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  1. Adran

    Thoughts about M3E

    He has read the website for M3 from the look of it. The white text is hard to read on a phone, so I've not looked in depth , but a lot of it seems fine details are what worry people. Having seen the first to second transition, the feel of the masters was preserved, even if the play changed, so I would not worry about individual actions, they will change. Outcasts as a whole seem to have possibly the least change this edition change, at least that we have seen. I was surprised leviticus wasn't dmh, he has caused such a rules problem over the last 2 editions, that not having to balance him again would have tempted me.
  2. Adran

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Since upgrades are lessening, I wouldn't be surprised if it went completely. That said it could work almost exactly as it does now if they want her to have " mercs". Obviously the mercs hiring pool has shrunk to just the Victoria crew...
  3. Adran

    First feelings M3E

    I agree I thought they were nightmare to back up dreamer when he was first released. I would say nightmare is probably used more on them than woe is, but that's probably true if those key words in general. I remember reading something about nekima and the half bloods which is why I expect them to be with her. I'm expecting the growth to be as it was, tot to young to mature.
  4. Malifaux is not a simple game to learn. Each individual model probably has more abilities to learn and ways to use it than a general in a GW game. It's why my suggestion for learning is to try and use multiple of the same models. It just reduces the amount of rules to look at, and often lets you see what the model can do in a wide range of situations. The rules of the game are relatively simple, but learning what you crew does is harder. Learning what your opponent can do is harder still. And you will then also need tactics to achieve a wide range of victory conditions in a wide range if different scenarios. But a few games should start you understanding your crew and seeing where it has weakness, and planning on how to deal with that, and where it has strength, and how to exploit that.
  5. Adran

    First feelings M3E

    I would expect the twins to stay nephlim, we used to be able to grow other nephlim into them. but even with out them we have tots,young, mature, tuco, Angel eyes, scion, blood wretches. They may keep nightmare, but I'd be surprised if they kept woe as well.
  6. But you can use the 2 ap to push the wagon because you use the 0 to move. Granted the use of push may confuse the issue, but I read as interact on wagon, move to wagon, interact.
  7. Adran

    First feelings M3E

    Personally I much preferred dreamer before when he didn't summon, and I'd say chompy was largely removed from second edition. So I'll be glad to see more chompy, but less happy with dreamer. Collodi has a great story an potential, but I've not been happy with his rules in either edition for matching what I think from a puppet master, so I'm hoping the new rules makes him worth me picking up. Lilith will be a loss, but I'm glad to see growth back on the nephlim. I hope she returns somehow, but I assume not in neverborn. Lynch isn't a loss to me, because I'm not exclusively neverborn. I'm not sure how his going will affect the rest of the faction, I guess it depends on what he takes with him. It'll be interesting to see what is thematic for NB lucius, as I didn't really feel anything was from the last edition. Zoraida sounds more swamp and less doll than I expected, but it follows her last changes and more time in the bayou. Marcus is going to be interesting, he already made good use of the high number of neverborn beasts, so it'll be interesting to see what get his keyword. Nekima has always been near master power level, so I don't think we need to expect much change, we can probably guess most her keyword models. Pandora has always been a strange master, capable of generating great hatred from opponent, so will be interesting to see how her control style has gone.
  8. Adran

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Honestly, I've probably played over 500 games, with about 300 being M2e, and in all that time I think I have had 2 games ( one each edition) where I would say I lost because of the joker rules. (Both were because I couldn't cheat, it's possible there are some I won that I shouldn't have thanks to a joker, but I don't think so). There have been many incidents where it made a big difference, but it wasn't the single issue that caused the loss. Sure, occasionally it kills your master turn 2, but that doesn't mean game loss. I've won and lost more games because of bad/good hands than jokers. It can disrupt plans but normally if it's not the final turn you can try and adapt. I'm not sure how many single incidents in a game where the flip is that critical that to lose that flip will cost you the game. At least not the way I play. (I'm likely to make a mistake somewhere so try and have redundancy in the list, and a back up plan for when things go wrong).
  9. Adran

    M3E Guild Prediction(read: Wish)

    Back in the day (first ed) Executioners were part of the witch hunters. But I can imagine they were thought of as too durable for Disrupt magic in M2E. From a story viewpoint I would expect Lucius to have access to Vogel somehow. And he is still dual faction, so at least as a neverborn he could probably hire Graves and Tannen. No idea if they are going to match his new keywords, there certainly isn't any story linking them that I know of.
  10. At the last edition change over wyrd had just started plastic kits rather than metal. It took Wyrd about 2 years to make all the kits in Plastic from the first ed. I had originally thought we weren't going to get resculpts of existing stuff, but it looks like we are. Sicne we are I would imagine that Howard and Joss will come in a different box, and at I guess I would be surprised if they resculpted DMH masters.
  11. Adran

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    I agree, I just don't think I have inferred something from the rules. The location not existing on the board is a possible reason why I can not physically put the zipp model there. I would expect if the action was conditional on bayou gremlins then it would say something like " at the end of turn, if there is a bayou gremlin in play unbury Zipp in base contact with a bayou gremlin"
  12. Adran

    Where can one buy a Freikorps trapper?

