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  1. Thanks, I try to make some personal small things to models. With these the things were little bit bigger. These next things have been painted some time ago. Of I don't remember wrong it have been 10 years. Last december I did some unsual and bought latest version of the Colette or I bought all the keyword models.... So now here is compare between ages. Last the whole new updated crew: In the end models have not changed that mutch, but maybe the painting have moved forward a little bit. Or what do you guys think.
  2. Hi All Winter is starting to fade out and spring is having good start. Also first fully ready project for this year is ready. Again some miniatures from the past. This been first project that have primed with airbrush and with zenithal highlight. I have tried to paint this as fast and easily as I could but still bring the best parts of the old miniatures to up. Hope you guys like? As with the old miniature line, some times have to make some conversion or should I use word proxies. These two M1E Ronin's will be my Scavengers. I hope that small weapon swap and additional bits makes the immersion. Thanks for checking, and hope to get some feedback.
  3. Thank you guys for kind words! I have practised the look for my Neverborns for couple of Masters and crews. So the ice themed bases have involved a lot. For the Gorar it was hard decisions as I bought Autumn knights during M2E for fun and later I found out the Red Joker version of Titania that I had to bought. Then I realized that I had Zoraida Avatar. After I found out that I have most of the key models. I had to build up Titania crew. Also the Howling box for M3E was great. But as Gorar can only get by Start box. I had to choose for the proxy so that I can spend my monies in some other Faux projects. Something have to be done also for the Aeslin. It is nice model and I would like to try some conversion that one too.
  4. Hi Math, I was suprised to see the Bad Juju. It is nice and you have succeed to get some swamptines on it. But you are also right. With yout talent and knowledge I would expect a little bit more the things that you mentioned. Of course as usual this should be seen in live as most of your miniatures are working really nice, even I have had aome doubts from the pics. In the wnd really nice! Keep up going.
  5. So I don't even know how to make reply? Lets try again. Thank for comments! Here is another project that I have doing for long time:
  6. The orginal project that supossed to be the thing for 2020, changed during summer and the three headed "pigny" has not yet received new friends. Or if I'm honnest it received lots of new friends but these have been stayed on the painting queue. In the end this one is from history one of the project bought almost 10 years ago and now finnished.
  7. Hi All There is some projects I have some years a go posted here. Now I have been started playing more regularly again Malifaux. Also the projects have been startes to finnish (sometimes). One of the projects I juat bought and never was going to start it. Thanks to friends first pieces are ready. Here is first sneak peak: Hope somebody recognice the theme.
  8. But if we think this way, for my point of view it is unfair that Ressutections, Arcanist and Neverborn are losing first original masters and Guilg doesn't lose any? Also even Neverborn losing most?
  9. We are living interesting times. Hopefully there will be coming good edition. There is lots of thing that needs new rules. Restart is always two sides. At least Wyrd have to mess quite badly to Win GW reboot with Warhammer or Rackham Confrontation (age of ragnarok). So I will try to be positive.
  10. Old topic but have you ever think taking Toshiro with Horror Molly? I have planned to to test Toshiro with that summon upgrade + maybe corpse bloat. Ashigaru may be good add to hold enemy for one round.
  11. And why didn't I finnish that nurse? I could do that easyly. What I was thinking? After all even changing all my Ronins to SS were stupid think to do. With them I could get few points from the strategy?
  12. That's the way it goes when another player don't know how to read or play. I could say that macth up was quite promising. But the games was end before deployment. All credit to the opponent.
  13. So you are looking for sprint competition with Misaki? Do you remember Stalking Bisento? I have to quote following band song: The Police - Every Breath you take: - "Every move you take I'll be watching you" This is the game I have been waiting. I have bad history with doctor so there will be extra thrill. One ofte worst thing is that Assassinate is only option on this game.
  14. Few new paint layers done.

  15. Hi I like the idea of using Firestarter as Kaeris. You have nicely converted the model to bring the idea of Kaeris as it is on stories. Also the painting is great.
  16. I think I have seen and countered these dudes ones of twice. What is missing if I remember right these were fully painted few year a go? Or is this only the final touch like varnish? I would like to see painted pic of Pere LaCroix. The base is just brilliant for the miniature.
  17. So I had few minutes time on lunch: Nico And little bit more Ressers: Molly and Seamus: So here you go. Nic and other Ressers. I hope you like.
  18. I have had Bete with me few times that we have been playing. Dress have been painted completely with GW wash on white primer. What about Nico? I have to take new pics for him because now he have base and 99% ready. I try to take some new pic on near future. I wish I get my resin bases for my Yan Lo so I could finnish him and the rest of the crew.
  19. Hi, I have been playing few years Malifaux. I could say sins at the start. So here if few of my minis that I have been able to paint fully. One of my first crews and oldest, Ramos: Small group from Ressers: Now a days one of my largest faction: And some sneak peak to WIP crews:
  20. Thanks, I have been wondering is my model count too low or not. Now that you pointed it out I think I may consider some other approach to build the crew. I haven't yet get my minis so I don't have any changes to play test games. (Some problems with suppliers)
  21. Thanks, yes I have notice that Misaki has Last Blossoms. Ototo could be nice choise with Yamaziko also Torakage looks like ok.
  22. I think that I try to mix both Sh and Ml. In Malifaux I have all ways tried to mix those both. I have tried also Nicodem and Ramos pure Ml list and I have missed some ranged power. I don't it might be some thing to do with 1.5 when I had to play quite lots of against Dreamer. I would like to keep team as full outcast. I have noticed that there are lots of potential characters on TT. But still I think I am not yet ready to choose TT as on faction. I would like to have Killjoy for some how to the list but it would took too much SS for other models that I would like to try. ( like Taelor, Hans and Sue) I think I might have underestimated CG. But when you mentioned him I had to check him/her out again and there might be good point to take him out to field. Still there is some weird charm on Sue. Thanks for the thoughts!
  23. Don't worry Ressers are quite nasty factions. Belles combined with Punk Zombies and Hanged is nightmare almoust all . If you need shooting there is few things not as good as others factions but Guild Autopsies (wave 2). These are quite nice with ressers style. Also Crooligans with misty may work to block shooting. Necropunks with leap may do quite nice maneuvers. As a Resser player I can say there is lots of fun ways to tease your opponets.
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