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  1. I have played a few games with Tara in the past few days. I played my game, ignoring what the talk on the net has been. I am not a tournament player, ours are more friendly games. But... sadly the talk is true Tara is boring. I don't know how many turns I tried to decide who i wanted to activate next and passed up on Tara because she was not going to do anything that impacted the scenario. Oh wait, i can swing with my sword and do 2 min damage? whoopy. I did ultimately win the game because I used her as a scheme runner (Turf war). Her 5 activations and the Time Slip does mean that she can pop out of combats and interact with Strategy markers or place scheme. But NO master should be relegated to simply running around and activating. But she just doesn't do much else Aionus: I am still willing to assume that this was just my my mis-use of him, but beyond turn 1, he played almost no part in either of the games i played. He spent turns 2 and 3 just trying to catch up to my crew and be a part of the action. When he did get there he just threw an attack or 2 at enemies i was able to bury. He has a lot of things on his card, but they seem situational and i was not able to create those situation. He is one of the coolest models and there are so few in-theme options for Obliteration, but i don't see me taking him in the future. Everything else I took seemed to work fine (NB, void hunter(summoned), scion). Karina did very little but throw a heal or 2 but she was a free totem and i don't expect much from her. I miss the built in trigger on the NB :). Tara was my first true master, i picked her up at Gencon with the Nightmare boxed set. I have greatly enjoyed playing her in M2e. I love her background and I love the concept. Her crew is interesting and has a lot of potential, even if I personally have not tapped into that potential. But Tara herself is just boring. Tara has almost been my favorite to play, but I dont know how often that will happen with where she stands. Obviously with her getting 5 AP she has to be generally less powerful, but she needs actions other than a sword and a leap. Greater minds than me have likely come up with good ideas to do so.
  2. I was wondering the same thing, especially since my forum id doesn't match my id for the webstore
  3. Congrats to the winners! Very inspiring work. Congrats to all the participants, it was an amazing experience (my first time). And I enjoyed it greatly Thanks to Wyrd. Wonderful event!
  4. ... or i need to read closer and realize that they were recently posted 😉
  5. we need a countdown timer for the results...
  6. No even funny. I don't have any more energy for another round and I am just down in the Bronze tier. I cant imagine what it is like for the gold and silver participants. I am looking forward to see who won though
  7. FateWeaver

    Blind Date

    terrific idea and wonderful execution! I love it
  8. Much like Pinocchio, the mannequin would often stare into the mirror and dream of being a real girl.
  9. As far as ideas, I got nottin'. I'm glad I'm in the bronze tier so the pressure is far less but I think after 5 rounds, my ideas are dried up. I started working on something while I try to come up with what to do that might actually fit this theme. I'm trying to work with what models I have on hand since I think it is unlikely that I could come up with an idea and order minis in time for the deadline. I sure hope I bump my head and inspiration comes.. and quickly
  10. My first real attempt at OSL. Sorry for some blurry in the pictures - camera focus issues
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