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  1. Oh, ok, I thought it was still open since it lets you place an order without any sort of roadblock. I mean, to check shipping costs I advanced an order enough for it to request payment details. Also, thanks for clearong things up.
  2. Hi, I'm thinking of being a very late adopter with some mates. Thing is, I'm not really clear on whay the Tyrant set fully includes. It states " This pledge contains - -4x Allegiance Boxes. -4x Titans -1x Rulebook -1x Commander level free Stretch Goals Shipping is not included. ", so my questions are, can we choose the factions and to repeat, or is it all of the factions? And when it states 1 Commander level free Stretch Goals, does it mean that the additional Commander, Attachment, unit and so on only applies to one of the selected allegiences or to all of them? So, can I chose 2 King's Empire and 2 Burning Man? What would be included with that? Would it only be the stretch goals for one of them or for all of them? Also, sorry for being a lazy schmuck, but can I get a stupid proof list with everything that is included in Tyrant from stretch goals and so on? it gets confusing for me.
  3. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Speaking about the henchman as leaders thing, I believe if they are the keader, they get an additional action per activation and the other perk is they can hire from any of their keywords without paying extra. Remains to be seen if it's enough, but if henchman actions aren't that much worse than a masters and they happen to have a nice pair of keywords, they could situationally be a thing. This assuming that masters only have 1 hiring keyword and it's the henchman who end up with possible multiples. For example, Wrath could in theory have a crew of crossroads seven and tormented while packing a third action which at the bare minimum gives another alternative playstyle to what something like Jack Daw would do with tormented. Single keyword henchman like Montresor will be harder sells, but henchman led crews have always felt like a novelty or a system contemplated way to handicap yourself instead of a realistic option and I'm fine with that.
  4. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Since you are replying in single words a simple question if I may. Can you now cheat on negative flips for opposed duels?
  5. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Kinda tempted to agree with this, mate of mine was a guild player and was constantly dissapointed with all of the gun icons in his faction that made it hard for him to project force while at the same time a ton of spell effects that didn't. I mean according to fluff and theme it majes sense, why would a blast of insanity randomize or be affected by cover and why wouldn't a bullet behave the opposite way? But it does make it annoying from a game mechanics perspective. Though cover is thankfully less strict when it comes to utterly crippling ranged play or at least at a first glance. Do hope pistol actions can be considered useful now without having to require focus or a native + on the attack. I mean melee ranges are smaller, but the range for moving and attacking something once has increased with melee, so hopefully guns aren't capable of becoming an oppresive winning gameplan either while giving them some more perks.
  6. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Christ 10T brothers are amazing... But anyway, yes, some izamu will drop, but it takes a concerted effort and it really should. Due to table presence abd action number, a 10ss model should be better than 2 of a 5ss model since having 2 models brings inherent benefits. And hell, if I swap izamu for nothing beasts, suddenly things are a lot more grim for the bros or if instead of using one of the best 5ss models use something more midtier. My worry and what the point if this whole exercise is about is that what keeps the izamu brigade in check (and some would say too much) is activation control. Currentle, 5 bros activate and keep away, once all the elites activate, the other 5 swamp 1 and hace decent odds of taking one down. But with pass tokens that advantage is suddenly truncated, you cannot ensure first boood anymore without exposing through activation control. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, but it does make me weary that elite crews will get a lot out of not worrying about activation control since it's one of the big selling points of bringing more chaff and the might have the potential to table more number based crews in turns 2 and 3 simply because the non elite crew can't really keep the elites in check. I have seen crews get decimated just because a very killy model managed to get into possition, hell the viks were a problem for a time since they could use the rat engine to ensure first strike, deal a massive blow and god forbid the also won initiative. Of course this is just spitballing, it's more of "another thing to keep eyes on during beta". Maybe the reduced damage and melee ranges through the board will be enough to make this a non issue. I mean, we have very little information still, though looking at Cojo, he doesn't seem to be as scary as current 10ss models, so for all I know the problem could end up being the opposite where chaff is just better because elites got defanged too much like MuMantai is saying.
