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  1. Black Ops pretty much, your biggest weakpoint with the Gibbering Hordes is you don't really have a heavy hitter without set up, the Black Ops bring that in spades. The rest of the units I just don't know enough. Warped seem solid, though you already have a lot of Melee and the ones that activate twice if you blow through the Deck seem like a hard sell since you don't have a reliable way to eat through the deck. Doomseekers no idea, but if you feel you need more pushes then they certainly help.
  2. The push for The Other Side has been frankly bad. I get how priorities shifted with M3 and it's the money maker, but at this point, unless the release of the new alligiences gets some louder support, The Other Side will just die in obscurity. I really hope the tournament packs actually become a thing for example, since they were mentioned in the tournament rules, but from what I've heard, they don't even exist at the moment. Also, the game is in a dire need of errata and rebalancing.
  3. @bedjy read all the crap we have written in the forums about them, believe us, they are absurdly powerful and don't require much setup. One I don't have any answer to is the Cult player gets the create a new portal turn 1 stratagem, has the rhinos completely hidden in contact with a Stalking Portal and gets Horomatangi/Fentom to shaken 1, the Rhino gets the second shaken from Concentrated Effort and can already appear anywhere to deliver it's payload thanks to being able to drop a portal. Also, your Rhinos should ALWAYS have toughness, having a tome means shit when you have to punch through 2 shaken tokens AND the Toughness upgrade. 2 Rhinos with Toughness will set you back 7 script and they will do a shit ton more than any 7 Script unit from any of the alligiences would ever hope to achieve. The eels are also stupedly good, but they are single target pieces at the end of the day so I can't really muster a fraction of the hate Rhinos get from me. Rhinos are single target, OR can use the best attack action in the game by far while also having the goddamn Cinamon aura which absolutely castrates any option of playing missions near them and makes a lot of actions become unusable in the same deal (in King's Empire all the good ways to deal with them are based around morale actions). This while also being in the most mobile faction in the game and still being tough as nails. It's a model that literally does everything, so the first thing they have to decide on when they decide to nerfbat the hell out of it, is what the intended role for the damn thing is supposed to even be and once that's clear you can start removing stuff in the proper direction. But yeah, it's a model that probably requires to be outright redesigned. Thing is, the game really needs another round of Errata, The Rhino and Eel are miles away too good, the Marauder is ok for it's cost and the Artillery team is shit. Kassa Okoye has multiple dodgy interactions that make her be the most effective resource battery in the game when played in King's Empire and Electrocutioners are waaaay too mobile while also dealing their pulses. Abyssinia generates waaaay too many cards, Cult is waaaay too mobile and Cult and King's Empire seem like they need to bring stuff from the other factions to compete. I've pretty much accepted I'm playing a King's Empire/Abyssinia force because the difference between having Kassa and a unit of Mechanized Infantry and not having them is night and day, you go from absolutely starved for cards and Ta tokens to being able to actively mill your hand during your turn while being able to save some tokens for Stratagems and doing missions. I love the core mechanics and I intend to stick with the game, but my god does it need a second very critical pass when it comes to the profiles. Hell, a few units have actions that I'm really wondering why they don't have a "Once per activation" clause in them like the Electrocutioner teleport which just seems like the idea was to use once for positioning and then use the other actions, but just for the chance to nuke objective markers while splashing damage everywhere ignoring defenses doing tripple teleports is so worth it. Anyway, enough rambling, screw Rhinos for sure, but that's not the only fish that needs frying.
  4. My beef with Bettari is the lack of any bonus action and that we have an upgrade that gives any model her main selling point. Won't say anything about Ama since I haven't really paid attention to her.
  5. Yeah, I didn't notice the first time I played that and it seemed very unfair (with Infiltrators). ToS has a lot of subtle little things like that.
  6. Quick note, Infiltrators shouldn't be a problem since they deploy before the variable Markers, so they should be deployed and then you should be able to places your markers very much away from the Infiltrators. It's only the ECB who break Supply Cache in half. Infiltrators though are amazing at setting up multiple explosives on the first activation, though you can also deploy to be in a good position to move in and remove those markers.
