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  1. Razhem

    Discussion on Infiltrators

    Sharpshooter only affects one of the fireteams though, right? I mean confuse is a damn fine action but don't know if I want to bump up theur cost when one of their selling points is low cost.
  2. Razhem

    Discussion on Infiltrators

    So, I've played them a couple of times, they are made out of tissue, hillariously bad with their guns once cover rears it's ugly head (I expect most of my shots to have to deal with cover at this point), but can be a nice vanguard to get on top of objectives/portals early. Getting them to glory seems like a horrible chore, so even though their mine fields are amazing, it just doesn't seem likely. So that leaves them with Confuse, and Confuse is frigging amazing, the token control and ability to strip reinforcement trivially on units has proved incredibly useful. So all of this introduction is to sort of get to the point where I feel I'd rather keep the infiltrators back instead of forward to not getting them instakilled so I can keep confuse on the table. How have people been using the blighters and is it aggresively forward nor consertively in a flank how people are deploying them? Once on game, what are they actually doing? Just doing token control or is there an active attempt to get them in glory?
  3. Razhem

    Card Draw in the King's Empire

    Forgot about Margaret's action, it's certainly fantastic to get some much needed hand, though I'm still having issues getting into the flow of getting Charles into Glory, I can only imagine Margaret will be a good chunk harder to set up properly without leaving her completely exposed, live and learn I guess will be the name of that game... As for Noble Procession... well, at the moment, they are still my most punchy unit by far, so feels like kind of a waste to not use them to wreck face as much as possible and the Inspired buff hasn't really been an options ince they have pretty much been my foward assault. Once I start using Borderers and Dragoons I can see how the stock of the action can go way up since those other units are more than willing to be in the frontlines and losing a rifle shot to get a card and a couple of inspired tokens is certainly a lot juicier but without getting some inspire out of it, it just really seems like I need to keep them shooting. Guess I'm more wondering about options for passive card generation, Margaret's the most efficient but it still requires her in glory, so it's not something I expect to have access to the first or second turn.
  4. OK, so card draw is certainly not a faction strength, so I have to ask, how are you guys coping with it in general? I mean there is some conditional on the intelligence and royal corps, but nothing I would bank on reliably and none of the assets give any reliable card draw. I've already considered adding abyssinia to give me card draw, but wanted to hear how others cope with it in pure a King's Empire Company.
  5. Razhem

    Multiple reinforcement tokens

    Rereading Reinforcement, Shaken and Inspired, I have to change my stance to once in the activation since they are all worded very similarly and I'm pretty sure inspired and shaken can only be used once per duel.
  6. Razhem

    Adding abyssinia envoy

    Well, I'm happy with it only being squads, was making mixmatching a bit tooo tempting for my liking.
  7. Razhem

    Adding abyssinia envoy

    Well, the Marauder vs Motor Scout thing is moot since only squads can be taken as part of envoys (thanks @Tris hadn't noticed that). I've also noticed that I can add an engineer to any unit I field from abyssinia, so a couple of units with engineer's should really help with my card draw dilema. It does mean Kassa is around which also means titans though, which doesn't seem like an option against cult due to how good they are at titan busting. But will definitely keep it in mind.
  8. Razhem

    Adding abyssinia envoy

    The idea with mechanized infantry is more about using Edmonton to make it shoot a few extra times since that gun is very beefe, though I can certainly see using Steel Legion though it is a lot spendier. I was wondering also about Mehal Seffari, I really feel the lack of reliable card draw in Kings Empire, but Nehal Seffari in glory early become a card engine, bur don't know if that's enough to justify.
  9. Razhem

    Adding abyssinia envoy

    Sounds reasonable. On my side, the resident tourny players are already looking into gibbering + cult mixed forces so was wondering if anybody had been doing similar exercises.
  10. Pretty much what the question says, can you spend múltiple reinforcement tokens at the start of the turn to reinforce more? Can you spend múltiple reinforcement tikens when activatibg to flip multiple assets? My reading tells me no to the first and yes to the second, but would like some clarification
  11. Razhem

    Flipping cards and cheating

    So when doing the Burning Man Walks or the death triangle you can cheat as you want some of the cards?
  12. Can a card that is just flipped be cheated? My assumption is no since cheating seems to only apply to duels and penetration flips but would like to clarify. I'm asking this for effects like the ECB Black Ops death triangle. Also, if they cannot cheat it, can they reflip it using a Ta token?
  13. So if I understand correctly, the Hazardous penetration flip is made by the opponent, but can the opponent cheat it? I assume yes since nothing in the rules says they can't but would like clarification.
  14. Razhem

    Adding abyssinia envoy

    Guess nobody has fiddled with this at all then?
  15. Razhem


    Well, that sounds nice, but realistically, a player that has put models on the table should (and will have) more weight than somebody speaking from theory. Also, a tournament veteran's world would carry more weight than somebody new to the game (though not always a mechanic being op or up I put more stock on the vet, but when it comes to fun factor, well that can go either way) in my eyes by far.