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  1. I was watching a beast of war video and noticed that Molly summoned a punk zombie without a corpse marker and without giving the zombie wounds. When I use Nicodem to summon, I have to do those things - i.e. Compose marker requirement and 1/2 wounds. Why is this? Is Molly more powerful than Nico?
  2. I agree with the booth itself - it had a professional look. But my buddies (whom I am trying to recruit to the game) were looking in the display cases at unpainted minis - and we couldn't tell who was who in many cases since we are not all that familiar with the game. They didn't walk away with the excitement I wanted them to. I think having a better display of the product would have helped a lot. Right across the isle Privateer Press had some nicely painted models in their windows. This may sound strange, but I want to be proud of the game I support. When we checked out the booth, there were a lot of positives - but one of the keys is looking at some awesome painted minis, at least in the displays, to get the excitement going. RE: Stolen Minis - Were demo game minis left unattended or were they stolen right in front of the volunteers?
  3. I found a blog site somewhere for my 10 thunders box set that showed which part goes with which model by showing a color coded sprue. I was then able to figure it out, but I assembled one of them in the wrong order and had to pry apart what I had glued together in order to fit another piece on. I found a lot of instructions on this site, just not one for the 10 thunders. Maybe I missed them in an obvious location???
  4. I agree with all this. Malifaux has such potential with their incredible models, the unique game mechanics and the fluff created. I want to see the game grow and was hoping for a little better showcase of the models and more demo tables. However, I know running a small business is very tough and there is not a ton of money to throw around on painters and convention stuff. Hopefully they drew in some new players and the game continues to grow.
  5. I was a little dissapointed with the gencon booth this year. First, the display case had unpainted miniatures displayed and it was hard to tell who was who. Also, the demo tables, were neat the way they were build, but they were all black instead of painted up. Why wasn't there a terra clips demo table? Also, there was only one guy there on Friday doing demos. This gentlemen was very nice and very helpful, but it took a while to get a demo. Also, the demo armies were not painted. I also noticed some of the box sets were not in shrink wrap. I did buy a 10 thunders box set and I can't find the online instructions, why weren't they in the box. On the plus side the malifaux models I saw where very cool. I like their product and I like the revised edition quite a lot. But I feel they could have made a better impression at gencon. Thoughts?
  6. Where are the instructions for the 10 thunders box set? I can't find them in the instructions link on this sight. Thanks, John
  7. I am jumping back into Malifaux and was wondering how I get the new cards for my dudes. I have Nicodem and several ressers. I also have some guild and misc other characters. Do I have to buy them? Can I get them all at once? How is everyone liking 2.0 so far?
  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate the quick replys. I will try again. I thought maybe red was hard to work with. My valejo 'Dark Red' doesn't really look dark red. It is a strange color. So I am having a hard time working with layers on the read. I had a better time starting with cav brown or red brown and building up from that. Thin paint should stick though right?
  9. After priming my model with Mr. Surfacer and painting a thinned basecoat of valejo cav brown, I began to have problems painting my model red. I am a noob and have read so many articles indicating that thinning paint is best. But was I am finding is that some of my valejo paint when thinned, doesn't really stick to the model. I flows everywhere kind of like a wash but not quite. - Do I need better brush control, that is the way paint is supposed to work? - Are my paints too thin at that point? - Is painting over a layer of paint harder than painting over primer? - Do I need to thin my paints with an agent rather than water? Thanks for the advice.
  10. Thanks for the reply. We had a ruling that the target did get cover because it was within 1 inch of the terrain, but I couldnt find that rule in the rule book anywhere, so I was confused by the ruling. My character got the benefit, but I was unsure.
  11. If a model being targeted with a ranged attack is in front of, but adjacent (within 1 inch) of a wall or terrain, does that model get a cover save? Would it be a hard or soft cover save?
  12. Thanks for reminding me about the zombies being corpse tokens even after they are summoned. Is summoning the un-dead the greatest strength of Nico?
  13. I am looking for some help with nicodem and mindless zombies vs punk zombies and other undead creatures that can be summoned\ so if you bring a nicodem crew, you can start the game without including mindless zombies in the cost. then if a corpse counter is created, nicodem can summon a mindless zombie, is this right? why would nicodem wannt to summon a mindless zombie over say a punk zombie or something stronger? would bringing a punk zombie along for nico to summon rather than a mindless zombie cost anything extra in the initial starting cost of the crew? what is the best way to get corpse counters? thanks for helping me with these questions and adding anything that might help me understand the game better.
  14. Thanks for the quick responses. I was worried that we played it wrong because bringing in a punk zombie seemed too powerful at first. The punk zombie was not part of my original 25 point crew BTW. Thanks again. John
  15. I am ressers playing a Nicodem crew. On opponents turn, Mortimer is killed right next to Nico leaving a corpse counter. On my turn, I activate Nico who picks up the counter with his first action. He then casts Reanimator getting the 16 with crows needed. He sacrifices the counter just picked up to bring in a punk zombie. Is this how that spell works? Thanks, John
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