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  1. It's the rough part of playing KE and why it feels a must to play with Abyssinian allies. Either you get a hand, or you use Stratagems, but you aren't getting both. And since you also have to do missions, Ta just ends up drying up almost instantly, so either you play tricks but have to depend on rawdecking or barely use Stratagems but get a hand. Or like said, get Kassa and some Abyssinia units and even post errata you can probably get some decent car draw going
  2. Oh, ok, so there would be a flurry of opposed duels then?
  3. Mostly possitive on the changes but need to see them on the table. I still expect Cult's mobility and Abyssinia's resource generation to keep them on top, though at least it won't be as blatant or oppresive I hope. A clarification on the new Rhino pulse. So Rhino flips card + 6, all enemies within 4 inches resist with Sp with the Tn being the total the Rhino flipped, right?
  4. But that's not a unique selling point, Samurai, Fuhatsu and Sidir all have Juggernaut and I personally think they bring more to the table. What really makes Ototo be a boss is that extra shadow token since it really helps a lot with the crew synergy. Well that and if you are able to set up your attacks properly to gain Fast on as many activations as possible, in that scenario he becomes amazing, but I don't expect my opponent to let me get away with that too much if he can. Oh, a gigantic con with Misaki though which makes her risky is how anti-bury tech completely screws her over. So any faction that can product any of that you will probably want to keep her in your bag, which is what's really going to limit her competitive presence.
  5. I didn't think much of Misaki till I played her, she truly does fill the board with her markers unless the opponent tailors specifically to nuke terrain and that makes all her crew amazing at taking objectives. Ototo is a bit of a wet fart, but his ability to set up an extra shadow marker may prove invaluable thanks to how amazing the Crime Bosses and Minako Rei are and how much they depend/enjoy those shadow markers. Asami I'd also place higher, she can do anything at any given moment, her versatility is just top notch and the Tengu and Yokai are pretty good schemers overall. Yan Lo is a beast, a bit of a slow starter himself, but his keyword is full of topnotch choices. McCabe I think is being slept on since he is missing some key pieces, once Desper and friends are out, he will do WORK, specially in areas that allow dual masters. Shenlong... is a weird one. Shenlong himself is amazing and can do pretty much anything at any given time. It's wonderful to know that you can kick something to death at one point, and if you can't get in, you can be one of the best healers in the game in the next turn. The rest of the crew dies to a stiff breeze though unless you top load the hell out of them with Chi which requires a lot of "self play" which I personally find kind of annoying. Definitely low river monks and Wandering river monks have a place, rest I find more debatable and wonder if he's better filling the list with Versatile models and from other keywords. Mei Feng I don't personally put much stock on, but our local top player considers her one of the most dangerous masters in Ten Thunders. He does emphasize that Sparks has to be in there and there is some evil to be had combining that with Lone Swordsman... Nothing to say about Youko nor Lynch, I just don't do them.
  6. What kills my interest in the serpent is that it's a 2 action 9SS model with a very wonky bonus action. If I'm paying 9 points for something, I expect either a Flurry/Rapid Fire, or an incredibly efficient bonus action. Katanaka Crime bosses are fantastic for 8 SS since their bonus lets them teleport and still have 2 actions to get stuff done. Serpent on the other hand will only ever place 1 scheme marker for example and since it can't charge while engaged, even though Agile is nice, it doesn't work towards it's strength as a beater since moving out to go into something else still cost you two actions. So what is it? A very expensive beater or a very expensive schemer that doesn't excel at either of the roles? That it's ranged attack is kind of a wet fart doesn't help much either. I get that it wants to be versatile and do two roles, but it's kind of meh on both which is what leaves me underwhelmed with it. But hey, if it works for you, who am I to say much else? I'm just not expecting to reach for it any time in the future.
  7. But at that point, why not just use Desper LaRaux? Costs the same outside of McCabe crews. can use stones, has Don't Mind Me and leap and is already ignoring everything while moving. He is worse at offense of course, but the Serpent isn't anything to be proud about and Desper is much better as a schemer. As for the Sensei Yu comments from @Modernpenguin, you are right, it's just that he lacks style so he seems kind of "boring". Doesn't help that since he is so focused on supporting monks, if for whatever reason you don't bring 3-4, he should probably stay at home. On a similar yet different topic, how do archers behave? Setting up a gunline giving them fast every turn for example, has anybody tried that or pure gimmick?
