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  1. Ah!!! Totally missed that part out! Thanks Headcase! Makes the Specialist terribly dangerous to Collodi's crew...much more so than previously thought....
  2. Previous questions have been ask about it here http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=17195 and the thread has been closed but a question popped up (which isn't answered by the thread) and my friends and I were having a game here in sunny Singapore. Understanding that "Detonate tanks" is a pulse, it is the pulse that is making the ranged strikes. However, since these are ranged strikes, if the models in 6" of the "explosion" are in melee, will those ranged strikes made by the pulse, be randomised just like regular ranged strikes shooting in melee? Cheers, Ben
  3. Thanks Allidor. Hmmm....sounds like it could possibly be interpreted in a couple of ways... Maybe we could have one of the rules writers from Wyrd swing by and rule on it. Do they pop in often?
  4. Ooops...topi was meant to read: "Rules Qn: Can a player who opted to pass once still cheat"
  5. For example, Player A is losing an opposed duel. He gets first dibs to cheat but chooses to pass and Player B cheats even though he may be winning the duel (to get a higher combat total modifier for example), does the option then pass back to Player A who can now decide if he wants to cheat? Page 28 of v2 rulebook under point 2 states "If both models pass changing their totals, move on to Step 3 below." In this case, Player B did not pass changing his total. Does the chance then go "back & forth" until both players pass? Of course this just takes the "chance" into consideration as a player can only cheat once. Same qn goes for soulstone usage during opposed duels. Tried searching the forums for any question similiar to this but didn't get any hits. Sorry if this has been asked before.
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