primordial when you get used to the extra card. My goto list vs Gremlin with Lilith is the following: Open Spoiler Neverborn Crew - 35 - Scrap Lilith, Mother of Monsters -- 7 Pool Primordial Magic [2ss] Black Blood Shaman [6ss] Desperate Mercenary [2ss] Stitched Together [5ss] Stitched Together [5ss] Terror Tot Nephilim [3ss] Terror Tot Nephilim [3ss] Young Nephilim [6ss] I like to start with a Young because I have a horrible trend of never getting any 9+ masks in my opening hand. If you can manage to get a Mature into play turn 1, it is an excellent target to Brood Mother and transpose turn 2; especially if you know you can trigger Rip in Half. Sticking a Mature Nephilim with Fast and Flurry (from Black Blood Shaman) on Ophelia or Som'er will have your opponent chewing through Soul Stones like candy.
  9. Transposition is more than just a tool to get yourself into position. It can also be used for strategy denial. There is a reason I always bring out Lilith if my opponents get Treasure Hunt as a strategy. Once one of their models pick up the Treasure, you can transpose it with one of you own models. Said model is now conveniently standing over a dropped Treasure marker that can be picked up.
  10. Player name: WiLDRAGE Contry: Eastern Canada Province: Quebec city: Gatineau Store: http://www.boutiquefdb.com/
  11. Wait, how can she offload the Wd from Emotional Trauma? That's not part of the effect of the attack, it's a byproduct of failing the Resist (Wp) Duel and not an attack at all according to the definition of an attack.
  12. This is why he can be good with Pandora. With The Box Opens stripping away immunities to Wp Duels, nothing living within 12" of her can avoid Coppelius' Morale Duels. It will depend on the Meta, really; where I play, I am more likely to go against living models than not.
  13. I'd get one Blister of Alps. While you'll never actual hire them directly, you're getting Coppelius and he can summon them with Eyeballs. More activations are never a bad thing. I also like Coppelius for many of the reasons above. Plus, hitting a Mental Anguish trigger on someone while they are in range of Copellius' Night Stalker aura is nasty.
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