  8. Played a game of Shenlong. Was mostly just screwing around. Brought Yu, 2 High River monks, a low river, a wandering river and the Dawn Serpent. I definitely noticed that you need to have a VERY clean turn 1 to do your setup. Did a lot of flubs like letting my aspiring students and low river monk get too left behind and forgot some stuff (bonus action Focused from Yu as well as Laugh Off, and other interactions). Found the crew a bit on the stressful side due to the amount of crap one has to keep tabs on. The High River Monk I was pretty scheptical on, and they do die to anything that looks at them funny, but I was certainly impressed by how one took out Snowstorm in an activation. It was fast, had 3 focus and 4 chi though. but still seemed impressive to me. Sensei Yu is... confusing, the Fast from the bonus action was gold, specially since no flip is required, having Shenlong use his bonus action to get Yu to do it again was pretty lucrative, but outside of spreading fast and giving Chi from his aura, Yu's own activation felt pretty lackluster, had a hard time getting places and once there seems like his only deal is to punch things to rotate hand. Shenlong I didn't get to use fully, since ice pillars made his life hell, but his versatility to make him be a support master on the flip of a dime is fantastic, letting him work even if he can't put his force to bear. Aspiring students are also amazing now that I noticed that copying a Shenlong action is a bonus action, though they also die to a stiff breeze. Does mean that their 1 AP actions are mostly just there to move and generate Chi/Focused which isn't a bad thing anyway. Low River Monk was fine though wasted due to positioning and the Wandering River Monk sadly never managed to leap. The big disappointment was the Dawn Serpent. Just don't see the appeal or what it really brings to the table compared to other similar costed models, not really expecting to field that one again any time soon unless somebody makes me see something important... For the future, aside from bringing Sidir and an Obsidian Oni vs Rasputing, I'm thinking on dropping some of the monks and bringing more versatile models. Mostly wondering what to keep though, a single High River Monk seems like a nice missile, but Yu seems like an important piece of the puzzle to get that bad boy feed and I wasn't thrilled with him which makes the High river less compelling. Low River is a shoe in and a Tanuki seems wise for condition control. Wandering also seems like a reasonable take but Fermented the more I read, the more lukewarm I feel about them.
  9. Christmas sounds like the earliest like anything related to The Other Side will come out. In the meantime, it just keeps withering...
  10. Keep in mind that you may get games where you don't draw that mask turn 1 to set up a Reliquary with Chiaki, so don't let that cramp your style or loose momentum because you feel you have to stall one turn.
  11. So Lethe's Caress triggers when you declare the same action twice or more when Molly is the enemy master. Charge states that you declare the charge action and Take an action. Since the attack action itself is technically not declared, can a model charge while in LoS of Molly, and then do the same attack in the next action without triggering Lethe's Caress?
