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  1. Still feel that Levi's hiring pool got restricted way too much. Yes, before it was absurd, but now he has one of the smaller pools in the game and Abominations are mostly duds which are slow and die easy, so don't really have a role in life outside of summon fodder.
  2. Whelp, my first proposal would be to try and bump it to 2 commanders. The game has it's issues already in 2 commander games, but at 1 they just skyrocket. Leaving that aside, the King's Empire force barely had any ranged power compared to what one would expect from them. The Motor Scouts are frankly horrible at anything that is not going after objectives, the Grenadiers are very fine on offense, not so hot on defense (though ignoring hazardous is certainly huge) and the Dragoons are a melee unit first and foremost, and only having 2 Fireteams makes them pretty easy to oneshot if you aren't careful with where they are. I'm also sort of wondering if you guys played at a custom size since I'm only counting 20 Script on the King's Empire side and probably 2-3 more with Assets on Margaret. Also, both units are relatively short range for what King's Empire can reach. First suggestion would be to consider adding Royal Rifle Corps instead of the Dragoons in 1 Commander games, their ranged presence is top notch and once they get a kill, they become one of the most damaging melee units in the game. Aside from that, as the Gibbering Hordes player you did what you have to do, went in and went hard since King's Empire has a hard time if engaged early (shooting into combat is costly except for the Field Intelligence Corps, but that unit's stats are dumpster tier and you mostly want them for enemy hand control) and if Rifle Corps don't get into glory early they have a hard time if engaged getting there. Tell your opponent to not forget about using Ta to desingage, it's always worth considering. Also, Margaret is a very selfish commander and mostly is just god tier for getting objectives, so she will do that job fine, but won't really help you get more bang out of your units. Edmonton plays a more "backfield commander" role allowing your units to shoot more and get some inspiration in the mix. Yes, Margaret can get an asset to order a unit to shoot, but it requires a much higher card to go through than Edmonton's Morale action and King's Empire is not very good at hand or Ta generation (Gibbering Hordes neither to be fair) so you can't really count on having high cards to compensate for bad flips. Hope this helps a bit.
  3. I'm lacking a lot of experience with the match up, and I'm a King's Empire player, but I can say without a doubt that Electrocutioners wreck our shit, double of those and you should be more than fine. Thing is, we win in the ranged game, but mobility is so huge in this game that it doesn't really amount to much on the grand scheme of things. Use cover to your advantage, should be very easy in general or at the bare minimum have a unit doing body blocking duty to ensure cover for everything behind them in case the table is very open. Get those Electrocutioners into Glory ASAP and just do the teleport dance, if anything moved forward or Infiltrators are on the other side, the first jump should get you in combat with them and a second jump will put some damage and let you engage something like a Royal Rifle Corps unit. Royal Riffle Corps are satan personified if they are in glory since they become one of the most damaging melee units in the game, but if engaged outside of glory you are suddenly looking at Stat 4 models that struggle to do much of anything to the electrocutioners, suddenly they cannot be Obeyed by Charles Edmonton, suddenly you need to spend Ta to at least desingage them and let them due things. It utterly cripples their flow and also completely strands them in their side of the table letting you do objectives with other units. The King's Hand is a piece of work, but his range is short outside of his Symbol of the Realm, so he won't efficiently be able to help deal with the electrocutioners unless his units are very close together. King's Empire defensive stats in general are pretty shit for their cost unless we are talking about Borderers, Dragoons or Rifle Corps, so the pulses should decimate all other units. Basically, get into their face fast and hard and they will have a very hard time responding, that they are so dependant on killing to go into Glory also means that getting them engaged really lowers their chances of getting any solid hits in. Of course this is assuming a standard King's Empire force, if you face off against a ton of Borderers and Dragoons along with the Rifle Corps, they will have some units with actual Melee bite or if they have an Abyssinia envoy and bring in some Seffari or Buzzzaw guys, in that scenario, I would imagine jamming the electrocutioners in there hard can really backfire since they would probably just get swarmed and taken down. Finally, unless the King's Empire is using Kassa Okoye to generate cards, their card draw and Ta generation is frankly shit, so you should be able to overwhelm them simply by having more cards and Ta than them most of the game and making them have to make hard choices with their meager resources. Do be very careful with where you place your commanders though, the False Flag Stratagem can absolutely cripple you if you only have one unit to pass damage to and it also happens to be the one that gets controlled, since getting a few hits in and being out of range for passing damage back to them (or not caring if chain activating Edmonton immediately after) can spell a very dead Commander on your side.
