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  1. Black Matt

    Experimenting with Clear Bases

    Did you try to mix in or tint the resin a very pale blue?
  2. Black Matt

    New Nico Player

    Thanks for the direction fellas. The hanged, great models with meh gameplay. Got it.
  3. Black Matt

    New Nico Player

    hey fellas, I am also in the same situation as shenron, except I have already bought some models I thought were to awesome to pass up. Mortimer and THE HAnged are really the reason I am getting into this game. DUmb? Maybe but Im a modeler so we will see. I bought the nico box set and the hanged blister. My list for a 25ss, (which i havent even seen played yet,) is nico mortimer7ss 2x the hanged 8ss ea. 7+16=23 Is this going to work and why havent anyone suggested using the hanged? Do they suck in game play? @shenron Sorry for hijacking your thread, but it looked like they answered your ?
  4. Black Matt

    Ramos is in a hurry

    I agree, love the function and business attitude of the watch! Did you green stuff/ putty the watch?
  5. Black Matt

    Hello from Kentucky!

    Im in a similar situation with wanting to start playing. I finally found someone to help with a game. Good luck getting in some games, and while I didn't quite think of it before, I'm also glad to ne supporting a US business. Good luck
  6. Black Matt

    Professionalism pt 2

    Good job
  7. Black Matt

    Professionalism pt 1

    Yeah its nice, I'm moving to part 2 now
  8. Black Matt

    hello from nyc metro area

    Everyone, Thanks for the help. @ dgraz, dont worry Im reliable. If I say Ill be there then I will!!! I think the compleat strategist is the way to go. I work in Manhattan and it will just be a late night in the city compared with both of us driving all the way to Bro Grimm.
  9. Black Matt

    hello from nyc metro area

    Hey dgraz, I've been out to grimm several times for their 40k tourneys. It is about 1.5 hrs for me so I have to talk to some guys and see about a trip.
  10. Black Matt

    Recommendations for camera.

    I use the canon powershot sx100 is Its a little outdated so they are easily available new on ebay where I have bought more than one because of my clumsy fingers. I blog and do commissioin work on a regular basis and it has always done me right.
  11. Black Matt

    hello from nyc metro area

    Hello My name is Matt McClanahan but they call me Black Matt in the 40k blogosphere. I am new to malifaux but I have already fallen in love. I've bought several sets of base inserts, 5 starter crews, a couple of fate decks, and the new rules manual. In case I didn't mention it, I love the minis in this range. Do I love the game, I dunno. I've never seen a game played. That's were I was wondering if their was anyone in the nyc metro area who knew how to play and would be willing to go through a few games with myself and some of my people. Better yet, is there a henchman in the new York city metro area. I am willing to travel a moderate distance to learn to play. Thanks to anyone who can lend a hand.