  12. Before anything, thank you for responding directly to me and my worries. I believe this are also some of the worries from the people in my local community. As for the quoted part, I don't mean Fields of Glory, I mean this paragraph inside Fields of Glory: PRIZES All Field of Glory events are encouraged to provide some sort of prize pool. if organized by a Wyrd Henchman, the event should use an other side prize kit for the event. All pieces of the prize kit should be distributed at the event, but the manner of distribution is left up to the To. These The Other Side Prize Kits don't actually exist from what I've heard and our henchmen have expressed mild annoyance at how price support for The Other Side from an official standpoint is pretty lacking since they can only order Malifaux stuff, which is a bit of a disconnect to achieve results in a TOS tournament and end with a Malifaux price piece. As for the other points, well, yes, we have known for a long time about the dual box from Guild and Court of Two, but we'll we've known about it for a very long time now, so it kind of feels like being strung along. Same with Kimon and Three Kingdoms, we only have the model sculpt teasers shown like ... two years ago I think? and some art teasers in the Rulebook and from another con. Basically, I don't doubt they are in the oven, but you end up getting a bit demoralized when "soon" is the response after a very long period of time. As for balance, yes, we have the first FAQ and it's certainly welcome, but after playing a few games, I see a lot of problem points. Rhinos I assume are already well known to you, so no need to add there, but as a King's Empire player, I feel constantly in the back burner if I play pure, constantly lusting for any kind of resource, yet suddenly Kassa Okoye comes into the list with some Abyssinia units and suddenly all of my resource woes are compensated for and then some and I become a force of nature. There is a tremendous contrast in power there. Cult's general mobility doesn't seem to be really reflected in their stats on most units, yes, Broken die to a stiff breeze, but why would you even use them anyway when your elite unites are so potent? As for Gibbering Hordes, I will admit we haven't been the fastest players and from what I understand, Gibbering really come into their own on turn 4 onward, but to me they have been pretty meh in general. They impressed me the first time I noticed the Morphling with Stalker combo on single fireteams, but once you learn that you have to ensure to kill full squads with Morphlings and they aren't coming back on respawn, they loose a lot of bite. Abyssinia I've barely faced, but when I did, their resource generation was completely through the roof, but I already notice this when I sprinkle them into my King's Empire. You may be right that it's all about tweaking a few pieces here and there and that would soften things up a lot, but those few things are quite noteworthy is what I'm trying to emphasize. And even then, stuff like how Thrace and Binh bring Ta to the table really shows a huge difference between playing with or without them, it's a VERY big difference having a couple of extra Ta than your opponent every turn and at the moment it just seems that you are handicapping yourself if you don't bring any sort of envoy with you, be it because you can poach something good from another Allegiance or simply because adding Thrace or Binh gives you a lot for 3 script. Anyway, sorry for going into my soapbox, what I want to make clear is that the game is not in a good state, at least when it comes from player morale. We had a solid start here in Madrid, but some distribution issues that happened soured things, model quality, mostly due to the material has also annoyed more than a few and then M3 stole it's thunder completely. Again, I understand Malifaux is the bread winner (M3 is looking mostly fantastic, so a job well done indeed) and that your guys are a small team, so it might just be a "well, that's how things went and not much that could have been done to avoid it", but The Other Side undeniably is considered a dead game in most stores and they won't have much interest in restocking unless something with a bang gets announced to revitalize it, and well, we know it's not this GenCon, so that means it stays dormant till possibly Christmas. Anyway this whole spiel started as a reply to the idea that it's fault of the community from another poster for not keeping interest up, and my reply to that is still that it's hard to keep interest up in these terms. If you guys prove me wrong, well by god, I will eat crow with a gigantic grin, because I want this to succeed, I'm just skeptical after reaching this point. Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to address my issues.
  13. Not to keen on saying it's "our fault" when it's been pretty much ignored by Wyrd from the get go. There are still no tournament packs even though they were mentioned in the tournament rules, no hype or interest for anyhting that wasn't revealed at kickstarter. The sculpts themselves frankly use very flimsy plastic, which when you look at stuff from the competition, that is more rigid and sculpt quality is still pretty good (and cheaper) makes me even more annoyed every time I look at all of the rifles that are bent. The core rules are solid enough, but the faction balance is VERY lacking. It's kind of hard to get people interested when even the parent company doesn't seem to put that much interest. We already know Gen Con has nothing for the The Other Side. It's kind of hard to keep the community invested in that situation. I can understand that Malifaux is the money maker and that 3rd was posibly leaked before they were prepared and they aren't the biggest team, but The Other Side hasn't gotten the greatest of support.
  14. Black Ops pretty much, your biggest weakpoint with the Gibbering Hordes is you don't really have a heavy hitter without set up, the Black Ops bring that in spades. The rest of the units I just don't know enough. Warped seem solid, though you already have a lot of Melee and the ones that activate twice if you blow through the Deck seem like a hard sell since you don't have a reliable way to eat through the deck. Doomseekers no idea, but if you feel you need more pushes then they certainly help.
  15. The push for The Other Side has been frankly bad. I get how priorities shifted with M3 and it's the money maker, but at this point, unless the release of the new alligiences gets some louder support, The Other Side will just die in obscurity. I really hope the tournament packs actually become a thing for example, since they were mentioned in the tournament rules, but from what I've heard, they don't even exist at the moment. Also, the game is in a dire need of errata and rebalancing.
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