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  1. on the mac I just select 6 per page on the layout and adjust them to be as large as possible without overlap. I'm quite certain there is a similar layout function on windows. you can cut them out and laminate them together and they make a nice solid card that way in the lamination pouches for pictures. Printing them out yourself is mostly only affordable if you already have a color printer and lamination supplies but it is likely that someone in your gaming group has these things if you don't. I print them out and laminate them for everyone in my guild ball group already and will probably do several crews worth of cards for M3E until the cards come to the FLGS.
  2. Well... Also AFK south in Renton has mini night on Monday. I've been meaning to go as it is minutes from my house and there are a few more people that would go.
  3. yeup Eric said on twitter For those wondering, Arsenal Boxes are 2E card packs
  4. sooooo excited to see you get into Malifaux. Your warmahordes batreps have single handedly interested me in warmachine and your quality reports with Malifaux would undoubtedly do the same for this game for other people. It has been really interesting to watch your batrep style and quality develop and I really think you do some of the best batreps out there. I do hope you stick with the changes to Malifaux 2.0 (as it should actually make it easier with learning a new system right along with the rest of us).
  5. I'll be so happy if/when Nekima becomes more playable. I hadn't even thought about how 2.0 is going to make several models more viable (aside from the Malifaux child of course). I say... buy models you like the look of.
  6. This would be a great time to introduce an app like the warmahordes war room but... that might be a lot to ask considering all the other development going on. I'm excited.
  7. If it is a legitimate target (by having 2 or less wounds) I would think it was sacrificed as the spell reads and as it does not fit into the criteria for a waif or a SPA it simply goes away.
  8. unless you also have Kaeris along for the crew and have not hired a different totem for her of course.
  9. In addition to what CunningStunt has said i'd like to add that while you are free to play the game however you like the rulings of the Rules Marshals are proper rules. You don't get to say otherwise any more than someone at a 40k tournament gets to say that FAQ are not official rulings. The protocol for rulings is established by Wyrd. They get to do that as a game company. You as a community member get to have input into the general discussion about rules. Its a bit odd that you have stated there is not a central location for rulings as there clearly is and you have found it here on the boards.
  10. Chompy/dreamer doesn't actually get the unused AP. They can only use up to3 general AP between them, they each in theory have 2 in addition to their melee/casting specific ones. Also you are correct that LCB has already activated and does not have reactivate and was buried as per the most recent bury rules he is done.
  11. I see. No. One master does not transfer any effects, such as poison or reactivate, to the other model. A search for the thread that talks about poison and the dreamer should reveal pertinant rulings should you require them.
  12. No. What makes you think that it would give LCB another activation? I don't mean to snarky there. I am legitimately wondering what you are basing that on.
  13. give ashes and dust a whirl. I suspect you will be impressed at how well it performs. As you play neverborn and it has been mentioned, you should at least proxy the twins in a game. Think of them as a two model hire for 14 that, while they do not combine into one model that is a monster, are a combo that will eat opposing crews alive after they beat them down.
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