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  1. I just really like the display board with LED lights lol
  2. I always ask to see a card if I don't know what specific things do. Generally, when I need a TN, I just say what card I need before I flip. I also ask what my opponent's models have for their Rst stats so I can leverage probability and cards in hand. Players should get into the habit of doing it more often, especially when playing against newer players. Get them in the habit of checking their own cards. Makes better players in the long run.
  3. This game is 50% knowing what your models do and 50% knowing what your opponent's models do. Either way, it's 100% RTFC, and if you don't know, you ask to see the card. I am an old and cranky gamer like that, and there are no takebacks once cards are played or your hand leaves the model.
  4. I had to send you guys a picture of a handwritten sales receipt, with the credit card receipt, and the Starter Box in the background. I was mad they don't even have computerized inventory.
  5. Funny enough, that IS the box that didn't make it to our office yet Likely cause is likely...
  6. The same way girls at the club do... equal parts luck and skill
  7. This. Constructive criticism doesn't necessarily mean negative content. A lot of it was available at the Gen Con sale already. The only people benefiting from buying them now didn't buy them months ago when they had the first chance. My other issue. I own A LOT of metal from Wyrd already. I own metal models that haven't been announced in the Upcoming section yet. What I would have PREFERRED to buy at this sale would be Wave 3 models. Instead I will be converting Master Queeg and the Forgotten Marshal from the TtB kit (plus another 4 Guild models, and 2 Desperate Mercs).
  8. You're not wrong. Dark Carnival went as high as $160 on eBay, so there are people out there...
  9. I can only game out of my apartment. Wyrd should circulate them to my home.
  10. *everything you said* I agree with Omen. I spent a lot of money hunting down metal models because they were not available in plastic, and there was no tentative release date for any of it. I made my original metal Puppet Wars models into Wicked Dolls, Mysterious Effigy, and the Voodoo Doll. The only Neverborn I do not own are the Spawn Mother/Gupps, Collodi's box, because I would only want Vasilisa, and Barbaros, because that would require buying a second Lilith box. Vasilisa and Barbaros are not on the secondary market because no one would just let those models go. I am not spending $300 for
  11. Kaeris only cost me $60. That's my complaint.
  12. Sorry, Wyrd, but I will be sitting this sale out. I only needed Barbaros, was willing to go as high as $35 just for him, and even the Firestarter too. I've had Lilith in metal since the beginning. Looks like she will never get her Henchman because I am not buying a second crew box for one model, and $300 is, plainly, ridiculous. Just expressing my opinion.
  13. *sigh* Another year without Barbaros in my case.
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