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    Should I wait for 3e?

    The answer depends on who you are going to play with. Today we are expecting to see the public beta rules for M3 released. If you are joining an existing play group, you probably want to see what they are planning on doing. If you are starting up a new play group its probably easier to just learn M3, rather than learn M2E to then discover everyone else is playing M3 (although M2E is a fine game and is you only play that with your friends you'll still enjoy it). One thing to note for your purchasing. Jacob Lynch is duel faction in M2E but Ten thunder only in M3, so if you are likely to play M3 at any point, you're probably best buying things from TT rather than Neverborn.
  2. Adran


    Sorry, corrected that for you. (Although its likely to go live during Wednesday GMT just very near the end of it...)
  3. Adran

    Is anyone actually beating Kings Empire?

    I'm guessing part of the difference to Thraces wording is because the fire team that takes the shot does not have to be in range of the action (unlike Fentons where the fire team that takes the action has to be in range, I think). Imagine the fun if she could be on the same team as something like the ECB, with teams all over the board thanks to Rogue agents. (Which wouldn't be possible with Spookys changed wording, which is always one of the issues. It would change the action, not just clarify.) My TOS rules knowledge is still lacking, but I can't see anything that suggests "the Squad taking an action" is every possible part of the squad takes an action rather than any part of the squad takes an action
  4. Adran

    M3E Open Beta is close

    I assume you never ever tried his first ed rules. He could only be damaged by magic or focused attacks, and he could discard cards to reduce the damage to 0. Now that was something that was hard to get rid off, but he was worth a VP if he was killed.
  5. Adran

    Gamin elementals id like to see

    Bad Juju was a mire Golem. Although that was back when there was only 1 gamin out there, so there was much less of a link between golems and Gamin.
  6. Adran

    How does Bayou Two Card work?

    That's not a bad usage, but as Ludvig says its hard to leave the deck manipulation unaffected for more than 1 activation. As a general rule Bayou two card works best when you're already losing, and don't care enough about the duel to use a card from your hand. So often a bayou gremlin shooting, you don't expect it to hit, but using bayou 2 card gives you 2 attempts to manage it each shot. And don't worry if your opponent just cheats to still make it miss, they are using precious resources.
  7. Adran

    Best way to describe the factions?

    The guild are the Law, with a very authoritative bent. From a play perspective, the faction is largely based on ranged damage. The Resurectionists are those who play with undead. The Faction has a large number of summoners who try to replenish their forces during the game. The Arcanists are a coalition of Rebel mages, largely focuses on smuggling out soulstone. The faction has a large amount of support The Neverborn are the displaced natives and monsters of Human folklaw. They are largely a fast moving placement control. The Outcasts are those who don't fit else where, so it contains a huge mix from mercenaries and pit fighters to bandits and rats and strange abominations. The ten Thunders are a crime syndicate. They were focused in infiltrating the other factions, although that is less of their aim in the new edition. The Bayou are red neck gremlins. They can be seen as the "comedy random" faction, but they can be very devastating. In each faction there is a very wide style of play options well beyond the roughly listed guide above.
  8. Adran

    Proxy Question

    It would be rare for a T.O to not allow that, but it could happen. It is entirely up to the T.O. so send them an e-mail (well contact them in any way possible) is the only way you'll know for sure.
  9. Adran

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    Wouldn't that be better as Hoffman as Leader with Sonnias, Perdita and Justice...
  10. Adran

    M3E Open Beta is close

    Personally I don't want to spoil the discovery for new comers, so I am not talking details or too much opinion. I don't want to say x is great and y is bad, because I want them to make their own minds up. Just because I don't like Y, doesn't mean they won't. But Just remember lots of people will read the posts and not have a clue what you are talking about. (And its possible that anything we say is actually wrong anyway, the files going into the public beta may not be the same as the last from the closed beta)
  11. Adran

    Target Randomisation Flip questions.

    If the target is engaged you flip for all models within 2" of the target. It doesn't matter if thye are engaged with the original target or not. It doesn't matter if they are out of range or line of sight of the shooter, they can still be targets. You can't cheat the flip. Ht has no effect on randomisation
  12. Adran

    M3E open beta- What are you going to be playing?

