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  1. It’s not that it is hard to pull off, what’s hard is getting more than a two models with the attack. I have zero analysis to back this up, but I just feel like I need to hit at least 3 models to justify burning 5 masks. That’s probably a incorrect assumption, but now I’m going to experiment with it more.
  2. I'm wondering how many Hungry Land markers you usually need when playing with this model? I have the Emissary on hobby table and plan on running it in a Fae crew, and I am trying to figure out how many Hungry Land markers I need to order. Thanks!
  3. RE: Revel ability - I've managed to pull off the 5 mask ability once - it was really cool, but it was kind of a "magic Christmasland" scenario. I managed to hit 4 models, and place HR in melee engagement range with the opponents master (Wong, in this case) with both AP remaining. I've mostly used the Chasing Fate masks as psuedo-armor. Don't sleep on being able to see a part of your opponents control hand part of the Revel action though - its a really powerful ability.
  4. @Kyle will you be writing a follow up post for iOS users when the app is available?
  5. Out of curiosity, what do your lists normally look like? Who do you use in place of Rougarou? I'm a Fae noob, and a lot of people seem to auto-include Rougarou + Inhuman Reflexes. I'm interested in your perspective.
  6. As a Mexican-American, two things offend me about the Ortegas: 1) Their poor/odd use of spanish 2) That they haven't used enough of the culture! (the above is tounge-in-cheek, in case it's not clear) Seriously, I actually like how the Ortegas are portrayed - even if the execution of it leaves a little to be desired. I have been waiting a long time to get #1 off my chest though.
  7. Ok, got it. You don't find that it's ever a valid tactic?
  8. What about it don't you like? I'm just trying to wrap my head around all the models in the Fae keyword
  9. What he said. For your reference, its the second paragraph of the Conditions section (pg 29 of the PDF).
  10. Edit: deleted cause I misread your comment.
  11. What are you're thoughts on Killjoy? This crew is on my build table, and I'm wondering how essential KJ is. Edit: Also, what are you thoughts on upgrading Rougarou with Inhuman Reflexes?
  12. He specified No DMH though 😞 My vote is on swampfiend
  13. What changes do you propose to address your concerns?
  14. Los Angeles Malifaux (https://www.facebook.com/groups/losangelesmalifauxplayers/) will be hosting demos at Gateway 2019 (https://www.strategicon.net) Stop by and learn how to play Malifaux, get in a game, or just say 'hi!'
  15. Los Angeles Malifaux at Gateway 2019 Los Angeles Malifaux (https://www.facebook.com/groups/losangelesmalifauxplayers/) will be hosting demos at Gateway 2019 (https://www.strategicon.net) Stop by and learn how to play Malifaux, get in a game, or just say 'hi!'
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