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  1. What if you copied a weapon such as the Insideous Neverborn Wispers, that allows you to uses your Wp instead of Cb- does the Doppleganger get that choice as well? Or must she always use her fists Cb?
  2. Wow! That's a powerful spell!
  3. Are triggers considered traits for purposes of Zorida's Hex spell? Can she actually remove a model's trigger for the duration of a game?! ---------- Post added at 11:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:06 AM ---------- I meant to say 'talents' not traits as Z's hex spell reads " ...loses 1 talent or spell..."
  4. makes sense now that you've expalined it. But no need to launch into a monologue about Wyrd being precise and clear, after all, there is no ambiguity in this game:)
  5. Ok, that was helpful. I was reading from the book. The pass through issue is clarified. Now if I can only get a more definitive answer about when the damage from shocking touch is applied. It does say "during its activation" but the RAI seems to imply when it first touches a model, which can occur on an obey. How have others been playing this?
  6. The card for EC reads "models suffer 1 wd the first time this model passes through them during it's activation." Does this mean that if the EC was obeyed, it would not cause the wd because it is not on it's activation? Lastly, does Pass Through mean exactly that, or can it cause the wd by simply entering a model's melee range? With a walk of 4 you have to be close to actually make it to the other side of a model- especially a 50mm based one!
  7. Can the vodoo doll use magical extension and conduit- as it is casting one ofZoraida's spells? For example, Zoraia activates and creates vodoo doll who nominated an enemy Monel in LOS of Zoraida. Zoraida casts obey thru the Vodoo doll's Conduit ability. Zoraida finishes her activation. Other player goes. It's now my turn again and I activate the summoned (slowed) Vodoo doll who then uses magical extension to cast obey on the same nominated model (thus ignoring LOS and range!) is this correct? Lastly, when is the poison applied? The v2 card reads at the end of the closing phase. Does this mean at the end of the turn after all models have activated? ( thus giving the poisoned model one free turn of no wds from poisen!)
  8. After reading this thread I became confused - so I'm sorry to bump it if it seems old or a resolved issue. When Zorida summons a Vodoo doll, who then targets a Spirit in LOS for Conduit, and that Spitit recieves 2 poison tokens, does the Spirit, when it activates, take half damage? Wierd Sketch in this thread implies yes, but then he also says that poison inflicts WOUNDS, implying that it would not be halved. Seems to me that the poison came from a magical source (the summoning of a Vodoo doll who has a magical ability.) Can anyone please clarify?
  9. If LCB cannot be placed in base contact with the Dreamer before the Dreamer is removed from play (because he was killed) and if there are no Daydreams alive or on the board, LCB has no way to unbury. So killing all the Daydreams and surrounding the Dreamer is a viable tactic?
  10. You bring up a good point- there is a 6" range when the Dream dies, but what about when the Dreamer and LCB simply bury/unbury each other as part of (0) Nightmare Friend - one is supposed to be place in base contact with the other before being removed from play. In my GENCON situation, what if the Dreamer was not killed - say I simply wanted to bring out LCB but the Dreamer was COMPLETELY surrounded?
  11. At GENCON, my opponent surrounded my dreamer with his models, then killed the dreamer. LCB then unburies, but as the Dreamer was completely surrounded, the other models had to be pushed so LCB could fit where the Dreamer was - at least this is what the GENCON judge ruled. Is this correct? What if there was some hazzardous terrain and the models being pushed ended up in it? Are there rules in the rulebook that govern something like this? (i.e. are they all pushed evenly, or can it be in one direction?) And what if the Dreamer was not killed, I simply just unburied LCB. Would the same thing happen? Seems like there is a lot of potential for abuse here. Anyone?
  12. Wow! I just saw that. Nows its clearly ridicilous.
  13. Fire Gamons - 4 pt minon construct. Rare 3 when hired by Kaeris. Blazing Glory 2:(pulse)2. Dg 2 when tihs model is killed. Models suffering 1 or more Ed from Blazing Glory gain one Burning Token. Burning Blood: When this model is damaged by a melee Strike or melee Spell, the attacker suffers 1 Wd and gains a Burning Token. Also, defenders damaged by its melee claws, or its 8 inch Spit magma weapon, gain one burning token. Kaeris' (1) Overheat spell - need only a 6 of anything to cast. Rg 12. Kill target friendly construct. Models within 3 of killed construct recieve one burning counter. Seems out of place that one game effect (Burning Tokens - that can be delivered to multiple models) and potentially deliver 4 + another flip of damage, with no chance to resist in a pulse of 10 inches!! The comparable Poisen Tokens deliver 1 point per, and are usually delivered thru melee (1-3 inches usually), and are delivered on an action point per poisen marker, per model basis. How interesting it would be if poisen could be delivered to multiple models within 3 inches by simply killing one of my own models - and causing even more damage on multiple models once they have poisen by someone 10 inches away by casting a spell needing only a 6! Come on now, seriously, no defense flip and cheatable?
  14. Sounds broken to me - an 8 point Henchman that can deal a cheatable flip (red joker-severe of 4 +)with NO resist, affecting all models within 10 inches with burning tokens - or take paralyzed. Hmmm. Perhaps it must be abused at tournments before its addressed (sounding familar? i.e. ALPs)
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