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  1. Hello folks. Well, I was talked into buying a scales of justice at the local hobby store, but I decided it needed a little work before it would fit my Dia de los Muertos theme. So naturally I started sawing it up. I'm sorry if the painting is a little sub-par, I'm still learning on that front. Inks are definitely a new territory. Anyhow, without further ado, here is my as-yet-unnamed minion: Here's a front view. I sawed off the original head above the jaw, and replaced it with a skull mask made from sanding down one from my bitz box. I used green stuff to copy Francisco Ortega's hat and used more green stuff to rework the original hair into the mask. I also replaced the nails through the man's arms with festive ropes, because nailing people to things is not my idea of a party. Here are few rear views of the various refreshments my minion brings to the party. One scale is full of traditional sugar skulls while the other holds up a bucket of nice, cold brew. Again these were constructed with green stuff and bitz. The bucket itself is actually wood, because it turned out to be a major pain in the neck trying to make one out of anything else The other former festival-goers ravenously contemplate the last of their remaining supplies. And, as always, my force as it stands. Which is getting harder and harder to photograph in one shot.
  2. Ello folks! I've been working on this austringer on and off for the past month or so, and I finally found time to sit down and polish it off. Without further ado, here it is! Here he is with the other Cazadores. I'm debating whether or not to give him a festival mask like the others. If I don't, I'll probably put one on a belt or at his feet, just for consistency. And here is my whole force as it stands.
  3. You could put up a Kickstarter page if it would be cheaper to do a big run of them. You'd probably have to clear it with Wyrd due to their copyrights on the symbols, but I've seen a lot of different geeky projects take off on that.
  4. Hey guys Thanks for the compliments and the advice. I think it'd be cool to try my hand at sculpting a longer cloak, but I might get a fresh Lady J to start with. In the meantime, a really cool new gaming place opened up, and I took the opportunity to snag a bunch of supplies. I got some awesome Gale Force 9 basing grit, and the folks there convinced me to try out some washes. Here's a quick group shot of the results:
  5. Hey guys. I've been somewhat reluctant to post this, because my painting skills are utterly atrocious. But I wanted to show off my little force, if only for the flavor. So, here goes. (Photobucket album: http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y184/SPAMLibArmy/Things/MINIS2/ ) Los Cazadores Macabras I wanted to go for a Dia de los Muertos theme, and really make the army my own. I'm enjoying myself so far. La Santa Loca --Stock Lady J wasn't doing much for me, so I sanded down her hair and sculpted it into a cloak. I wanted to go for a religious look, but mostly ended making her haloween-ish. Los Bravos (Judge and Nino) --These guys are still sort of in progress, as far as painting goes. I still need to see what all details I might've missed, like repainting the base on Nino. I posted some backstory about my Death Marshals, and I kind of wanted to portray any extra units as grizzled war veterans just along for the celebration. I actually used an industrial hole-punch to make the doughboy helmet for the judge, and kitbashed the bolt-action gun-scythe to fit the theme. As for Nino, I just greenstuffed his hat up to a helmet and cut up a bunch of 40k stuff to make the MG. I wasn't too fond of the stock repeating rifle anyway. I sculpted a half-buried cross around one of the little flash-supports on the coat. I didn't want to risk the weight on the one foot, but it looked a bit tacky as it was. He's got a skull mask, but I'm going to have to touch it up because it's not too visible atm. Los Cazadores --These were the first guys I've painted in several years. It's a minor touch, but I printed out the skull masks on card and superglued the strings into flying positions. There's more pictures of these guys in another album on my photobucket, here: http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y184/SPAMLibArmy/Things/MINIS/ So that's my stuff! I've also got an Austringer I haven't opened up yet; I'm waiting until I can dedicate enough time to it, maybe over a weekend. Like I said, I know, my painting isn't great. I think they look ok on the table, though, and that's good enough for me
  6. So, back again. I got a Nino! Here's the work in progress:
  7. Ty I think the scythe was from some Warhammer Fantasy plastic skeletons, but I'm not sure. If you keep a bitz box long enough, stuff just seems to materialize... The gun barrel came from a 1/35th scale German MG 34, and some green stuff sculpting to get them together and add detail.
  8. Yep yep. I figured I'd go with things that I assocate with death, since that's generally where I've been trying to take my marshals.
  9. So, I've yet to post anything here, because my painting skills are generally atrocious. Still, I figured I could show off some of my conversions, as I get around to doing them. Here's my Judge.
  10. Thank you both! I do have miniatures for them, with some minor conversions from the Lady Justice set. I haven't posted them yet, because my painting skills aren't that great, but I wanted to do a Dia de los Muertos themed outfit more than just the standard Death Marshals.
