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  1. It is hard (if not impossible) to stop some of those in your face turn 1 games (wait till you see Viks), but the key is to make them lose more than you do. That is often why more activations are needed as well. That way you can still have a heavy hitter go after they launch their attack. Also try and force them to attack something less important. Use your smaller guys to block charges against your better guys. If you lose 4-6 stone model and then you counter attack their Yasunori with your master and kill it, you win that trade. Good Luck, Steven
  2. 8 models is a min. Model count is king in GG2017. Also while what crew you take can lose you a game at the start, it never lets you win. Play for points; at the end of the game ask your opponent for what you could have done different to get more points. The post game is where you can really learn. Good luck, let us know how it goes. Thanks, Steven
  3. It is from one of Tara's wave 5 (auto take) upgrades.
  4. Totally agree. My questions is ability to reset and protect Blood, better or worse than her dishing out more damage. In my second game with it, I used Soaring Dragon that way, but she only got to use at on turn 2, and would have died top of turn 2 if not for RJ. If she had oathkeeper she would have been safe at the top of turn 2 as she would have killed the enemy on turn 1. Maybe the real answer is that you need to look at holding the Blood charge until top of turn 2. In this last game I still may have gone on turn 1, as I find you have to get into Necoderm's face to put pressure on him, but I could hold back the NB and Blood till top of turn 2, like I used to do.
  5. Correct, but with a 36 in board I don't see that as an issue. I do find the 11+ inches that Ash(ash has to have oath-keeper too) can pull Blood, with her taking oath-keeper (yet another time we take it over soar) she can walk then charge. ~26 inches is enough, and if they have stayed so far back that it is not, I will launch Blood and NB on the next turn. Yours is a neat list, and yet another one that does not use Soaring Dragon, but oathkeeper. So far not hearing a lot of soaring dragon love. Thanks, Steven
  6. My crew has the strong activation control of 10 activations, but you point out that I lose a few if she is buried. Plus I have been using the Scion to pop out the Nothing Beast. Also if I start with Blood buried, I can not bury the NB. I am in the same place that soaring dragon inspired my list, but does not seem to be helping.
  7. So this is a question I am torn on. While I jumped at Soaring dragon when I first read it, I have had 2 lackluster times of it, and Diceman seems to have had a similar result...see this battle report for our details on how we made our crews and tried to use it. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/131702-viktorias-on-parade-a-tournament-report-for-a-3-round-event-at-titan-games-and-hobbies-lutherville-timonium-md-9172017/?tab=comments#comment-1059265 I am looking for more first hand results. So if you have tried soaring dragon on Vik of Blood what are your results? Do you think it is worth the loss of oath-keeper, having to get a kill and pitching 2 cards? If so, are you using a crew similar to the ones that I have? Any info would be great, as this questions just seems so murky to me. Thanks, Steven
  8. Game summary... Std deployment; Guard the stash, claim jump, dig their graves, leave your mark, quick murder, last stand. I picked my list with out knowing his faction (was going to use the list we talked about above). He went Reser. Nickodem (with some upgrades), mort, rogue necro, dog, hardrin, forgotten marshal. We both picked quick murder, and both got 3 points, I got full stash points, and full LYM. I do not know what his other was as he did not score it. Vik of Ashes - She used oathkeeper on turn one to pull up Blood. Turn 2 shot into a huge combat 3 times (5 of his models and just NB for me), hit a zombie and killed a summoned autopsy (got a stone off effigy boost). Turn 3, cast fury charged Hardrin and killed him for a stone. Died on turn 4 as I forgot to move effigy close enough to chain, so she died before she could kill the punk zombie. She did her job, and made 2 stones and could have made more. Malifaux Child - Stayed in corner, cast fury a few times...great job for 2 points. Vik of Blood - So my opponent did a great move, and moved a summoned Hanged to near his rogue necro. Placed in a spot that if you attacked the rogue, you had to keep taking horror duels. I had a 11 and 13, and charged in to the Hanged. Passed the duel to charge, failed the duel on the first attack (good bye 11), and did 5 damage. Choose not to trigger whirlwind, as i wanted to get hanged down and not keep taking horror duels. Failed second duel, so good bye 13, and killed him. Used my extra attack on rogue, burned a stone for positive on horror duel, and needed second card to pass, did some good damage but did not kill. So if had taken oath-keeper I would have killed him. He won initiative and hit her hard. Blood only survived because I cheated in the RJ on second attack. She killed rogue with extra attack, then charged the dog. Missed first attack, hit second with whirlwind trigger, but choose to bury to stay alive. She came out on turn 3, and killed Mort. Turn 4 started to kill Neco (only him and punk zombie and regular zombies left), and turn 5 killed him. Nothing Beast - Got buried on turn 1, dropped off my Scion, and double walked to engage mort and Neco. Mort had 3 wounds, and NB cheated damage to do 7. Turn 2 he attacked Mort 3 times but did 2 damage that was prevented. Was attacked by the forgotten marshal, and returned the favor and killed him, he RJ the flip and got a student in return. Turn 3, got attacked 3 times by Neco, who got him to one wound, and then Mort chained and finished him off. Once again, amazed at his tank ability, shocked at how little damage he does some times. Need to use focus more often with his attacks. Scion - Dropped