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  1. It depends on your playstyle too. Lil n Lel go hard but Juju more suits my style - he's the malifaux answer to Nurgle.
  2. That's a lot to take on board! Thanks for the advice.
  3. Why aren't you taking the voodoo doll with Zoraida?
  4. What's that floating in the soup... :eating: :261: :eek:
  5. Hi all, Just dropped in to say hello. Have played 40k and WHFB for decades, Warmachine and Hordes since it started. Malifaux looked like a good game. I especially like using only a handful of miniatures! Looking forward to the ride. Expect many more of us following the GW incident as well.
  6. There's a great app for Warmahordes called iBodger. Something similar for Malifaux would be awesome and well received I think.
  7. Just use raven last...
  8. Hi all New player here. I'm interested in the LoS box. Would the next logical step be getting a teddy for Kade? No one would want one of those suckers in their face right?
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