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  1. Purchase would be the most welcome for a lot of people, I think. Myself included, obviously. While I have a Lazarus already, it's not one that I've ever really liked all that much; it's an early plastic kit and it really shows compared to the current range.
  2. Get the banjo and moonshine! I gotta say, I...didn't have a lot of fun with The Kin box. Assembling them is a damn nightmare (tiny limbs, weird join points, separate feet) and they're all at this weird scale where they are bigger than the old metal sculpts, but smaller than the rest of the Wyrd humans. So you get this bizarre mid-point where you don't have enough room to do a lot of free-hand stuff, but you can't go too minimalist and just to shades + highlights on account of the lack of real detail on them. So I ended up just going simple and cartoony, with drab browns contrasting with bright green skin and muddy bayou bases. I think it came out alright but to be honest I'm just glad it's done.
  3. The ice is super-easy to do, by the way. It's just thick plasticard that I cut into irregular chunks, then glued snow flock on top (rather poorly at the time).
  4. Err'y body in the Bayou gettin' tipsy She'll beat the stuffing outta ya.
  5. Slimnoid

    Miss Ery

    Another Teddy.
  6. Oh hey I finally got around to finishing all of my current Malifaux models. Guess I gotta buy more! There's more photos, including the two Gunsmiths, located over yonder.
  7. Slimnoid

    Kaeris and Gunsmiths

    I finally got around to painting these three after 2-odd years of having her in the carrying case.
  8. Slimnoid

    Snow Storm

    A converted Snow Storm. Inspired by silly death metal music videos by Dimmu Borgir, and during a long sprint of making each and every model in my Malifaux army unique in some manner.
  9. http://wyrd-games.net/community/gallery/album/83-bayou-gremlins/ Hey, why fill up the screen with images when I can just link the gallery? I totally love the gallery function by the way This was a fun crew to do.
  10. Slimnoid

    Lord Chompy Bits

    A commission for LCB with an intricate, detailed centerpiece for their Neverborn force.
  11. 1/4" sidewalk plasticard from Evergreen Scale Models and greenstuff. I've debated on sculpting bases and then casting them in resin, but it's something I'm having to put off for a little while. Oh, and I finished LCB.
  12. That's just plain ol' LCB. It's a commission, and the customer wanted something really impressive as a centerpiece of his Neverborn.
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