  7. Having faced them a few times, they are a disgusting unit, portals not letting them spread out nilly willy is one of the things stopping them from not just doing death triangles with no effort whatsoeverer. They aren't just titan hunters, they destroy commanders and destroy any unit that happens to have an Asset attached (against Abyssinia you can easilly go with Str6 against a unit of Electrocutioners for example). Their melee action accessible in glory removes other units from glory just by the mere act of hitting and they are Mission BEASTS that utterly break scenarios like Supply Cache in half by their mere existance. To clarify, in Supply Cache, if you have initiative, you deploy after the enemy Supply Cache's are placed, get to remove both of the enemy tokens without any sort of response from the enemy outside of very specific gimmicks like Crow Runners running to interfere, Infiltrators deploying explicitely to body block or Gibbering Hordes increasing their deployment by enough to be able to body block their Matkers and then Chain Activate Adeodatos and get out without any sort of consequence or retaliation. They are a disgusting unit and the only reason I don't despise them more is because Rhinos are even more disgusting. Also, no I don't think The Other Side is balanced. Cult feels over turned as well as Abyssinia and pure Gibbering Hordes and Kings Empire are underwhelming, though King's Empire with Abyssinia enovys suddenly becomes one of the most dangerous things on the table, period.
  8. I do hope it's clarified in Errata/FAQ, my environment is more of the no mercy type so I would expect it to be used as such, and hell, I would do so myself against specific opponents. Leaving that aside, how has the Yan Lo experience been? Is his early game ignoring the OP Rebuild Corpus thing much of an issue or have you guys gotten solid use of his turn 1 and 2? My personal thought is that it isn't that big of a deal though I do miss when Bone gave you a strong turn 2 with the Ashigaru summon, but spreading oout Shielded and pushing with Transcendence seems solid enough for turn 1 for me, with turn 2 already doing some agresive positioning with Treacherous Paths and either some scheeming or a Darkest Magics potshot.
  9. What do you mean with the Master Ability? How are you drawing 6 cards with Yan Lo? Are you targetting a Gokudo with a Split the Soul upgrade attached when the ancestor is still alive and that technically lets you draw 2 cards all the time? If so, that's a gigantic screw up which I hope got caught before print, and if not, hope it gets Errated day 1.
  10. Will have to agree on Focus probably being the elephant in the room once the dust settles, not so much because of it lasting between turns, but because it's pretty much the only buff a model can give another due to how conditions were built into the game. Focus I don't think is a problem when it comes from the Concentrate action, hell, it's pretty much a necessity since it's the only way to sort of go over certain defensive rules if you lack the obligatory counter, but when everything and it's mother gives out Focus and not just 1 action for a focus, but a Focus and some other perk, or damage and Focused and so on, it gets dicey. I proposed that Focused got divided into 2 separate conditions, one that gave + to duel and another + to damage, so that most of the buffs in the game changed to giving the Condition that gave + to duel and leave a few potent buffs to give out the + to damage or even both and keep Concentrate as giving one of each to keep current behaviour (or at least let you choose which you gained), but it was met with quite a bit of distaste. I'm still convinced this was a very bad decision to take since there are 3 beneficial conditions (Fast, Focused, Shielded), a pseudo buff in Adversary and everything else is a penalty. So you can calibrate what you give out when you debuff with an attack and use one of the multiple conditions to sort of reach a sweet spot. But if you want to give an offensive buff, it's Focus or bust (or fast, but that is much more potent anyway). But well, not worth crying about spilled milk. Going back to the Tanuki, though it's table power will be huge, it simply won't have the same psychological effect that a Belle in second had, simply because it doesn't interact with the enemy and it doesn't get directly associated as the "agent that caused my demise" like a lure is. You don't think "damn that Tanuki giving X focus made it kick my ass into oblivion!" as much as "that bloody lure left mi model stranded to get it's face kicked in!". Same reason why pretty much any form of control generates a ton of grief even though in objective terms, it's not as powerful as more straightforward effects. I played against Pandora in one of her iterations where pretty much everything was a push, in the grand scheme of things, the only reason it hurt so much was because there was Hazardous terrain on the table, but being honest, it was incredibly annoying, but not that effective from a practical standpoint, but I still have a distaste at the prospect of playaing against Pandora again from that match. But yes, I will safely say that I will very likely have a Tanuki in every single one of my crews, though not only because of the focused (which is great) as much as it covers a ton of support roles in a single package.
