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  1. This is my take on the whole killing your own models. I've seen neverborn and ress are the only ones that do this. I could be wrong. But a great way to stop that is to take Bete Noir. I had this proven to my oppentent. He was neverborn witn a triangle of Blackblood shaman, the Lu's(male and female. I don't want to get in trouble for what i really call them) and 2 desperate mercs. The BBS started off by killing one of the desperate mercs, then I brought forth Bete with drawn to death. So first turn i had bete on the board 1st turn and on the other side of the board with a target friendly enviroment. It made me giggle. So I know is I'm facing res or neverborn I'm taking Bete(I know it's sort of meta gaming but I don't care.) That is my two cents.
  2. Hello all. I've got another question. So you got a model that is a spirit and something else. Like spirit and undead (the drowned, the hanged, Jack Daw) or spirit and beast (night terrors and shikoma). There are probly other examples but I play Res and don't care about other faction. Would these models drop corpse counters when they die. Also can Nicodem reanimate the drowned and the hanged even it says non-spirit. (I know I'm being a little cheesy with the second question)
  3. So here is the situation. Activate Rafkin and use Preserve bodies. (1) Preserve Bodies: Each time a corpse counter within 6" of this model is sacrificed or discarded, this model gains one Body Part Counter.(BPC) Then Mortimer cast Exhume creating a Corpse counter. Then Nicodem activates and Uses Arise. (0) Arise Pulse 10. Sacrifice all corpse counters. Summon one Mindless Zombie per counter sacrificed. Rafkin gains a BPC. Then Nicodem succesfully cast Reanimator. (1) Reanimator. Discard a number of corpse counters with 6" equal to the base size on one non-spirt, non-unique undead model. Summon that model. Draw one card for each corpse counter discarded. Here is my question Mindless zombies are considered corpse counters. 1 Can you discard a modle (ie mindless zombies) and 2. Would Rafkin get another BPC for discarding the mindless zombie.
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