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  1. I've been running a similar list, swapping Cade for Iggy and Teddy for Doppleganger. How have you found the Cade + Teddy combo? I don't have a Teddy , and I have found Cade to be very underwhelming (which is why I've stopped plugging him into my lists).
  2. Lost Planet is an amazing FLGS! I highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance.
  3. We've seen our turnout grow every week! Stop by and get a demo, play a game or just say "hi!" We're playing every Thursday night, 5:30pm -10:00pm
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for an Aversion proxy?
  5. With Pandora, I've found her very fun and effective in Corrupted Idols: abusing Misery and the various CC pulses to keep opponents off the Idols. Also, spamming stunned really hampers a lot of crews and allows her crew to lock down the center of the board. With the right scheme pool, she's going to be my #1 pick in CI going forward. I haven't been proxying either, and I imagine her effectiveness in CI will go up to 11 once Aversions and Lyssa come out. I don't think I would take her over another master for any other Strats except for *maybe* Turf War, but even then, it would be heavily scheme pool/opposing master specific.
  6. 100% agree! I build to accomplish my strategy and schemes. I don't always get all the available points, but I want to be imposing my game plan on my opponent, not reacting to their game plan. Picking my crew as a reaction to the opponent puts you on the defensive before the match even begins.
  7. I don't agree with your initial premise.
  8. We will be meeting regularly for Tyrant Thursdays at Emerald Knights in Burbank, CA. All experience levels are welcome! Games begin at 5:30pm. For additional information, check the Los Angeles Malifaux Facebook group (link below). https://www.facebook.com/groups/losangelesmalifauxplayers/
  9. Ok, Mea Culpa. Can you please remove my previous post? I don't want to cause any confusion.
  10. Ok, bear with me if I'm being dense, but how do you reconcile your reading of the rule with the Bushwacker example on P. 66? If I understand you correctly, in that example, only one of the Bushwackers would be affected, thus move the 2"? The clauses in Misery are more similar to the Scamper Ability rather that the Hold 'Em Ability, no? So wouldn't Misery behave like Scamper?
  11. I'm going to try to explain it as best I understand it, because I struggled to wrap my head around this at first. Please let me know if i'm wrong or not explaining this clearly because I want to make sure I fully understand the rules. The ability in question reads: The germane portion of the Aura rules on P.66 are: The key is that the affected model is not the enemy model, but rather the Woe. And each Woe is only affected by its own aura. To add some context, let's say you had an enemy model that was within 6" of three Woes. Woe 1 successfully resolves Glimpse of Insanity, which gives the Enemy model the Stunned Condition. At that point, each of the three Woes would check its Misery ability to see if it is affected by the change in game state: Check This is the first time Woe 1 has tried to use this ability this activation. Check. None of this is an issue so far. The next part is the tricky part. meaning the Woe... Woe 1's controller has a choice to make: do I move the enemy model 2" or have the enemy model suffer one damage. Resolve the effect, then move to the next Woe for which Misery applies this activation. In this example, let's say that the Woe's controller chooses 1 damage. The controller goes through the Misery choice for the other two Woes in range, so in total, the enemy model would suffer 1 damage from Misery three times that activation. What is powerful is, continuing with the above example, Woe 2 activates next. Using it's bonus action, Woe 2 casts Glimpse of Insanity, but prior to the flip, it utilizes its Opportunist ability to remove the Stunned Condition from the enemy model to gain a positive flip to its Glimpse of Insanity duel total. By removing Stunned from the enemy model, Woe 2 can now cause the "Misery cascade" all over again. I think you see where this is going. Also, remember that Pandora can use Misery on any Condition, so you can be throwing out damage on the opponent's turn as well if they gain focused or fast. I think the rule is fine as it is. The Once per Activation and short-ish range of the Aura means that making the most of this ability requires careful order of activation, positioning and the ability to recast Glimpse of Insanity repeatedly in a single turn (which isn't as reliable as you first think; opponents tend to catch on pretty quickly). Thoughts?
  12. I'm not able to attend this event, but thanks for hosting! I hope to make it out to Lost Planet in the near future.
  13. I would have gone w/ the same Z list except I would have dropped Coppelius for a tot and a Young Neph. I know the Tots cannot interact w/ Hamelin, I would have used him as a treasure runner (its really good w/ Z). The Young would hit hard and possibly grow. You had a great list, its just more a matter of personal preference. My philosophy is to always try and have the max amount of AP possible*, which is why I would have gone w/ the Tot and Young. Hell, I might have even gone w/ 3 tots instead just for the consistency and to have extra treasure runners. /$0.02 *Of course there is always exceptions to this rule, but generally it is what motivates my list building.
  14. 20ss huh? My crew list against Seamus and Collette would look very similar, especially at 20ss. IMO they're both fairly pillow-fisted crews that don't really want to be in a shared slaughter. Your biggest threats would come from the master themselves or the Dead Rider (in Seamus' case) or Cassandra or the Corphyee (in Colette's case). I'd probably go with the Twins (I swear that I don't put them into every crew) due to their resilience and the poison that Lelu puts out. The poison is important for taking down models w/ HtW + HtK and is very useful against those pesky mannequins. You could then round out the list w/ either a Stitched or a IM, whichever you feel more comfortable with. I'd lean towards the IM to strip away models ItI and because its really quick. You could also build a list around Tuco who is very resilient and can lay down poison w/ his shotgun. From there you have a few options. Since you said you like to hit the enemy hard, you could take Teddy or Coppelius (I'd lean towards Coppelius) but the list is really crying out for a Mature Nephilim in my eyes. The concern I would have with a list like this is the risk inherent in sinking all of your stones into 2 models but w/ Z, it can work out really well. Your 3rd option is to take Collodi. I'd probably run him w/ 3 Marrionettes and take another Stitched. This is my least favorite option personally, but only because I've found Collodi to be a bit fragile. I am admittedly not the a good Collodi player, so take that with a grain of salt. Honestly, there are many more great list options you could take in that scenario (which is why I LOVE Zoraida). These are just a few options that I would consider given the scenario. The best advice I can give is to just experiment and see what you come up with.
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