  11. Doesn't Von Schill seem like a good fit with Leveticus, he barely cares about having Friekorps around except for his aura and being able to give upgrades to enforcers and henchmen. He allows Waifs to actually do something thanks to being able to get rocket launchers as well as giving rocket boots to the Desolation Engine to deliver it much more efficiently and goes with the firebase gameplay that ranged Levy and Rusty would seem to enjoy.
  12. You are right about the +flips on aoni, though the Jorogumo is the only one bringing the heat with it it feels. Obsidian seem pretty crummy now that their ranged attack has a pistol, Yokai seem very busy but don't really think they do that much, Tengu are decent self damaging objetive grabbers and Bettari just seems bad without a bonus action. I have heard mean takes about Katashiro though and haven't paid attention to Akanane or Ama No Zako enough, so for all I know, that's where the power is. As for McCabe, surprised he kept all of his simple duels, seemee like too much last time I read him
  13. Gonna disagree on the Tanuki, it's probably too good, but doesn't have the effect stat 8 18" lures had, simply because he's a purely defensive tool for set up. A couple of Lures could leave a model completely screwed and stranded for commiting the sin of moving forward and not being out if LOS or in terrain to reduce the range. That it tended to be on a cheap package and was at +2-+3 against most models added to the mysery factor on the opponent which is the real reason the Tanuki will never be as hated. Worse Tanuki is doing is healing a model, removing a bad condition and setting up a model with focused +2 which is amazing value, don't get me wrong, but it's still gonna cost you a couple of 7s so not garuanteed either. Now hope this doesn't become a thread on Tanuki being op. As for Jakob, haven't paid attention to him, what's the deal with him that makes him so scary? In my local meta it's Dreamer who is getting all the hate.
  14. Hello fellow Thunders, so I was very active in the closed beta, then passive yet on top of things during the open one and since it ended I've been just focusing on The Other Side. So being a few weeks from the official release (changes can happen from final document to release, but should be minor at most) I was wondering how the faction as a whole feels for those that have been using the last version documents for a while now. What is good (or too good), what sucks, what themes/masters seem the best/worst and most/least fun. Any takers to write something up? My off the ball impression is: Yan Lo is good and his theme choices are fantastic and plentiful, though Chiaki seems like a must to get most use out of it and I'm still iffy on the Bone Ascendant in a Ten Thunders crew. Asami is very good but her Oni by themselves don't really impress me much, Bettari not having a bonus action is something I noticed recentle that baffles me. McCabe is good and his options solid, but also has the perk of playing nice with out of theme minions Shenlong looks like a beast, the monks themselves on the other hand seem absurdly frail Misaki looks potent/gimmicky and her theme choices all seem very good, happy that Ototo is finally scary. Versatile models are all over the place, Samurai are pure win, Tanuki are pretty much an autoinclude in any crew due to bringing some of the most desirable support abilities any crew would want in a cheap package, Terracota are crap, 10T bros are very specific on what they bring to the table and so on. Don't really care that much about the rest of the faction masters, but discussion on Mei, Youko and Jakob is of course more than welcome. Also, spicy Hot Takes are also welcome.
  15. Still feel that Levi's hiring pool got restricted way too much. Yes, before it was absurd, but now he has one of the smaller pools in the game and Abominations are mostly duds which are slow and die easy, so don't really have a role in life outside of summon fodder.
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