  4. So basically suck it up buttercup XD Well, I was way too passive, but then again, everything had cover on the other side and I was stalling to see if something exposed itself... turns out exposing meant covering at least 36" Being the ranged faction really sucks the more I see it, you get engaged super quick and when not engaged you almost always have to deal with cover.
  5. I fully agree, but sadly, we here in tje King's Empire have to actually work to get into glory, so I've had my fair share of matches where I get them into glory turn 1 and others where I barely manage to get anything into glory all game. So I'd rather have something I can count on if things go quicker than expected.
  6. So played agsinst a double Electrocutioner force and they were pretty unmaneagable. First of I will state I had Infiltrators and Field intelligence Corps, and the more I play, the more I'm convinced it's a "take one or the other" situation due to how horrible they are defensively and both are focused on disruption. So thing is, once in glory, they cover huge ground with their pulse and teleport. Due to the core rules, when one fireteam places, they all join the party so covering more than 36" is easy for them and due to Abyssinia's card draw, they have very good odds at being able to get all 3 teleports even if they need an 8+ and they are also pumping out damage that ignores defense while doing it (though they at least have the decency to not be able to cheat the penetration flip). So they leapfrog through half the table wrecking field intelligence corps and royal corps as well as putting some damage on the King's Hand and finish engaging my Rifle Corps that are not in glory. So not the best of situations. So how have others dealt with this and what do they hire to keep it under control?
  7. Whelp, had a game against Abyssinia and I used pure King's Empire with Margaret and Charles and after seeing my opponent constantly drawing and having q good stock of Tactic tokens while I bqrely had any cards or tokens, it's become crystal clear that Kassa is a MUST if you expect any true results with King's Empire since our ability to generate resources is meh and our stuff in general is kind of fragile. Having accepted this, I've also accepted adding Abyssinia units into the mix. Mechanized Infantry are a no brainer since it lets Kassa get full Ta between that and the King's Hand as well as being a solid unit which brings a LOT of card draw. More interesting are on one hand Mehal Seffari. This is the unit I'm not really that sure on, bu theory dictates that having a unit that can be engaged and deal the pain will be huge. Last game some Electrocutioners went into glory and then proceeded to teleport 3 times doing pulses which meant one of my units of Royal Rifle Corps were engaged, hurt and doing a whole lot of nothing shooting in melee and not being in Glory (had no Ta at that point in the turn). Their Protect trigger is also amazing and we can garuantee it with the radio Transmitter. It also means we add another Engineer so more card draw. Finally, the Crow Runners can be interesting as a summon unit instead of the South Wales Borderers using Behind Enemy Lines. The later is much better at living, but Crow Runners can do much better objective work so csn conditionally be a true game changer. Anybody that has played around with other Abyssinia units?
  8. I have found 1 commander games very distressing due to the lack of resources. So only play 2 commander unless I'm playing somebody new. Depending on mission though, the starter box is perfectly serviceable. More refined and if I don't need infiltrators would be Rifle Corps, Grenadiers, 2 sharpshooters and a motor scout as well as upgrading one of Edmonton's assets for a Medal of Honor.
  9. Till final release I wouldn't consider it all gospel, though I don't expect much changes outside of wording and tweaking though. I'm also waiting for all the cards to be available with art and such to print them all nice and fancy?
  10. Don't know if it's thanks to an action on your part, but the Diacash website is at least listing all of the missing references from the past months (except titans for whatever random reason), so they should hopefully hit the stores in a reasonable time frame, so yay.
  11. It just seems like the idea was that they were going to be absolute shit but get summoned almost effortlesly, but then the abomination generation never did it's part. But alas, they are what they are, so I guess they are just opportunity summons or hires out of stubbornness.
  12. Was kind of hoping that since the action wasn't generated by a trigger, that it would not apply.
  13. No, my question is different, I'm asking if Edmonton's action allows the extra attack trigger for the Royal Rifle corps to be declared.
  14. Can a Royal rifle corps unit in glory declare the barrage trigger if the action is done by Edmonton's action?
  15. With Tactics I just meant if it was before the Planning phase Ta token generation ir after. So you don't need to save tokens from the turn prior to recover units then if I understand correctly.
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