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  1. I started with Wyrd before Malifaux and played 1st edition but missed 2nd edition. Because of this all of my figures are metal and the original sculpts. Are these still okay to use or do I need to repurchase? Asking mostly because there are some significant size differences (Rasputina's kittens, e.g.) in addition to being completely different.
  2. My friend gave me some sprues but no bases or cards to go with them. I'm a first Edition player holding off until 3rd edition to get back in the game so I'm not going to buy cards which will be out of date by the time I get around to playing again. Is there any kind of master list of what size base each figure is supposed to go on?
  3. I didn't spray anything on the piece but do you think that a matte coat would help with that?
  4. My first attempt at OSL. Comments and Critiques always welcome.
  5. Princess Malya from the Cerci speed Circuit faction from Relic Knights
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