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  1. If a model has a condition(slow in this example) and then is effected by an aura that provides immunity to that condition (Nicodem's Death's Whip aura) does the slow condition go away immediately?
  2. Your argument was how riposte worked in 1.5 rules and it had language that described the process you are using. This is 2.0 and that is simply not how it works anymore. No where does the trigger direct you to consider the final duel totals. Its simply: the conditions of this trigger was met, make a damage flip with a negative flip.
  3. I use these http://store.urbanlasercraft.com/ma20co.html They are really great and worth the money!
  4. Its an opposed duel that does damage only when the "If" condition is met and should use the accuracy modifiers. Game events that cause a damage flip unmodified by an opposed duel will say how to flip it. examples: Riposte: "...this model deals damage 2/4/6 damage to the attacker. This damage flip receives a -(flip). (0) Shafted: "...enemy models which end a move...suffer 2/3/7 damage which may not be cheated."
  5. I would like to point out the librarian cannot use furious casting to heal. The heal is a tactical cast action and furious casting only allows cast attack actions.
  6. I agree with Godlyness, a Ramos crew could have 6-10 models with M&su. Would be strange making 10 flips
  7. The ability states its a 1/2/3 flip that cannot be cheated. That makes it different than a normal healing flip.
  8. johan's action Open Revolt states : all friendly M&SU models within 6" heal 1/2/3 damage that cannot be cheated. Do you flip for each or flip once and apply results to all eligilble models?
  9. I dont see it in the rules so asking here: do models still place the back edge of their base when climbing to the top of climbable terrain?
  10. LOL, I saw you play at Adepticon last year. Our trophies are safe from you but we have a wooden spoon with your name all over it.
  11. I mentioned it to remind people of the rule on reactivate which eliminates the benefit of Moments during the second activation. Eternal Journey and Lost Instants are you (0) options during the second activation (unless there is another (0) on her from a different upgrade.
  12. Also, models can only benefit from Reactivate once per turn (pg 53).
  13. Yes. The potential for multiple actions per AP is Mei's specialty. Opponents will quickly realise bunching up near blocking terrain/other models is a bad idea.
  14. I have been using the acrylic orange dragons and they are AMAZING. I cannot recommend them enough. Get these.
  15. M2E is exploding at Myriad Games in Manchester. Almost every regular Tuesday guy has done a demo with me and is buying in at Gencon. Should be more than 15 people with crews. I'll try to make it down for the tourney too. You and Jonah are doing a great job down there. Fastenhate/Greg
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