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  1. I took the quote from a now-locked thread about arsenal decks which had no discussion of that sort in it.
  2. So what sense does it make that they kept the model cards (important info) actual size but blew the Upgrade cards way up and left big, gaping holes (aka blank space) in those sections? The model info (the stuff you always use) is far more important than upgrade info. especially given the fact that most of the upgrade cards themselves are blank space. Rather than work on the layout, they opted for a band-aid solution to the fact that they couldn't make a proper layout in time for GenCon by bloating up the upgrade sections with a generic template and artificially increasing the size of t
  3. Originally Posted by Justin Eh, there isn't any blank space in the book. I may be misunderstanding, but it seems some people would rather pieces of art be removed to pack things chalk full of rules. Which we could have done but, you know, art is cool. Behold, blank space... http://www.flickr.com/photos/100667162@N06/9566369129/ Want more?
  4. Well, maybe they just didn't have enough room in the book to fit in that upgrade card. That's a joke, see. When you get your book, you'll understand. Hint: This book has A WHOLE LOT OF EMPTY SPACE on the upgrade pages. So much so that people looking through my copy at the store tonight were shaking their heads and laughing at how horrible the layout and use of space within it is. It also didn't help that two guys got their plastics from GenCon delivered tonight. Of the three boxes between them, two were mispacked.
  5. That doesn't mean the miniature will be based on this picture, though. What's the art on the Arsenal Deck card look like?
  6. You mean basically basing a year's worth of product on rereleases of perfectly playable models isn't the most sound of business ideas?
  7. Will there be a second book early next year or just another arsenal deck for each faction? ---------- Post added at 11:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:31 PM ---------- Will the rules for bringing avatars into play change and where will those rules be?
  8. One potential problem I can see with Tara is the No Fun Effect for your opponent. In a 5 turn game, having your stuff constantly buried and totally screwed with beyond your control has a very high "no fun" factor. Makes for bad games.
  9. This makes no freaking sense at all. They have what appears to be standard artwork for the Tara crew for 2.0. It doesn't look out of the ordinary. They have the models' rules and upgrades and art in the rulebook. But now this is the Nightmare version? Why would you develop all this and then claim it's not the "real" crew? And that the real crew, which everyone wants, is going to take a backseat on the release schedule behind a wall of re-sculpts for maybe two years? How can it be claimed that Tara still needs concept art, when the current art clearly shows the concept? I'll go ahead
  10. You might want to decide on a name before promoting your product. Is it Worldsmith or Worldscape? You have both in your post.
  11. Well, it appears that the book is back from the printer, and that it'll have both stats and upgrades in it.
  12. Our shop got in 6 more copies of the issue today...and none of them had the stalker or the Firefly ship. All were still sealed in baggie. No tampering evident, and no Malifaux 2nd Ed. promo sheet on the back either. Disappointing. Very disappointing. I would've liked to have a set of three free stalkers instead of one.
  13. They're thick card, normal playing card size. Very similar to an Illuminati CCG card if you've ever held one (yeah, I'm old). Not plastic, And I wouldn't recommend writing on them, although maybe a grease pencil would work okay.
  14. It's in this month's Game Trade magazine. The magazine is available at gaming stores.
  15. Add a little water to the pot. Stir. Repeat until desired consistency is achieved. This has worked for me for almost 30 years. I am a Golden Demon winner.
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