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  1. Hellbane

    Augusta, GA Meat N' Grr-Eat!

    Running a Meet and Greet in the Augusta, GA. Rumor has it there's a community here, but they have gone into hibernation for a while. Hoping to see if we can shake some trees, and get them out to play! $5 entry includes pizza, and a raffle for a starter kit. Augusta Book Exchange 1650 Gordon HWY Augusta, GA 30906 See ya there!
  2. Frozen Hearts' Feud Come celebrate both the freezing cold, and Valentines' Day by beating each other to a pulp! 50SS Tournament in Jackson, MO. 3 round tournament, 8 players. $5 entry.
  3. Hi all! We're starting a league as of the first week of October at Kapow Comics in Jackson, MO to help get a local community growing and started. There's a few changes from the norm: 1) No painting requirement. These players have had their boxes for less than a month, and want to get used to the game first before they have to paint their stuff. 2) The first game of the League will be a Henchman Hardcore, rather than the standard 26 stone start. The last game will have the option of being the Carver Story Encounter (It'll be Halloween the next week!) but that's up to the two players to decide if they want to try it. Carver and a themed board should be available at the store. 3) There's a Facebook group available to help schedule games and such, so feel free to message me (Aaron Eem on Facebook) to get added to the group. That should cover the basics. Prize support will include one of the Small Mystery boxes, and maybe others at a later date (still working out details with the store.) Feel free to message me here or on Facebook for more details!
  4. Running demos throughout the month of October at Kapow Comics in Jackson, MO. If interested, you can either message HellBane (that's me!) on the forums, or contact Kapow comics Zone on Facebook. I can set up a demo with a couple days notice almost anytime, and love showing new players the game! Their address: 532 West Main St Jackson, MO 63755 573-204-3526
  5. Hellbane

    New Webstore Issues

    On my mobile phone (Iphone 5, still using 8.1) the TTB stuff goes to the Kickstarter purchase price of $10,000 for the digital version. EDIT: BTW, placed an order a few minutes ago. If they decide to send someting extra, do we need to notify someone, or will the forum mods take care of that?
  6. Hellbane

    The New Webstore

    How do you report possible bugs? Like, clicking on the TTB store link takes you to the $10,000 purchase on a mobile device.
  7. Hellbane

    My Scrapyard board

    [[...and a couple of "forests", which will actually be just collections of scrap on a template that will mimic the rules of a forest (that sort of thing is actually allowed in the rulebook even - look it up! ). ]] I am working on an Ork tech-junk world with similar terrain. Regarding trees I figured some steam pipes spraying smoke (painted wool cotton) in template sets instead. Just a thought :-) Love all the stuff you've done so far.
  8. I got my stuff, but never got an email confirmation. Florida
  9. Hellbane

    Deciding which master to run when

    Just looking over Ironsides stats, that might work.
  10. Hellbane

    M2e card creator?

    I like that coloration. If you decide to do the whole "Dead Justice Box" please share 'em!
  11. Only reason I asked for clarification is because V1 you could cheat simple duels, and IIRC they don't exist any more. Thanks guys! EDIT: Shooting into combat isn't a simple duel anymore.
  12. Hi all! I know you flip for each possible engaged target to determine who gets shot; the question is this: can the targeting flip be cheated?
  13. Hellbane

    Find a Game/Opponent (inactive)

    The entry for the Orlando stuff needs to be deleted. The Amorous Armadillo closed doors about 6 months ago.
  14. Hellbane

    July Releases

    Just curious, but will you still be offering the Johanas' for crew boxes this month too?
  15. Hellbane

    GenCon orders shipping yet?

    My order (#8489) shipped as of 4:12 this afternoon, for those curious.