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  1. I'm no expert player and play in a tiny meta which probably influences my opinion, however, I''d agree it's too early to really know. I suspect any issues that do arise may come from wave 1 which felt more rushed than wave 2 so may throw up more oversights. There are certainly things that 'feel' more powerful at this stage, however. I'm concerned about the wave 1 Resser masters, especially Nicodems summoning capabilities also the Belles lure casting being so good. For these reasons my vote goes to Ressers as the best faction in M2e at this stage but I fully expect this view to change as I explore the new options.
  2. Myself and possibly a couple of others interested in coming over from Sussex
  3. Torakage have seriously good stats for a 6ss model. If you're planning to use them to damage the enemy however, you've probably got yourself in a pickle. Use the Smoke and Shadows upgrade to give them fantastic movement potential, then use them to gain VPs from interact type schemes and strategies. I've found that though they look squishy on paper, they are surprisingly durable if used carefully. Archers are expensive, especially when you compare them to what I consider the stand out choice at 7ss in 10T, Illuminated. However, they do give some tactical flexibility and ranged threat that is otherwise missing from the crew. I don't imagine I'll often take more than one, but the ability to pick off weakened models is fabulous. With rapid fire, ignoring models when drawing los and the ability to fire in to combat, if you can keep them in range and out of melee, you're getting great value for ss. Personally, I prefer the minions, especially with Misaki over using the henchmen unless for Reckoning. Have you tried a henchmanless crew? I'm wondering if they work better in multiples rather than alongside expensive henchmen and if this is where you're finding difficulty. The additional activations you can achieve by having multiples and a Monk of Low River or two gives you real activation control which you can turn to your advantage. It should be said that I'm tending to run Misaki with a defensive set up and utilise her hit-and-run potential rather than as a heavy hitting glass cannon. I think this will also have a bearing on your view of some minions since aggressive Misaki will need back up that Torakage cannot provide.
  4. Has anyone had any joy just tying them up with a cheap, resilient minion? I'm thinking launch an Illuminated or Rail Worker in their faces. Of course, they die but might keep them busy for a turn or two
  5. In my experience of this last year, adding a book to any order tripled the postage costs. Additionally, due to things taking time at Wyrd and at customs, they arrived the same day that some UK web stores claimed to have them in stock. In my opinion, you're far better to wait and order it at a discount from your local supplier. You may have a to wait a few days longer, but you'll avoid the expense of postage.
  6. That's me paid up too. Expecting to get tonked every game this year though. Far too little M2e practice to date.
  7. I think a few of us from Sussex may be interested in coming up as we did last year. Being on a Sunday could make it tricky for me though.
  8. It's a damn shame you're bowing out of the Malifaux scene. I'd be interested to hear your reasons if you felt able to share. Thanks for making the effort to put out content. I thoroughly enjoyed listening.
  9. As a regular commuter, I've thoroughly enjoyed the proliferation of Malifaux podcasts that we have enjoyed over the last year. However, I'm noticing that since the huge buzz of Justin and Mack jumping on every show they could find, all bar two have slipped off the radar. As a member of the cup half full team where M2e is concerned, I've found listening to the Malifools especially helpful in increasing my interest and enthusiasm to give it a go. The way that they speak excitedly about their games and the models that they would like to try gets me reaching for my rules to see if maybe I could make it work, every time. Through the Breach is still ticking along but seem shy of really tackling the issue of M2e. This leaves me with just one podcast left to really look forward to and my iTunes bare. Is this coincidence? I know that some of the podcasts have difficulty keeping up a regular release schedule due to real life, so perhaps it's more this. In any case, I'd like to publicly thank all the different podcasts and their hosts for giving up their time to enrich the community, spread the word and generally add to the enthusiasm for all things Wyrd and war gaming in general. Thank you
  10. Thanks guys, thinking about it the new Poison rules wont do it either anymore. A player in our group has been regularly using Bete Noire and we've had trouble making her go away permanently. I've been using McCabe a lot of late so shouldn't have too much trouble paralysing her and then finishing the job off. I'd overlooked that so thanks for jogging my thoughts.
  11. Does anyone know of a way that I can prevent Slow to Die actions using Guild? Poison would do it but not sure where that appears and I'm sure there's at least one model out there that specifically denies Slow to Die but can't think of it off the top of my head. Thanks
  12. Resurrected... I see that the Square Orange website has been revamped then. Here's hoping I will finally get a reply to my attempts to contact them....
  13. Damn, I was hoping that reading through this would help me feel better about my ridiculous stash of plastic crack. I currently own 1513 soulstones across all six factions. 80% (313 soulstones) of my Neverborn is painted though this is the best painting effort of any faction by some distance. I have a total of 591 soulstones (39%) of painted models. On the spreadsheet question, I have one that I use which is functional rather than pretty which I'd be happy to share if anyone wants to tap me up.
  14. I've recently finished up painting my aCollette and thought it would be fun to get her on the table. Having read through the rules again, I find myself a little underwhelmed, It seems that regular Collette is far superior based on my reading. Not being a fan of the card manipulation tricks and definitely not of anything that is a gamble, I'm struggling to see what she can do for me. Has anyone out there used her with any success? If so, what do I need to do to get the best from her? What crew should I take etc? Thanks
  15. Totally agree with Daemonkin. I'd be happy to hear from Sam, or better still receive the £32 he owes me. I had a similar experience with Square Orange at the beginning of the year with great service etc but when I only part of my order showed up and I had no replies to my emails I started to get a little suspicious. I tried repeatedly to contact him by phone and email and when I received no reply, I traced his address through Companies House and wrote to him. Throughout all of this the webstore remained open. If he is indeed trading again now, I'll look forward to getting a reply to one of my many attempts to contact him. None of my postings here have been either 'false' or 'malicious', they are a documentation of my experiences posted here in an attempt to find out if my experiences have been shared by others. If they serve as a warning to others, I consider that to be a service to my fellow gamers.
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