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  1. SOLD For Malifaux I have the exclusive promo Gremlinette, the Hog Whisperer still brand new in the baggy. For Puppet Wars we have the Teddy / Teddies, the complete set brand new! (2011 Gencon exclusive.) Feel free to send me an offer on either or both. Will be shipping from Canada.
  2. DaJackel


  3. I'll be hosting games and demoing Malifaux between 5pm and 10pm on March 30th in support of International Tabletop Day at Just By Chance Games in Waterloo, Ontario. Feel free to come out, we are always happy to have new people come! Just By Chance Games 465 Philip Street Waterloo, ON N2L 6C7 519-804-0468
  4. I'm going to be running Malifaux Demos throughout the day. If you are interested in taking part or playing a game feel free to leave a message or PM me. More information can be found at http://www.kgbcon.com/
  5. I have two NIB Nightmare Teddys and a NIB Miss Demeanor. Looking for paypal. PM offers, will be shipped from Ontario, Canada.
  6. DaJackel

    [W] Nightmare LCB [H] 2x Nightmare Teddy, $$$

    Bump, still looking.
  7. I'm looking to trade/buy a Nightmare LCB. Willing to trade 2 Nightmare Teddies + Regular LCB. Also have Miss Demeanour and Paypal to work out a deal. Feel free to PM to discuss.
  8. I really wanted myself a pair of the nightmare teddy's and had a friend picking them up at GenCon for me. When the last day came and I didn't hear back from him with any form of confirmation I went ahead and ordered some from the online store. Well, now I'm stuck with double what I need and I'm looking to sell off two of the Teddys and a Miss Demeanor. I'm interested in both paypal and some form of trade for a Nightmare LCB (PM me and maybe we can work something out?). If you have any interest feel free to PM me an offer. I'm located in Ontario, Canada for shipping. Thanks!
  9. DaJackel

    Neverborn in Wargames Illustrated #286

    That is pretty awesome. Might get a few people to look into Malifaux that otherwise would not have heard of it.
  10. DaJackel

    Gencon Items Missing

    I believe today is Saturday.