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  1. Ghaz

    Gaining Grounds Bugeater Primer

    One sign up, please.
  2. Ghaz

    TT Combat buildings

    I have a question for anyone in the US that's ordered from them. I contacted them to inquire about a stateside retailer since shipping is high and they replied there were none. They mentioned that there might be extra customs fees as well. Just wondering what l might be expecting in additional fees if l were to place an order in rhe $70-$100 range. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Ghaz

    Keeping Misaki Alive

    My suggestion for the student was not intended to mean he was a superior replacement to Shang. I was just offering an option for the initial question in the thread which is how to keep Misaki from getting murdered because she gets stuck in combat. Truth be told there's a good chance I'll never even use it. I was able to take out half of my opponents Freikorp models with Misaki alone and Shang definitely helped with the rush of magic and reflips. The student on the other hand has never seemed to pay me back the four points I spent on him.
  4. Ghaz

    Keeping Misaki Alive

    How about using a Student of Conflict for the totem? I know you'd lose Shang which is a shame, but it does set up for a nice slingshot unless I'm missing something. Have the student cast fast on a Torakage then send Misaki in to do her thing. Once she is done the Torakage can use Mistaken Identity to get her out of there then Shadow Stride and unbury the by the student and Misaki ready to do it again the next turn. Toss in a 10T bro and you can alpha Misaki and the Torakage to ensure that she gets in and out without giving your opponent a chance to target her. I haven't actually tried this so its all theory, but it should work, right? Sounds too good to me so I must be missing something...
  5. Ghaz

    Sub Color Speculation

    Ah yeah, forgot about those guys.
  6. Ghaz

    Sub Color Speculation

    I'm just curious to see if there are any pure Ten Thunders models. So far everything they've shown has had another color mixed into the orange unless I've missed some.
  7. Ghaz

    Guild: Who are you leading your crews with in scraps?

    l play Perdita and Lady J the most but I really need to start looking at the Hoff and Sonnia more. There have been times when I realized I could have done much better with one of them.
  8. Ghaz

    Malifaux Retailers in St Louis?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll have to see if I can squeeze them in while I'm down there.
  9. Hey all, I hope this is an OK place to put this topic. I'm taking a trip to St Louis next month and am wondering if there are any shops in the area which have a healthy stock of Malifaux? I won't likely have a chance to actually play but I would like to see how the scene compares between there and here in Omaha. Plus I just love visiting new game shops in general. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ghaz

    Customer Support?

    I have to say that my experience getting replacement parts was positive. I emailed Nathan with my issue and attached photos and barely a week later they arrived in the mail. Thanks Nathan and gang.
  11. Ghaz

    I am not happy with Snow Storm

    Mine wasn't quite that bad but my right arm is missing a finger, which really bummed me out. Already contacted Wyrd about it once but got no response so I guess I'll try again this week.