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  1. Hello all I am reading all the TtB stuff I could get my hands on and I had an idea for a story pop into my head (yes I'll be the Fatemaster). Decided to not work it out completely yet and keep reading first. And as I'm a firm believer of "several minds are better then one" I'm gona post the idea here. Hoping you give me some insights or even expand on it or use it yourselves. _____________________________ Some people came through the breach to try and make a better life for themselves. This all seemed to work at first. They had a small group, went into the wilds and set up a frontier town. With all the trouble that goes with it. But they got cheated out of their belongings and control of the town by some one (I'd go for a normal human, not some Malifaux monster, humans are evil enough to be antagonists. Maybe just Guild). The good townsfolk were forced to leave their homes after loosing everything. And they starved and froze to death in the wilds. Some Neverborn caught wind of this and took control of their misery, turning them so they have to relive the nightmare of loosing everything and starving over and over. So you get a Guild controled frontier town that gets wiped out by nightmare Neverborn, who then get thrown back out and go through their own personal hell and die ... again. These nightmare Neverborn look human though and they don't know they are Neverborn. And the cycle continues. The players have to figure out the problem and take on the big controling Neverborn to make the cycle end. So there has to be something near the town to make it worthwhile for the Guild to want to go back there over and over. Sending fresh Through the Breach frontiersman that work the town till it gets wiped out again might not cost the Guild much but eventually word will get out. Maybe this can be a second campaign. The first being that all the fated characters are the first frontiersmen that go through all the pains of establishing a frontier town. Fight some local wild life, fight off some outlaws, keep Guild from taking over town a few times, ... But in the end they lose it in the big finale. Enter the second campaign, fresh Fated Characters that don't know s*it about Malifaux but the players will know exactly what happened. This can then be their first story (or first few) in the campaign. This time they could be Guild investigators even. So, any thoughts?
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    B.B. Howard Sarsaparilla Sackface.
  3. And spirits, they can move through buildings but do they also see through them? Or do they always see what is in their melee range?
  4. Where does this ruling come from? My search didn't find any errata for this and accoring to my stat card they can use the 3AP however they want.
  5. I'd like to go back to the number 2 in the original post: Can the Executioner target Copellius with his slow to die action? With the strike killing Copellius who then again deals the 4 wounds and thus creating a loop that keeps going till the executioner misses?
  6. Since the chosen effect lasts for the duration of the attack i'd say 2".
  7. If you read the rules for charge: (2) Charge: This model may take the charge action if it has a target model within its LoS that is not already in its melee range. The charging model must move up to its Cg in a straight line toward the target, making every effort to end the move with the target in melee range. Seeing there is a sentence end here it would indicate a charge is made up of 2 seperate parts, the move and the strike. This would then mean the text from the Rail Worker weapon would come in effect stating 'choose what effect you want when performing an attack' and since you may always measure you melee range you are allowed to measure and then take the 3" range or anything else. Rest of the charge rules: The model must obey the normal rules for movement, including movement penalties and disengaging strikes. At the end of the charge move, if the target is in melee range, the model immediatly makes a melee strike with one of its melee weapons and receives a + on its damage flip for that attack. This phrasing however would indicate that at the end of the charge move if you are in melee range you may strike, so you can't make a strike if you are outside your melee range. And the Rail Worker weapon states you can choose an effect when performing an attack. No attack, no choice of effect. Rest of the charge attack rules say your charge action ends if you are outside of melee range after the move. So I don't know for sure but I would go with the second one, not in range = no strike and no effect choice.
  8. Doppelgangers mimic ability says: Mimic Attack: replace fists (doppelgangers own weapon) with a basic weapon possessed by target model. Doppelganger uses its own CB for this weapon. So if you copy the weapon do you also copy the text on the card from the target under 'Weapon' ? If yes it would be normal to use WP instead of CB as the weapon you copied says so in the text you get with the weapon. If no, I'm not so sure. Somewhat related but not the same as the main question, do you also get the triggers that go with the copied weapon?
  9. McCabe and the dispel won't work I think as Desperation is a (0) action taken by McCabe, he gets 3 general AP but he dies at the end of his activation. As I see no way for him to dispel himself he will die.
  10. Found another picture form the awesome UK GT
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