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  1. I'm reading "Ryle" between the lines.. I'm the afforementioned sparring partner, and that is exactly what I ran. I thought I was being clever.. but Panner was even more clever than me. And I do also like to point out I think I had the terrain against me a bit, but that's a poor excuse.
  2. I would interpret that as the poison condition only deals damage once, and Sebastian makes it deal 2 more damage that it did before, it still only triggers once, dealing 3 damage. The fact that it says "...from the poison condition" is what makes it for me. If it just had said, "...suffer an additional 2 damage" then I would be more inclined to thinking it was two different damages and would get around HtK.
  3. Here comes another plug, the app is now updated to version 1.8, with support for the Gaining Grounds 2016 strategies and schemes. I just uploaded it, so as of posting this it might still take another hour or so until it's published on the Play Store.
  4. Technically the accuracy modifier isn't added to the duel, it's the result of the duel, and it's applied to any damage flips caused by the action.
  5. I do agree that the language of the book indicates the way that Gabbi interprates it, but I've also come to this quoted sollution as to still keep my math-mind sane and still follow the FAQed ruling.
  6. Yes, that is completely correct. The ability is quite specific in stating that it has to be damage from an attack action, and burning is damage from a condition, and not an attack action. Edit: so I didn't know Kaeris abilities, and I agree with Solkan that it's not actually resolving the condition, it just uses the value of the condition. My bad for answering too quickly without reading up on her. I can't recall an attack of the top of my head that actually resolves a condition in that way. McMourning's expunge is the same that it only uses the value.
  7. I actually think Francisco adds the most together with Sonnia, because he really shifts her from being a slow and vulnerable master that has a hard time leveraging her damage without being locked in melee into a decently paced fiery kill machine that's not so easy to kill. Hermanos to drag her along is about as auto-include as anything I've found in this game. Other upgrades on him vary with my daily mood and available soulstones. That he then also buffs her Df+Wp makes her that much more able to survive a turn, and then the fantastic bodyguard (not the scheme..) that he is, is almost what makes him the best. Opponents will usually think twice before engaging Sonnia when Francisco is still alive and nearby. When I play Sonnia without Fransisco, she's usually tied in combat by end of turn2 or early turn3, and she's rarely killed much since she has to spend so much AP moving. So I really think he enables her to work as she should. McCabe is really fast enough without Frans and can buff other models to perform as good or better. Justice I'm not that into, but I imagine she'll like the push first turn and then run away from him. Hoffman just likes hits bots, Lucius his minions and Perdita is just fast enough with her own pushes and her Df7 going to 9 doesn't matter as much as you think. That said, he's still a solid model for his points and I don't think he's ever bad, but I don't think he's always the best take.
  8. Hannah has Arcane Reservoir, actually increasing your handsize. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how that works together though, if Hannah+2 RoM enables you to draw 9 and keep 7, or still draw 8 but keep 7.. I would guess the first one, but I don't have any rules quote to back it with.
  9. Tuttleboy, add On Wings of Darkness then and spend a stone each turn to draw. That's drawing 11cards per turn, over 20% of the deck (even more if you discarded cards from the last turn). So even if they're all crap, you can safely say you removed a bunch of crap from the deck so you won't have to flip them
  10. A new version that includes support for generating Story Encounters is on the way to the Play Store. Feedback regarding the look-and-feel of generating those would be appreciated.
  11. I plan on using these, called "Desert Thing", from Reaper Miniatures. Won't be gluing the tentacles, so then they will be easy to transport and to place models on top of.
  12. Welcome back, CrouchingMoose! Just a small FYI, I recently got flagged by Google who suspended my app, which I'm pretty sure was because of the icon (not easy to know for sure with the cryptic mails they send though). So you might want to look into changing that as well.
  13. Hey everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to shamelesly plug my Android app as it's just been reincarnated. Google jumped in and flagged my previous app 'Malifaux Strategy Generator" for using the official icon (Wyrd never said anything so I believe this is purely Googles bots) and so shut it down. So I've just rebranded it ever so slightly, and uploaded it anew. I also made the second feature, the objective listing view, a bit more accessible by adding tabbed views, so it's now easier than before to both generate a new setup for your game, or to lookup any deployment, strategy or scheme on the fly. Please take a look if you're interested and feedback is appreciated. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mlindh.fauxstrats
  14. This. I always thought it was pretty clear that the intent was only to give the model a sort of pseudo reactivate+companion, but it's still the models own activation and all that*. But since this thread is even alive makes it apparent that it's not as clear as I thought.. *(although I don't like the wording of "this model controls the target..", it should be "this models controller controls..". Same issue as with the On Wings of Darkness-upgrade, models don't control models or draw cards, players controls models and draw cards.)
  15. I would say C. The ability doesn't specifically state that you have to end up in b2b with the marker for the effect to apply, but it's also not optional. So you cannot chose to push only part of the way, but if you are interrupted by another rule, it doesn't interfere with the effect. That would be my interpretation.
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