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  1. You want at least two summoner activations to get mileage out of it. So if you have Asami, use Minako and are facing Sommer, well, suddenly you are drawing 3 cards a turn (discarding 2in the process), which is pretty nice. Outside of that scenario, it's shit yes.
  2. Christ, I didn't process the Sebsei Yu nerf. Top tier plan! Only thing that made High River Monks kind of worth maybe considering! That will sure help them now!
  3. Nah, I just think it should have a cost now that chiaki can preset the ancestor replace bu getting the upgrade on a gokudo. That action during beta got buffed to the high heavens since it was very hard to set up. Then Split the Soul happened like a week before ending the beta.
  4. Of course Yasinori gets overcorrected when I finally decide to buy him XD He got absolutely castrated, see very little incentive to use him after this. His only real selling point is his mobility now since his resilience has gone way down with the opponent just needing to go to 2 cards to leave him naked and although with his bonus action he can do easier setups for Quick Reflexes, I'm still not sure how useful that would actually be in practice since now he seems like a schemer bully, not something you jam into the middle which also means less chances to trigger Quick Reflexes. As f
  5. With Asami to get more use of A Mother's Love has been the plan, though his slow ass has caused me problems sometimes to get him into position. Deployment with him is KEY, badly placed he becomes a very shitty schemer. One game he was in good positioned and did a lot of work stripping Flicker, in another he barely did anything, though was in a decent position to secure a Turf War marker. Like stated, they can have use, but you NEED a plan for them and mostly stick to it.
  6. The mad lad delivered! Took first place in the UK National with Shenlong! Hope we can get some bullet points on how things went.
  7. Will definitely copy this approach! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yup, next time Sidir joined the fun and though not amazing, was certainly helpful. Question for more veteran Shenlong players. So I only really have High, Low and River monks as well as archers. Fermented I'm pretty meh on, and looking through the rest of the roster, only Lotus Eaters kind of seem interesting. Is it me or is this one of those versatile fodder themes? Anything in theme that is sort of a must have? Also, is the Chi ball on turn 1 a must or can the crew work well sort of on the fly? I tend to really dislike these "complicated set up" crews, and though I don't oppose doi
  9. Seems like all the playing with yourself could really screw you over once the opponent knows what you are on about, specially with the Distracted trick. Faced a Rasputina that was placing ice pillars blocking Shenlong constantly, so moral of the story, he only managed to attack once in like turn 4, rest of the time he ended up swapping between Low River and Wandering River since thankfully he can do whatever is needed at a given moment.
  10. Or pass on Toshiro and just use Minako Rei, at the end of the day you just want to summon crap, and be it Toshiro or Minako, who cares. We also have a much easier time feeding Minako (single Obsidian Oni to generate some scrap for her or go full ham and bring Misaki to set up a Shadow Markers to feed her while she uses the other to do her thing). It is sad that Bone Ascendant is pretty much blank text for us and that Toshiro can't reliably summon, but Toshiro can be used as a minion enhancer. Samurai beefed up with Daimyo's gift means that you are giving them the focus you always want to
  11. And the concept of bringing the Kamaitachi as well? Or is it still considered universally shit? I mean, outside of it's card draw, I still don't get the point.
  12. Another one who didn't notice that interaction... On the topic of Asami and Minako, anybody considered the wonder Weasel to get an easy 2 card draw per turn from it? 3 if the enemy is also a summoner? or is 4 point insignificant a still too sour pill to be worth it? Ans since we consider Minako, anybody gone full tilt and also brought Misaki into the party? Suddenly those Katashiro don't need the scrap anymore and Misaki is a god tier harraser/schemer anyway, so it's not like you aren't getting some good shit out of it.
  13. Ok, thought this allowed splicing things. In that context, yeah, Last Blossom is pretty meh
  14. From where I stand, dead game is dead game. So yeah, a sort of soft reboot with a strong push is pretty much a must at this point if there is any intent of getting the game to get some traction. Just releasing the Guild + spooky ghost set and having radio silence for half a year would achieve nothing. Hell, I'd be tempted to suggest at this point that they don't even bother releasing the 2 player set unless they can immediately follow it up with Kimon and Three Kingdoms starters as well, because trickle release just doesn't work in the current state of the game, no hype, no interest, no t
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