off NB turn 1. Used oath-keeper on turn 2, to walk and charge a zombie to get some cards, missed one attack, but killed on second. Turn 3 got targeted by slithering student and buried; came back on other side of board, and charged a zombie to get some cards, hit too hard on first attack. Turn 4 hurt punk zombie...did not go on turn 5 as we stopped once Neco dead. Big Jake - Turn 1, walked and defensive, and got cards. Turn 2 walked twice to be safely behind stash marker, and got cards. Did nothing rest of game but passed. Did his job, and the extra stone was worth moving a 1 and 2 to bottom, and keeping 7 and 11 on top. Void Wretchs - One ran down side to do LYM, one stayed on a stash, and one on the other stash with Big Jake. They did not get to slow too much as Neco made all his guys immune to it. One even flipped high enough to heal the buried Blood. All did their jobs. Effigy - Got to stash and was a back up just like Big Jake (so each stash had a wretch and either Jake or effigy) Did better than wretch as i got 2 stones off the kills of Ash, and keep up mist to make sure no shots were taken (not that he had a lot that could shoot though) Conclusion - This time oath keeper would have been better, because if I did not have RJ, I would have lost Blood top of turn 2. With oath-keeper I think i would have been safe at top of turn 2. Now, Blood may have died in turn 3 without the retreat of the bury, but.... I will try it again, but I am leaning to oath-keeper. Thanks, Steven
  9. I on the other hand see that my Levi play, while not changing crew, will see less competitive play. I see necropunks not being as nearly as important to getting points (just the change to the always scheme makes that so). I see (and this will be a shocker) Hamlin and Viks (I have my own void spam version you can read on different thread) will be my goto. I may take Tara in stake a claim, and may take Levi (for a Belle) into head Hunter. Otherwise Hamlin or Viks for almost every combo. Note, all this is total guess as not played a lot of finished gg2018. Thanks, Steven
  10. I use Levi as a murderer. He gets 1 attack with 7 CA and positives...that hits...then 2 more attacks if they have low stat, or one more focus. He does not need cards (I will cheat damage to get a kill, but really, what is difference between 2 and 4 most attacks), sometimes he needs stone to make abombs. He pulls his weight, and even more with TC. If they have one high wound model (Isamu, Howard...) then I switch in the half damge one. He is also super mobile. That helps so much. Both list use necropunk, and why was covered very well. Flesh construct is great for Levi, does not want to be in front, but bear is fine, very hard to remove from board, he is my supper anchor. Also they often hold a card all round so he does not get reactivate. As for my last list took a Belle as it was head Hunter. She was pulling guys in so head was closer. Bette is great at 8 pts if they have living. She adds to the list of things that do not die when killed, just annoying. A high crow and their master can be paralyzed a turn. With a 6 with positive flips, she does not need many cards. Best of all, if she is buried and they kill an abomb, she pops out and get to charge right away. It's not that I want to play resers, just want the best scheme runner I can get, best anchor, best lure, and yet another thing that will not die (cannot stress how much a Levi, A&D, and Bette can just tilt your opponent.) Thanks, Steven
  11. I have not tried the killy list above, but I did take Levi in all three rounds of a tournament and won, so here are my thoughts... I use his strength of taking models from other factions...usually a necropunk or 2, flesh construct, and then either bete/bells or TC warrior. The necropunk was very strong in GG2017 as he could do the always by himself. Not sure that will be case in 2018. I will include a list below, and then comments on how I changed it each round. First one was just a general crew...got 3 oathkeepers onto Levi, and TC kept gunslinger alive. 50 SS Outcasts Crew Leveticus + 5 Pool - Pariah of Iron (1) - Desolate Soul (2) - Oath Keeper (1) Hollow Waif (0) Hollow Waif (0) Ashes and Dust (13) Convict Gunslinger (7) - Return Fire (1) Flesh Construct (6) Terracotta Warrior (5) Necropunk (5) Necropunk (5) For second round that was headhunter in flank, also I knew it would be neverborn, so most masters are living (and the ones that are not I did not think would be good choices in the pool). I also don't like A&D in flank, I find it can be hard to reform him, or he stays on edge out of fight. I was right, Lilith came out and I went with... 50 SS Outcasts Crew Leveticus + 4 Pool - Pariah of Bone (1) - Desolate Soul (2) - Oath Keeper (1) Hollow Waif (0) Hollow Waif (0) Sue (8) Bete Noire (8) Johan (6) Flesh Construct (6) Rotten Belle (5) Necropunk (5) Necropunk (5) Finial game, much like first, but I tried midnight stalker instead of convict gunslinger. My 2ยข. It's worth what you paid for it. Thanks Steven
  12. I do not understand the reasoning behind this. Can you please elaborate? I am of the simple mind, once bewitched, if I made you walk, I would get a card. So why would I not get one on a obeyed charge? Thanks, Steven PS. I have the show downloaded, but have not listened to it yet, if there is an in depth discussion of this question please feel free to just say so and ignore my question above.
  13. As requested I will do a battle summary like I did for my bone Levi. That said, my one game (that was too long ago to make a summary) I only buried once, at the top of turn 2, that may have keep her alive. I wanted to do it again later in the game, but did not have 2 cards to pitch. The one thing that I do know, is do not use stones on cards in this crew, need 2 to go soaring, 1 to gain voided, 1 to pitch to get a stone when Ash kills something (twice I missed out on free stone, as I was out of cards). So as long as I have 2 cards 9 or above, save my stones.
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