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  1. Aah i think I've misread this then. So you can't have both the dreamer and LCB in play together but you can potentially have them both burried? Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi all, Question, can stitched together use abduction on the dreamer? And if you can, LCB comes out, activates walks around and does what he does best, what then happens you you trigger all done? He changes back into the dreamer, who then activates immediately? Presumably in the start of the following activation abduction doesn't trigger because the dreamer isn't burried? Can we take it a step futher ? Stitched buries dreamer with abduction, LCB walk around kills something and triggers all done, Dreamer flies off and unburies LCB. Would the dreamer still get placed as per abduction in the start of the activation phase? Or would the abduction ability "fallen off" ages ago as the dreamer has been unburied and reburied elsewhere? Many thanks, Tom
  3. Hi all, I'm fresh from a game against collette and 2 questions came up. Can I get your feedback? Question 1: The ability to gain "use soul stone" how long does this last for? Would this go at the end of the round or if you cast in the first turn would it last the whole game? Question 2: Can 2 corfeys activate, and in the 2nd ones activation they form into the duet. Does the duet get to activate that same turn? Many thanks for your help, sorry for any spelling mistakes, I'm typing this up quickly on my phone. Tom
  4. Brilliant, thanks both ketone replies! That makes themost sence I just wanted to make sure. Cheers for the burying trick, that's a neat way to save AP Regards, Tom
  5. Hi all! New player to Malifaux here, I hope I've put this on the right forum. My gaming group are getting into malifaux, havent got a game under my belt yet, I'm still painting things up, but I've read the rules loads, and I can't find the answer to this. If a spell or ability doesnt state a duration (for example The Dreamers Inflict Dreams or Rapid Eye Movement) how long does it last? Just that turn? Or the rest of the game? The later seems over powered! Can someone enlighten me? Many thanks, Tom
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