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  1. Math: Thank you actually for brightening it, the detail shows much better. Scribe: nothing planned so far, this guy was a fairly successful experiment, and my Marcus army is all painted up now so I've moved on to working on Lilith. If I wasn't already overly fond of how the rest of my Marcus crew came out it would be fun to do all of them zombie-fied though!
  2. Thank you :] I actually intend to use it as my proxy model for Rouge Necromancy
  3. I was putting together my marcus army and wanted to proxy up Rouge necromancy. Since I had purchased the box set and had no intention of using the Sabertooth Cerberus I decided to turn it into my proxy. I decided for one I didn't want it to be a tiger, I was bored of seeing the tigers, so I settled on Leopard, then since it was necromancy UNDEAD leopard. I love the way he came out :]
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