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  1. Beardybard

    Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Yup, who needs money when there is an alternative Raspy.
  2. Beardybard

    Starting Malifaux in Southampton, Hampshire

    Have you found a regular group to play with? I am just the other side of the water to Southampton and looking for a group to play with.
  3. Beardybard

    Hey hey hey

    Where abouts in Hampshire are you?
  4. Beardybard

    Post Your Location

    New Forest, in the UK. Looking to start using what I've got.
  5. If there are still spaces I would like to come and play.
  6. Beardybard

    Southampton UK Demos April

    Hi there My girlfriend and I have just got into Malifaux and are looking at joining a group to play with. Is there a large group of Malifaux players in the club? Beardy
  7. Beardybard

    Starting the faction

    Thanks that wiki is really useful helped more than hours spent reading blogs and listening to podcasts. I'm thinking Sonnia before expanding to Perdita, when I'm understanding the mechanics and crew better.
  8. Beardybard

    Starting the faction

    Thank you for that Guild Monkee it's given me lots to think about. I'm going to try out a few on vassal and see who works with my play style.
  9. Hi, I am looking to find players or a gaming group in the Waterlooville/ Havant area. I was hoping you'd be able to point me in the right direction to some.

  10. Beardybard

    Starting the faction

    I moved from GW to playing Malifaux a couple of years ago, with the Viks, and only played 1 or 2 getting to know the game, games. I am wanting to start with the Guild, but don't know which master, and box, would be best to start with, as I'm pretty much starting from no knowledge of the game (again).
  11. Beardybard

    Regarding Starting Out

    What about Colette? I wanted to start out with her, but I was advised she would be complex for a starter. I am interested in this thread as I'm in a similar position.
  12. Beardybard

    Hello from SW UK

    I like the Viktorias, just want to expand them and also go with something more magical.
  13. Beardybard

    Hello from SW UK

    I have currently got the Vicktorias box set looking to possibly get a guild/ arcanist box too.
  14. Beardybard

    Hello from SW UK

    Hey there, I have just started to get into Malifaux properly I have played a couple of games learning the basics and how the game runs. I am looking for a gaming group in the Cheltenham/ Gloucester area. Beardy.
  15. Beardybard

    Howdie partner

    Hi I am from Bristol in the UK and am just getting started with Malifaux. BeardyB