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  1. I'll see if I can find anyone near me who wants to split the shipping. (Brisbane, Australia, in case anyone wonders.) The cards look like they'll be really pretty!
  2. Ooooh, very pretty! The bases make it all look very cohesive from a distance, which is great.
  3. Your whites are so crisp! A great idea for the colour scheme too; if I ever head into Guild territory, I will keep it in mind.
  4. Maybe bones? A mix of animal and human perhaps. Bird and ram skulls. Big bones and skulls with demonic horns and things for dead nephelim.
  5. My boyfriend plays an Ophelia crew, and this is his response to seeing your questions: Ophelia is a far less unpredictable crew; Pigs are good if you want chaos, and Ophelia gives a more unified team playstyle. If you get any Gremlin crew you'll want Slop Haulers, and if you get Ophelia the Young LaCroix are good. The Pigapult is something I haven't tried yet, but if it looks like fun to you, that's what counts. If you get Somer you can summon a large supply of Bayou Gremlins as ammo for the Pigapult, and with Ophelia you can hurl Pere Ravage across the field to explode right in your opponents faces.
  6. Swift


    Updates! Starting price lowered and postage costs listed. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260883859854
  7. Those look great! I thought they were Meeples at first.
  8. Swift


    Ah, thank you Bleeding Through. I couldn't find any for sale anywhere, so I just picked a number to start with. If it turns out it's too high, then I'll make it lower.
  9. Swift


    So, did anyone actually see what he wrote before deleting it? I'm curious.
  10. Cool costume, very creepy puppet indeed! Are the extra arms attached to your real ones somehow?
  11. Swift


    I recently obtained a mint condition Gremlinette for my boyfriend's Ophelia crew, but I didn't stop to think that a Hog Whisperer might actually require Pigs, which are not exactly Ophelia's strong point. Compounding my problems, my computer has decided to give up the ghost and stop rendering anything more than simple web pages. Fixing this will require a fair amount of money, which I don't have. Hence, selling the Gremlinette. She is up on ebay at the moment, and the listing goes for the next ten days.
  12. I like the green tone you've gone with for their skin. And yes, Ophelia can use soulstones.
  13. Hooray for Showgirls! The mechanical doves are indeed a must have, and you'll probably want a set of coryphee just because they are so great at killing things. Most people seem to buy just one set of coryphee and magnetize them so they can be combined into the duet, but you can buy two sets and make one the lone dancers and one the combined pair. The coryphee start the game on their own, and then can "dance together" onto a single 50mm base.
  14. Food dye stains more than just food. I now have black and red hands from baking.
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