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  1. If she needed any nerf I think you could remove the crow off of her melee weapon to reinforce the "bad in melee" idea. I am not convinced she needs a nerf.
  2. Zipp is an amazing second master. I think he's always worth considering in reckoning. Your opponent will likely bring an elite crew to deny you reckoning points. Elite crews really don't like spending AP to remove pianos. I also quite like Jack Daw as a second with parker. Parker can feed his hand, Jack gives Parker a tanky model that lets his stick up hit easier. The doc healing daw is great. Both daw and zipp can ignore resistance triggers by attacking MV and SZ. This gives you strong counter tech into certain masters.
  3. I may playtest it then. This seems like the only combo worthy of the master ap, damage, and staggered every turn. You could potentially do it to someone like zipp to have guilty proc his blast off. But him being staggered all game feels really bad. I liked the idea of daw being able to damage and torment one of your own models if the situation called for it, but that might be a holdover desire from how he played in 2e.
  4. I can't find any point in which this interaction breaks down. I haven't play-tested it yet, but it feels unintentional. 1. Jack daw uses suppressed memories to attach an upgrade to a void wretch, making it tormented. 2. The void wretch attacks guilty models who relent. Given their ability to be treated as an enemy, the wretch can declare glimpse from the void and bury the guilty (it can also make it fast with it's bonus action). 3. Next time the guilty activates it can be placed within an inch of any enemy model. Am I missing some point where this does not work? It may require too much investment to sling around guilty, but I'm not seeing anyone else mention it. T1 the guilty can just focus, get fast, be buried. T2 they pop up on any scheme runners or vulnerable models.
  5. What is the start date?
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