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  1. Euclid

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    Maybe that could be converted into a useable (0) action that she has been lacking for so long. Would need to gain that suit for the rest of her activation then to all duels, but would have mostly the same effect. My previous thoughts on this subject was a riff on Reference the Field guide but instead Reference the Combo Guide and allowing to discard as many cards to add as many suits as wanted, hahaha.
  2. Euclid

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    More of the same: Remove bonus points, everything else was great. I'm not sure that I like the "master ban" idea. One thought I had was changing the pairing to be putting forward a pair of masters instead of a single master. This way your opponent won't be able to take tech models with 100% certainty and you might see some of the more specialised masters being played. I.e. Ramos & Sandeep for pool one. Opposing team puts forward Collodi // Lilith, Sommer // Zipp.
  3. I do not believe that Master counters Master [for the most part]. It is usually the "tech" models / mercenaries that are available to the entire faction meaning that paring before crew building doesn't remove this issue if you know which master you are facing. However the only alternative solution I can think of is VERY different to the current system that is in place and may not be better at all, haha. I see the differences between your method and last year - that does seem to be an improvement.
  4. Isn't this essentially the same as last year? I don't think there are any easy systems that don't have drawbacks. The system you have listed (and the one used last year) force you away from using masters that are "easily" counterable. I am never going to use Ramos if my oponent knows that I will be playing Ramos (for example). I am looking forward to this even but have to agree that this current pairing methodology seems to remove any strategy from the "team" aspect of this event.
  5. Euclid

    Rile them up help please

    You can target a model without those attacks (from the FAQ) so shouldn't have any issues declaring the trigger and murdering those pacifists.
  6. That was a poor attempt at a troll (based on some nonsense following the recent UK Nationals) by an account created 13 minutes before that post...
  7. Looking forwards to some games!
  8. Euclid

    Common Sandeep Mistakes.

    Super niche mage ruling: The mage 2" 'close' attack mode from the mage upgrade is only while that mage is engaged. Therefore it cannot engage < 1" engage models from 2" away. It also cannot chage a model exactly 8" away (as far as I understand).
  9. Euclid

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    I've played one game with Hinamatsu so far.... she got stuck fighting Ashes and Dust so that immunity to conditions didn't work too well for her . I can definitely see the potential and really want to get some more table time with her. I have never really gotten Coryphee to do anything much for me in Arcanists, does the passing out of effigy buffs make that much of a difference with them in Collodi?
  10. Euclid

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    Isn't Eliminate the Leadership the paired scheme for Public Execution in the final release of GG18? I know there were some changes between Beta and Final but this is what the App (trustworthy source....) is saying.
  11. Euclid

    Need Advices on Sandeep

    Apologies! I wasn't comenting on anyone specifically in this thread - just my experience from talking to multiple people whose initial reading of this ability adds in extra words. Adran seems to have explained the confusion that many people have with this ability.
  12. Euclid

    Need Advices on Sandeep

    Nope. Its just something people expect to be on there As for some actual helpful advice - A lot of Sandeeps abilities that can be borrowed either need suits or have very nice triggers. Using models that can add suits to their actions can really help with this. Mages can add tomes as mentioned above, but don't forget that Steamfitters add the suit they discard and Bishop (if you want to join me on the Jank train) can chose a suit to add to his duels at the start of his activation.
  13. Euclid

    Need Advices on Sandeep

    Can you tell me where on his card this limitation is? Many people assume this is the case but I don't see why as there is no such restriction in Beacon.
  14. Euclid

    GG18 : passing strategy conditions

    I noticed this interaction on the day that the beta was listed as closed. I had just started looking at moving to a new faction and Collodi had my interests. I messaged Mattc on that day so there *should* have been time for this to be fixed.
  15. Euclid

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Not this discussion again.... People don't need to experience this hobby in its completion to be a part of the community. If someone comes to this game purely for the game, that should be ok! I'm super tempted to bring painted and unpainted versions of my models just incase we play George...