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  1. Boon

    Let’s start misinterpreting things

    I love the idea for Som'er. Would just turn his play style a bit. Damage on Turn 1 and 2 and summoning from turn 4 on when elite models have turned into bayous. I also love the idea for Ulix. He might be the Lilith for pigs. This might also mean that there long wished for pig between piglet and War Pig will be released :D I am very curious on what we will get. I also love the idea of turning outcast again like in the good old days. Since I will have my Gremlin option there.
  2. Boon

    What's the deal with Alt Lenny?

    I love the sculpt. I am not too sure about Lenny though. It is sad since I love his fluff but every time I took him, he seemed to be bad. I assume it is me not able to play him I will still buy the model. But I am also confused about him. Babaros was nice as he was not available in M1 and I had a Lilith Box. Lenny was available though.
  3. Boon

    Nightmare Ulix box

    Okay. I can understand that this is not everybody’s cup of tea but so what. I love it because I love the option to twist it… and this is mainly due to Deadpool. Yes, I also hoped for something else but somehow along these lines as it fits the Gremlins… or at least my idea of Gremlins. A friend sent me the picture. The first second I was undecided but the second later I fell in love.
  4. You made it again guys. This is bonkers. I love it and need one 😄 Somebody else thinking about a Deadpool Ulix? Or is it just my wyrd mind? 😁
  5. Boon

    Nightmare Crew Box

    @ Rathnard: I have a nice idea for Wong. I call it “Season’s Greetings”. I am already working on mine by modifying existing models… already for years. I am a bit slow 😄 Christmas: Wong as Santa Claus. There was this picture of a gremlin in Santa dress riding a piglet with antlers made of twigs. The Lighting bugs as the little elves from Santa with candy sticks. Stuffed piggies with the twig antlers. The Pigapult as a Christmas tree throwing Easter eggs. Eastern: War Pig of course is the war rabbit. But I might make it into Gracie. Halloween: The Carver as Killjoy. Thanksgiving: The old metal alt Warpig (the chicken) as Rooster Rider. Maybe modify it into a turkey with a gremlin pulling the last feather.
  6. Boon

    March Newsletter

    I am looking forward to Metal Minis. Brings back the feeling of the good old times 😉 Can't wait for the store to go online again. I feel like a small child before Christmas 😓
  7. I really like the discussion. I get the point why some might say devolution while the comic is right But I always thought backwards in the sense of the word would be re and therefore revolution. Gives a whole new meaning to the word I also thought/think that gremlins might have evolved from humans. Expose a population to unknown forces, radiation and/or magic and who knows what will happen. Evolution is not driven by reason. It is more try and error. It can go sideways and with a smaller turnover rate you have a big advantage. Why else is the theory that insects will replace us at one point But Brence explanation sounds also reasonable.
  8. Boon

    Zoridia and Grems

    Ah, I was wondering which point I missed
  9. Boon

    Zoridia and Grems

    Be careful with what you wish for *loud swearword*... goes and buys more models On his last beta stat card, he Swampfiend. Did they change it?
  10. Boon

    From all of the Outcast players...

    Typical Humans. Pretty sure non of our kin set a foot on your lawn... back earth side! HUMANS, GO HOME! Except Zoraida
  11. Boon

    Add Faction Forum for Gremlins

    Let's just settle in here. I like the spot :-) @Eaglebach: I am waiting already one year for the release or better re-release of plastic Gremlins. But we are nearly there!!!
  12. And if you add cards (decks) it goes up by $2.20. For adding minis +$9.20. But if I order minis worth $100+ it is $10.00.
  13. Boon

    Bayou of the Wierd and Wacky

    @Lussuria: I think, I remeber seeing your minis and they were great, too.
  14. Boon

    Bayou of the Wierd and Wacky

    Because of people like you, I don't dare to put my pictures up They look great, mate!!!
  15. Boon

    Freebooter's Fate

    Ok, just from the videos: The game takes place in the Caribbean. A king made a city very rich. He died and had four successors and of course they quarrel with each other. So some pirates try to have their share as well as the former enslaved goblins.... You have four parties: Imperial guards: supporting the Kings (good at range) Pirates: burning and looting (not mentioned) Goblins: rebelling (come in hordes) Brotherhood: nobody knows their aim. They are mysterious assassins (good in close combat) It is a skirmish game with different missions. It is played with cards instead of dice. The deck includes cards with numbers (from one to ten), fortune cards (events happening), and target zone cards. When you hit your opponent's models you declare some areas in secret (picking target zone cards and putting them face down on the table). The opponent tries to defend this areas by guessing them (also picking target zone cards). Then there is some sort of attack but the mechanism wasn't described. I would guess some flipping as you have stats for every target zone. But it is really just a guess. The rule book seems to be a bit unclear (with out a table of content for special rules) but otherwise fine and in full color. The miniatures seem highly detailed and fun to paint (from video). Hope that helps. ---------- Post added at 09:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:57 PM ---------- BTW, thanks for drawing my attention back to that game... was already thinking about starting it in the past because of the goblins