    I find it's not so much the trapper is a liability, as the mind set it seems to have come with it. Holding back and shooting is not a good way to score points in malifaux.
  13. Adran

    Playing against Competitive Outcast player

    Fortunately there isn't a magic formula that will let you win. That said , focus on how you will score vp. Know your crew and what they do. It sounds like you are learning ways to beat your opponents style, which is good. There are lots of ways to alpha strike and lots of different ways to try and survive each one. One way I found that throws a lot of players is using Marcus as a missile. He can move 24" and turn 2 enemy models into beasts, which often ties up the enemy, and good use of his df trigger can keep him alive despite the retaliation. I don't expect him to survive turn 2 as well, but it often forces the fight into the enemy and their deployment zone, where they can't easily score. I've done this against a good Sonnia crew, and I lost my whole crew by the end of turn 5 and only killed Francisco, but he didn't reach the centre line to get to the squat markers until turn 5 giving me a win. It won't always work, if it had been reconnotre then he would have still been scoring for example. But it worked because I knew my opponents game plan, and made it work in my favour. I focused on scoring my points and stopping my opponent scoring his by letting him do what he thought he wanted to, at the cost of him scoring.
  14. Adran


    Guild guard can "arrest".
  15. Adran

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    Malifaux has conditional actions, but all the ones I can think of spell out they are conditional. This one doesn't. As I thought I said( rather than ignoring it) if I can't physically place zipp next to a bayou for any reason ( including there not being one) then I can follow the unbury rules.
  16. Adran

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    You could. Fortunately the rules tell us that an opposed duel is between2 models, so we know that isn't right. If I can't unbury him in base contact with a bayou gremlin because there isn't a gremlin then he doesn't physically fit in a location on the board, hence the use of the rules. And if you want to talk intent, I honestly believe the intent was that killing a 3 ss minion was not intended to be a way of killing a master. Which is exactly why they didn't include the rules for no gremlins.
  17. Adran

    Basic Question on Triggers

    The built-in suit counts towards your final duel total, so if you declared critical strike its counted towards the damage. If you declared a different trigger it doesn't give you the plus 1 damage.
  18. Adran

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    Sorry I read a time, at end of turn, an action, unbury this model, and a location, in base contact with a bayou gremlin. Nothing in the rules makes the action conditional on there being a gremlin. If there isn't a valid location then the deployment zone becomes a valid location as the rules say.
  19. It is the only thing in the rules and the faqs that talk about placing in base to base that might provide an answer to your question. If it was a sure answer I wouldn't use " I don't think". Placing a marker in base contact with a model is not the same as placing a model in base contact with a marker as you know, so you have 2 choices. You can decide the place rules will let you place in any position as long as there is base contact, or you can decide that the faq that talks about a very close situation ought to apply. You can't really prove either option. If you want you can find the thread on the rules forum that had a discussion prior to that faq, and see if anything in it helps, but it's probably over 4 years old. It might help understand why the faq says what it does. From what I remember the question was can I place a scheme marker underneath my model?
  20. Adran

    Who is the best Grem master vs Neverborn?

    I would say a lot of it depends on the game you are playing. It isn't a case that X will always be best, but more a case that some match ups may give some masters problems. In general Neverborn have a lot of wp stuff so you probably want to avoid too many low wp models. The common view is gremlins have low wp, so people often build based on that. It's not really true, they have the highest wp in the game on some models, but some commonly played gremlins do have low wp. Filling your list with bayou gremlins and war pigs may struggle if they do go for attacking wp, but it's dependant on what they bring.
  21. I know. But that is the nearest we have to any clarification.
  22. Sorry misunderstood. I don't think you can, based on the faq that says placing a marker in base contact can't overlap.
  23. Yes, you can walk and stand on top of a marker.
  24. Adran

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    That's a timing thing. Not killing a model is analogous to not being at the end of turn. If I remember right, the bone pile says what to do if there are no corpses. Zipp doesn't have that so will just unbury in the deployment zone if there are no bayou gremlins. No idea if that was the intent, or if it is that way for balance, but that's how it's written.
  25. Personally I don't rate cruligans as good scheme runners. They are ok, but I'd consider winged plague or desperate mercenaries. they can't lay more than 4 scheme markers in a game, they can't escape engagement to go and drop a marker. You have the in the middle with Kade and 1 cruligan. And I'd probably pick the combination based on strategy and schemes.