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  1. Ah yes, interesting that bosses won't die easily, though that is less a concern for my character. Shrug off is another option, I'll pass onto my Fatemaster, though I think he has already read this thread
  2. Thanks for the tips.I figured there was ways for the Fate master to handle this (perhaps with Fire Gamin or other flame resistant opponents etc.), but I wanted to make sure I was playing it correctly. I did notice that I took a few wounds being as aggressive as I was, though we were trying to stop someone escaping on a train! On a side note, looking at my book I believe the elemental strike is range 2 by default, or was it errata'd?
  3. I just started playing through the breach with a tinker, and when it comes to combat my magic seems far more powerful than a lot of the other players attacks. So I wanted to check we weren't doing things wrong. First off, the pertinent character information. - My character is a tinker, with intellect 3, and sorcery 3. - My theory is Tradition magic, specialising in Sorcery with the paired skill of necromancy. - I have the specialised skill talent to add Tomes to Sorcery. - I have the Animate Construct and Elemental Strike Magia. - For immutos i have Fire, Reduce AP and Focus Object. - My focus object is a custom built full pneumatic arm. Giving me -4 to TN, calculated as -2 for commonality, -2 for portability (though not sure if this should be -1?) In combat I am therefor able to cast Elemental strike (base TN3 tomes) with the Focus Object Immuto (-4TN), and 7x Fire Immuto (+14TN), for a target number of 13. With my sorcery A.V of 6 (3 rating + 3 intellect) and the specialised skill talent adding tomes, I essentially only need to flip a 7 or more (with a positive flip from the theory). On a hit it will be 1/2/3 damage and 7 burning tokens. What it seems I can do with this is charge an opponent, hit twice with the ability above, and then use the reduce AP immuto to make a third (0) action, albeit at a +5 TN), totaling 1/2/3 damage 3 times and approximately 21 burning tokens. More than enough to effectively kill anything at the end of the round (boss NPCs included). Granted I can also reduce the target number on each attack by slicing a couple of fire immutos off (say 1 of each normal and 2 less on the 0 action). Are we playing it wrong? Or have I just capitalised on the system too much? The one downside to the fire immuto is the damage doesn't kick in until the end of the combat round and thus the opponent always gets to act, but its practically a one round kill, or if spread around in a tighter space up to 3 weaker npc minion kills a round. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Thanks guys, I tried searching for San Francisco, but got page upon page of Francisco threads (damn living in a city with a similar name to one of the characters...) I somehow missed that thread.
  5. Hello all! First off, i've been playing Malifaux for a few months now, running Lilith and the Viktorias, mostly 25-30ss battles. I've just moved to downtown San Francisco, USA from Melbourne, Australia and I'm looking for players or groups who play in the area. After doing a search for gaming stores the closest appears to be Gamescape, but there was no Malifaux players on their small games night (Wednesdays). So... are there any malifaux players/groups/tournaments in SF?
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