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  1. darthnoir

    Sixteen Tons Question

    In the next few weekends, I will be Fatemastering for the first time. To give my players (and myself for that matter) an introduction to the basic mechanics of TtB, I will be running Sixteen Tons with the players using the pregens. To prepare everything, I've assembled the Twist Decks for all of the pregen fated. I've run across something I don't understand in the fated Yong Gin. His fated deck is listed as having a set of 4 Tomes, a set of 3 rams, a set of 3 crows, and another set of 3 tomes. The source books I own are: Fated Almanac, Fatemaster Almanac, and Into the Steam. The Fated Almanac implies that all 4 suits must be represented in a Twist Deck while Into the Steam explicitly states this fact. Is this a typo in Sixteen Tons? I have the physical Free RPG Day version of it, so maybe it has been fixed in the digital copy. Or, is there another source book that allows this sort of configuration of a Twist Deck?
  2. Thank you for your answers. I thought I understood how this worked, but the Judge for the event stated otherwise. And as every good Death Marshall knows...never argue with the Judge
  3. Played in my first Malifaux tournament this weekend at KublaCon. I am curious as to the "correct" order an Opposed Duel is resolved. I think we may have played it wrong. Player A flips a 6 of rams for a total of 10 of rams Player B flips a 5 of crows for a total of 9 of crows Player B opts not to Cheat fate as Player A will have -3 twist on their damage flip. Player A then Cheat's fate with a 13 of Rams changing their total 17 of Rams. Player B has a change of heart and then opts to Use a Soul Stone to add to their defensive flip. I thought that was not correct. I was under the belief that once the "losing" player opts to pass, they may neither cheat fate nor use soul stones regardless what the "winning" player does after they pass. Was I mistaken?
  4. darthnoir

    Avatar Pandora

    For those of us who purchased the Pandora Avatar before she had her card, will there be a way of acquiring her card when the rules become available?