    I haven't played him, but I don't think either set of upgrades are essential. they promote different styles, with, unsurprisingly the guild promoting more than the Arcanist. I think we'll see something similar with a lot of the duel faction models, because of Keyword hiring, that the majority of the crew will look similar with a few tweaks based on either upgrade or non keyword choices.
  13. Adran

    M2e/M3e switch and rankings

    Part of this depends on what you use rankings for. If you use them as a way to encourage participation (which was certainly the original intent) then I don't think its a good idea to re-start them because you have removed some of the incentive to play now. And we don't have a release date yet. I don't know how it works in other countries, but certainly in the UK, the Ranking points only last a year, so whilst there will be a little time based off both games, it isn't that long. (and you can always filter the results to only apply after a certain time if you wanted to only include M3). Last edition change we just carried on using the same ranking software so one year the masters events were based on both editions. I'm lazy and that seemed to work so I'd go with that. A more awkward question is if you run an event using M3 beta rules should that be ranked?
  14. We haven't really got standardised terms for the new (plastic) crew boxes that appeared in M2E to replace the metals, so I'm not holding my breath. (or if we have I know nothing about them) I think we will call this Dreamer and chompybits, and those old enough to own the original plastic versions will wow youngsters when they pull them out, just before getting made fun of for being so old. Those with transparent and dayglow versions will be placed on pedestals and revered whilst those with the metal version will be carried in sedan chairs to the upper gaming rooms. The few with the metal nightmare version will have ascended to divinity and be that which all other dream to achieve.
  15. Adran

    TOS in Europe

    We know they used different shipping for retailers, retailer pledges and customer pledges. We know that Some people in Europe have received pledges (and it appears to be several different countries) and they are from the same shipping hub. We know that the original sending to that hub was done before the original sending to retailers and that some people received goods from that hub before the product was released for retail. We know that some packages left Wyrd short of a box(field intelligence) , and that Wyrd has sent that box direct which has reached some people that havben't yet received the initial pledge. (And By know I mean that assuming we trust the comments from backers here and on the kickstarter page, not just Wyrd). I'm not saying its been good, but I find it perfectly believable that they used different shipping options and 1 screwed up and the other didn't.(in fact I'd say the retail pledges is possibly as bad as the customer pledges, but both of those are non standard shipping. the shipping to retail is something the company has been doing every month for years, so its not surprising that that hasn't had the same problems).
  16. Adran


    I'll agree on the poorly explained, but I have seen many people class models always hire or never hire and be wrong in practise . Maybe because they missed an interaction with another model, or didn't correctly judge the value of an action, or allow for the game requirements for its power. You can look at the debates over Fingers where some players think he is amazing and others think he is a total waste of points and should never be hired. And both those opinions are drawn from use as well as theory. (Bizarrely though both sides could actually be right for their style of play in that case). I doubt most malifaux theorycraft is based on modeling and simulation. I know a lot of mine isn't always backed up with that much detail and is more reliant on extrapolation, and certainly reading others makes me feel I put more effort into mine that a lot others do.
  17. Adran


    As long as you're prepared that sometimes the theoryfaux is wrong. And you don't always know when that is without testing it in an actual game.
  18. Adran

    Gauging challenge & difficulty

    Sorry, its not easy to be that clear cut. You can potentially start with a fated that is close combat focused who is capable of dispatching enforcer and henchmen level characters, and you could complete the destiny of a fated that would struggle to fight off a peon. (But the close combat character could be in trouble if he is caught in a gun fight) So its really hard to say what is a hard encounter without knowing your players. The best advice I can offer is remember death of an opponent is not always the aim in a fight, so whilst you are trying to work out what your fated are cap[able off give the attackers different aims, such as just trying to steal from them, or the aim of just giving them a beating.
  19. Adran


    I don't think the intent is to hide things, but the closed testers will have their own views on things based on old data. For example I disliked M2e Mei Feng. But that is because I really enjoyed her First edition version, and that knowledge coloured my view of her second. If I had never seen the older version I might have liked the new version. So my opinion of her was based on things that don't effect most M2e players. But I wouldn't worry, you'll see plenty of opinions from old testers and new.
  20. Adran

    The Hobby Side - TOS Models

    Put it in a Glass case with slightly convex glass. Build an impressive scenic base for it. Conversion?
  21. Adran

    Seafood Diet

    You're probably right, but they can't take as many hits as you.
  22. Adran

    Coordinated Strike

    Well you have only activated 1 unit in total so you haven't activated more than one since they activated.
  23. Adran

    Thank You, Mason

    Good Luck Mason. We'll miss you
  24. I like painting flame, so Backdraft is a good choice for the Fire Golem (and the whiskey gamin look cute). I also like Ferdinand Vogel and the beast within, especially from a M2E rules perspective as well. So those would be my picks.
  25. Adran

    Gibbering Hordes Summoning

    Sorry I wasn't making fun of the question, I was trying to give an equivalent situation to help it make sense. I agree its much better to ask a question, even if it seems stupid, to make sure you have the right answer. Full marks to Solkan for finding the reference.