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  1. Gop

    Best Neverborn Minion(s)

    It depends on your playstyle too. Lil n Lel go hard but Juju more suits my style - he's the malifaux answer to Nurgle.
  2. Gop

    Legion of Sorrows box and then...

    That's a lot to take on board! Thanks for the advice.
  3. Gop

    Zoraida help

    Why aren't you taking the voodoo doll with Zoraida?
  4. Gop

    This is creepy...

    What's that floating in the soup... :eating: :261: :eek:
  5. Hi all, Just dropped in to say hello. Have played 40k and WHFB for decades, Warmachine and Hordes since it started. Malifaux looked like a good game. I especially like using only a handful of miniatures! Looking forward to the ride. Expect many more of us following the GW incident as well.
  6. Gop

    Malifaux App?

    There's a great app for Warmahordes called iBodger. Something similar for Malifaux would be awesome and well received I think.
  7. Gop

    Zoraida v Ramos, 25ss

    Just use raven last...
  8. Hi all New player here. I'm interested in the LoS box. Would the next logical step be getting a teddy for Kade? No one would want one of those suckers in their face right?