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  1. That's kind of why I get the impression that it was a last minute thing that was added and things were not compensated for it.
  2. It's more that this stuff was teased like two years ago, so that all we saw was more light teasing leaves me underwhelmed.
  3. Is this really all there was at GAMA? Some pictures on a Power Point presentation and that's it?
  4. Haven't faced the damn things yet, but theory dictates they will probably be super annoying. At least removing tokens from them is a bit more doable simply because there is a lot more stuff to remove reinforcement tokens from enemy models than Shaken, but their defensive stats are absolutely bonkers. Frankly, I get the impression that Toughness was a last minute asset added to the game, since the Rhino and Eel are way too damn hardy when they can get Toughness on top, the Artillery team is a 3 model fireteam and the Marauder us so stupedly mobile it shouldn't be exposed till necessary. If Toughness did not exist I could sort of see why these models would need such extreme defensive measures... But yeah, anyway, back on topic, Eels seem pretty nasty but are not the thing that worries me the most as a King's Empire model since we have a lot of token stripping and pinned.
  5. Razhem


    Kind of hard to give them a blessed longbow when they are packing shoulder mounted machineguns though
  6. Definitely agreed with that, I'm not amazed by it, far from it, but it's a very serviceable model which the art made me expect something much more meh. Though I do kind of have the same 40K comment I had for Cornelius, you tell me he is a radical inquisitor with his Adeptus mecanicos renegade acolites and I would believe you.
  7. Fully agreed, I agree that Leveticus had too many choices before, but now his keyword is one of the ones with least access and the Abominations and Scavengers are looking pretty shitty. That he also brings 2 mostly useless models on the Waifs that just end up being pass tokens for the opponent (8" offensive actions is the last thing I want to do with Levi's extra lives) sours the package a bit more.
  8. Don't keep up that much with the fluff, so good to know there's q story reason for that.
  9. Well, she does certainly have the arm blade thing and is the character which majes the most sense to have there along with Albus and the Undergraduates, so I'd say it's a safe bet that it's her. Kind of sad that the gravity dress is a lot less overt (though I always wondered how she could even walk in the original design) to the point that it almost seems like she is wearing a coat of sorts and pants instead of an actual steampunk dress.
  10. Shit, you are right on Lady J... Might just me wanting the biggest melee damage dealer in the game to be more of a "giant slab of iron" thing than a "finesse super swordsman" but yeah, looking at the old models they look like big Katana (though bulkier like the old aculpts are) Still sticking with old Judge, specially the nightmare version. The aculpt of the metal is worse for sure, but I would have loved the plastics giving his old design a fair shake and refinement instead of going with his witch hunter design that hid too many features and took the magic away from his weapons of choice.
  11. From art, the new judge is generic as can be, though that has been the curse of the judge with each iteration, first being metal as fuck with the gunchucks, second being weird and featureless with the swirds with pistols in the grip and now we get generic sheathed swordsman. Lady J... She has seen better days... And she is still packing that Katana thing of hers instead of the honest to god Claymore I miss from her first model (her m2 model is awesome, just didn't like going from a meatier blade to a bog standard katana). Cornelius... Frankly looks out of 40K (you tell me it's a gruff inquisitor that hasn't gone implant happy and I would believe you), I mean it's a neat model, but ever since I saw his art, he never generated anything else than a meh for me. I'm more wondeting why he seems to be packaged alone or if it's just a special thing for the con.
  12. Razhem


    I'll give you Ruthless for sure, but stone use isn't really much of a factor for me, Fuhatsu should be gunning stuff from the back and doesn't really have any triggers that make me think "have to spam stones!" And gotta insist on that easy focus, you punch some very mean holes with the gun after moving/charging with a Samurai, something Fuhatsu can't do without external help.
  13. Razhem


    My only qualm is that Samurai and Fuhatsu are packing the same gun. I'd prefer that it was clearer that Fuhatau is who you bring to shoot stuff and the Samurai as an allrounder. At the moment Fuhatsu having Rapid Fire is the only real incentive over Samurai and usually I prefer the easy access to focus and antiarmor tech instead.
  14. That's von schtook, the paragraphs are talking about the new masters.
  15. Os there any information about what is in the box? Do we even know if Kirai and Sonia are commanders or champions?
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