  11. ((A backgrounder for my current force.)) San Aarón de Tranquilidad is an adobe-walled town of some seven-hundred souls, a pale tombstone jutting from the dusty plains beyond Malifaux. The good people of San Aarón were 'encouraged' to resettle its empty shell, for the similarity of the environment to that of their previous homes and to fill the ever-pressing need for soulstones from the surrounding mines. The primary reason for their resettlement, however, was a streak of orthodox religiosity which too often ran counter to the aspirations of the Guild. These frictions were hardly banished by crossing the breech, and in some ways became more pressing. A deep respect for the dead caused general outcry against the Guild's policies of soulstone restoration from the bodies of the ill or aged. Two weekly Sabbaths and countless religious holidays and fasts resulted in erratic output from the ever-important mines. Even worse for the guild, the flow of soulstone from San Aarón had granted the cloistered town an uncomfortable amount of wealth and power. While the town could not shake off the guild's commands, a work-stoppage from a recently rediscovered holy day or a bag of gold in the right hands could do noticeable harm to the Guild's cause in Malifaux. Negotiations requiring the utmost of subtlety were entered, culminating in the arrival of Lucius, the Governor General's Secretary, to approve the final secret agreement. Under the new terms, miners would be allowed to accept work on the Sabbaths and many holidays for a considerable bonus, although the community would discourage them. Families of the ill or aged could also accept bonuses for the restoration of soulstones via the departed. Aside from the great influx of wealth, the town retained ten high holy days as absolutely untouchable by the Guild or any other interest. The negotiation culminated on the holiest day of the year, the Carnival of the Dead, forcing a full day's delay before any agreement could be signed. Many of the Governor's men decided to take part in the festivities, but not Lucius; he had received abrupt word of a development which could make all of the heated dealings for naught. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Residents of San Aarón, by nature, bear a strong abhoration of the necromantic Resurrectionists, viewing any that would so defile the dead as utterly inhuman, deserving only to be burned alive and scattered to the winds. The Guild's recruits for the town almost universally seek training to fight these vile sorcerers, and many from the town would become some of the most dogged hunters of the undead known in Malifaux. Such were band of three young pistoleros, devoutly setting aside their proscribed dark texts to join the revels; purchasing meals for the dead and hell-money from street vendors and cavorting with the masked multitudes. They were surprised, then, to be approached by a city man in an unadorned mask, beckoning them in a friendly manner to the outskirts of the celebration. When far enough to hear over the roar of the crowd, the dandy assailed them with an entreaty so rapid-fire and clever that the words melted from their memories, leaving only emotions. Horror at what might befall their home, anger at the profane source of danger. Pride daring them into the highest challenge, and greed; Greed for title, wealth, and honor. These words roiled so fast that they forgot entirely their duty to God and the dead on this holy day, and the shame of their blasphemous disrespect. In the tale spun by Lucius, a band of Resurrectionists stood poised at any moment to raze the town, sacking it for soulstones and the bodies of their victims. These grisly malefactors had raised a vast shambling army of horrors and set it across the plain before them. Since work of any sort was expressly forbidden during the Carnival night, no Guild guard stood ready to fight in the town, and reinforcements were too far to be of any use. The three could not later remember if the proposal made was a compact, a plea, a bet, or a brazen dare. Although no paper ever changed hands, the three all shared an unshakable belief that the agreement was binding, and held no doubts that the Secretary would make good. They were officially dismissed from their weak Guild deputizations, but armed with the foremost in Guild equipment: peacemaker pistols and the enchanted coffins of Marshals. The Guild would never admit that they had been asked to work during the Carnival. However, if they defended their home and brought in the heads of the Resurrectionists responsible, they would be inducted into the Death Marshals and paid a signing bonus beyond their wildest aspirations. The three agreed, and were told to wait while additional parties were gathered. Lucius returned in several trips, bring a grizzled watchman, a few mercenaries or bravos, and a "Holy Fool": a violent madwoman given wide berth in the town as a vouchsafed child of God. Lucius whispered his temptations to these others, who all agreed readily. Clutching the armaments provided the Secretary and holding their festival masks tight to avoid the attention of their neighbors, these slayers made their way through the alleys and out a discreet gate, traveling on into the night. In the plains between Malifaux and San Aarón, high on adventure and the remembered excesses of the Carnival, the Cazarodes met and felled two-hundred of the walking dead. The next day, Lucius formalized the agreement with San Aarón's clergy and departed for Malifaux. It has been three months since the Carnival. The Cazadores have yet to find the Resurrectionists behind the plot. They travel in their ragged party clothes, without pay or shelter, living on only what they can scrounge. They have ceased fantasizing about their reward, as they've reserved their imaginations for the things they will do to the necromancers when they find them.
  12. Petrogrd


    Hello folks! I go by Petrograd, and I'm a college student in North Alabama with a long history of role-playing and wargaming. I gave up 40k about five or six years ago, generally disgusted at how much I was having to shell out. Back then I enjoyed conversion work far more than playing anyway; it was always more fun adding character to my models and vehicles than breaking everything out and getting my Imperial Guard stomped to bits. I hadn't really touched miniatures again until a friend of mine started talking about Malifaux. The plot seemed interesting, the figures generally looked cool, and--most importantly--it only cost me about $50 to get in. I was sold. Since then, I've discovered that all of my sculpting putty and old paints have become rock hard, but after replacing supplies I bought a Lady Justice box and have been working my way into a battle or two. So far, it's been a hell of a lot of fun. So yeah, that's me! Cheers.
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