  7. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Yeah, pretty much, the extra defense doesn't come into play unless you activate the trigger, so before that you are def 5 and probably losing half your wounds right there, second is against defensive with def 6, but ties you win, cheat kill done. With focused attacks you can pile in decent damage of course, but that means 2 attacks instead of 4 from 2 models ganging up and leaving an activation in between and only severe makes it worth your time, can't cheat or flip lower and suddenly two attacks where the better idea. This is using a model we can agree is better for it's cost and assuming nothing else is enhancing izamu (elite crews take pieces to enhance their big toys, master included) and that he isn't as scary as other expensive stuff in his cost range nowadays. When it comes to pure objectives, the 10t bro wrecks the izamu brigade no questions asked, but if we are talking about blodening noses, the izamus will destroy them, period, so you better hope the scheme and strat lets you play keep away and you keep getting those masks to teleport out.
  8. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Well, that's the most decent generic of going woth that approach but it's certainly not ideal. But having a flexible cost increase for out of theme does give you wiggle room even if 90% of models end up just having +1 cost. Example, turns out that for some random reason the ice golem is amazing with Kaeris, this did not get detected during the beta, with Rasputina and Sandeep the golem is fine and at expectedish level. So with the current proposed blanket +1 for all, you have to errata the golem itself or screw around with the Kaeris elements that make the ice golem too good. So you risk making the golem less than desirable for Rasputina and Sandeep or breaking some other synergy with Kaeris. Enter flexible costs for hiring outside, mow you bump the golems cost by 2 instead of 1 or maybe even 3 and Kaeris will be thinking quite a bit more about taking it, yes it does screw rhe Colette player that liked taking the ice golem, but I rather she misses out than the masters who are in theme with the piece. A small bump like that was enough to make Yasunori not be an autoinclude outside of Asami, so those things do work. It's also a way to give flexible control over 2 master hiring. It's not the same to hire a heavy synergy master than a mostly independent bruiser, so why should hiring either just be a 1ss penalty?
  9. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Heavilly disagree with the 10 5ss models being roughly equivalent to 5 10ss models when it comes to damage. God knows I love my 10T brothers who are in the high end of value for 5ss models (could be priced 6 and still be good) but stuff like izamu will be nuking ine per activation a more than reasonable amount of times while on the flipside 3-4 10t brothers will have a hard time taking down izamu in a turn. The 10t brigade will of course be better at objectives, no denying that, but when you bring big models you also bring tools to enhance them even today where overactivation is a real problem, stuff like Nekima or Yasunori have been wrecking face. Now imagine that you suddenly don't need to bring chaff just for chaffs sake to bulk up numbers to ket your heavy hitter choose their moment. I personally hope thar 8-10 model crews end up being the norm thanks to scenarios making weenies a must with a hunter or 2 to make quick work of them, but I am nervous that a 6 model 2 master crew ends up with the tools to absolutely nuke half the crew of the 10 model crew by turn 2 since at that point your numbers mean shit and the elite crew can use a couple of models for objectives while the rest clean house. Personally, I favor the need for a cost to be paid to use a pass token, on the flipside I also expect bullshit like the rat factory not existing anymore and creating a sysyem for cheap models to operate in packs (all stuffed piglets activate together, all seshin activate together sort of thing). But that's a whole other discussion.
  10. Razhem

    Gen Con 2018 Coverage

    Did you actually play a demo gane as such? How did it feel? Anything that surprised you with hands on experience?
  11. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    But it also opens a lot of design space. Also, if a negative flip still stops cheating, you can do a debuff now that isn't absolutely crippling. I see it quite the opposite to clumsy.
  12. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    True but it also means you can plan knowing you won't get initiative and at least from my experience, turn 2 and 3 initiative is the most important one. I've also gotten a good chunk of wins and losses pretty much on the initiative flip going or not my way, I'd rather make it something more plannable for, but I'm certainly ok with being able to cheat. Definitely consider it an improvemente compared to stoning for it.
  13. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I can live with cheating initiative, buy I'd rather just have an alternating initiative system.
  14. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Well, you will still need models to do objectives and that tends to be done better by the cheap stuff. Really depends on how palpable the damage reduction is. If the elite crew can't table you by round 3 to do their objectives then going full elite might not be such a nobrainer.
  15. Razhem

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Not too keen on pass tokens being usable without cost. Though thing to note, if a model gets summoned it technically won't give a token to the opponent so outactivation can happen like that. Also echoing Fetid's desire to know how the totem with secondary masters work, have also heard conflucting information on that.