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  1. I keep 2x Mature Nephilim, 4x Young Nephilim and 3x spare Tots in terms of extra models. You need 4x Young Nephilim, you can probably get by with 1 mature and it's rare, but not unheard of to have more tots than you started with (either because of casualties or becoming Young), so you can get by with 6 most games. I had one game where I couldn't make a Mature Neph because I already had two out, but that game was pretty much over, so I didn't care. General Tactics are what you would do with any Lilith list. It's easy to get the false impression that Lilith is all about face beat
  2. I'm not gonna lie, Malifaux is not my primary game. That being said, I do still enjoy it and find the game is still pretty unique among the ones I play, so I always come back every so often. We had a local 50ss tournament using the gaining grounds packet (mostly anyways), so I decided to come back after not paying for...I dunno like 5- 6 months ish. With such a long hiatus, I wanted to take an autopilot crew, one I could run in my sleep and that handled the various strats and schemes pretty well, so I decided to just play my favorite Lilith lost and see what happened. Lilith (Becko
  3. I would love it if McMourning Expunged Lucius, instead all he does is Expunge everything else until Lucius is surrounded by Flesh Constructs
  4. I'm going to be blunt, McCabe has been much harder for people to kill than Lucius. McCabe can usually hit Df7 Wp6, has the Dismount so some damage usually gets wasted (and if the target is in melee he can usually dismount out of their melee range) and easily get armor 1 or built in healing. As much as I like Governor's Authority, it just makes Lucius' problems even worse i.e. now you're losing even more cards and if you do luck into a good draw you don't want to use it. Secret Service also never happens, let's face it, it's a double suited Df trigger and neither are built in and at the end
  5. My problem with the McCabe v. Lucius is that, yes you can certainly give some Riflemen or Pathfinders extra shots (although giving them focused extra shots has a finite cap and doing so beyond turn 2-3 more than once a turn is often problematic), but that's all your master is doing, literally it except maybe throwing a Hidden Sniper shot (which also requires a Ram, so for those counting you're at 4 rams to do all of this). McCabe in my experience amplifies his crew a lot, but uses very little of his own AP doing it. Attaching upgrades is a (0) and McCabe himself hits reasonably hard at Ml
  6. Even with the ability to cycle the deck, the BBS is not a healer and shouldn't be taken with that expectation. After making this mistake a few times I realized the healing with that guy is nothing more than a bonus. Consider: You need a 6 of crows, so already you've eliminated 3 fulls suits and the Black Joker, plus the 1-5 of crows. That's 45 cards out of a 54 card deck that don't work. Then figure that you probably don't want to cheat a face card or red joker just to heal 2 unless it's an emergency (and even a 10 for that can be a bit iffy) and you're only looking at 4-5 cards in the
  7. Regrettably, I think I'm getting to this conclusion the more I put him on the field. He's got a cool idea that's knee-capped by a lot of limitations (some of which feel very unnecessary). Commanding Minions is a cool concept, but why is Issue Command once per turn and why do I need a 7 for it to go off? Collette can Prompt anything three times every turn and casts Prompt on a 6. Lucius also doesn't buff minions, he just gives them some extra AP, which I'm not sold is worth it (he does have secret service, but that comes up once in a Blue Moon). He also needs to burn cards getting the mini
  8. A RAT 5 model shoots at a DEF 13 model. You need an 8 and always will need an 8 unless outside factors increase that. This means you can apply a relative value to things like boosting or adding a die and removing the lowest/highest that suitably incorporates your increased probability. A Ml 5 attacks a Df 6 model. The number your card needs to show to hit will vary with each attack and your likelihood of landing that number will vary with each card removed from the respective decks even before factoring in cheating. None of this is perception related. I appreciate the point you're
  9. You are incorrect. If I have Ml 4 and my Df 6 opponent flips a 13, the duel is over, his result did affect my chances of success and in fact made it impossible. Having a moving target along with the fact that no deck will ever be complete (some cards will be in your hand, flipped for initiative on previous duels or trashed from last turn etc) means trying to apply a static value to something like a positive is, at best misguided.
  10. For a master that already demands a lot of resources, adding something that demands more is situational for me. Even with some of his efficiency tricks, I usually find myself in top-decking mode with Lucius remarkably fast so if the choice is a 2ss upgrade that needs more resources or 2 more ss, the upgrade usually gets the boot (especially since the really good trigger for Hidden Sniper is double suited neither of which is built in)
  11. In Warmachine there's a static value you're trying to hit, in Malifaux it changes with every attack. Even if you don't factor cheating in a model with a higher stat can simply flip unbeatable numbers off the top of the deck. Where in WM I know I have an X% chance of hitting a DEF X model with a RAT X model and modifiers change that by a static amount, in Malifaux a positive twist working out to a roughly a +2 could still mean missing every attack whereas an actual +2 may be able to hit...if that makes any sense.
  12. This kind of gets of to the heart of the matter because unlike a game like Warmachine where it's easier to check the math on something like +1D6 remove the highest there's a lot of variables involved that can dramatically improve or degrade the value of a positive twist. An example would be if you had a mob of Guild Guards with Dashel. They can easily get single and even double positives, but their attack stat is only a 4, so anything Defense 6 is going to be problem to hit even with all the bonuses. OTOH, those Guild Guards will start a fair number of their duels beating their targets even
  13. Honestly I'd argue even Hidden Sniper is situational. You have a master who already needs cards and suits (more specifically often wants Rams) and you're adding another action to compete for those rams. Back in the playtesting when it didn't need a Ram just to go off, Hidden Sniper was great, but now that it does all it ends up doing is competing for cards on a master who's already hungry for them. I'm kind of at the point where I pass on most upgrades for Lucius now.
  14. You're friend isn't first. As soon as I saw Glowing Sabre, I looked around at anything that got extra rams. It takes a turn to get it going (Turn 2 he's effectively weak 3 even without flipping a ram). That being said I can't help but sigh a little when engaging isn't wise and I pop off some shots from his gun and realize how awful his native attacks are for his cost. I'm still a little baffled the pale rider made it through playtesting at 12pts, but if you actually want him to feel worth it, the McCabe is the way to do it. Elixir of Life giving him Regen 2 is also pretty solid.
  15. So for me overly broad questions like "Can model X kill model Y" deserve overly broad answers. If I was asked this during a game, my likely response would involve a shrug and a confused expression with the word "Yes". If asked to explain this, I'd probably say "Anything is possible with the right cards". This question involves a lot of things your opponent is not entitled to know like what's going to get flipped, what's in your hand etc. In theory most damage tracks can kill most models on a charge especially with a Red Joker, so a question like this is very deserving of a non-answer.
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