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  1. A quick thank you to Wyrd, I received my replacement steampunk spiders this morning, so Im a happy little Arcanist I would still like to suggest it would be worth sending customers emails as if they were a paying customer... because we are I will put up comparison picks for anyone whos interested in the near future Because while these ones still have injection plugs from the mold, they also have a top and bottom to their front legs lol Cheers
  2. I appreciate that, but the world doesn't stop turning. Cheers
  3. In the lower picture its very clear, to me, but no matter. I am just understanably (I hope) frustrated and not even getting a "we have recieved your..." and/or "your parts have been dispatched" email is a little disappointing these days. Cheers
  4. They aren't ment to be like that (see store link below), the front legs should be just as long as the back ones. Mine have a blob of metal at right angles to the directions the legs should be going in (which on mine are miss shapen stubs). Its just a simple mis-cast, but it would be nice if Wyrd would get back to me. www.wyrd-games.net/shop/images/P/p-16714.jpg Cheers ---------- Post added at 09:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:52 PM ---------- I dont mind the odd mis-cast Iamwyrd, but all 3 are identical and i bought them to make up for 2 sets of standard ones with broken legs (delivered that way). So I have to say I am more than a little disappointed that out of 9 miniatures I have 3 that are undamaged in someway shape or form. They are simply very poorly designed in my opinion and from my experience. Cheers
  5. Sadly not in my case bonecannibal After a week I have not heard back from Wyrd about replacements Cheers
  6. Yeah I have considered getting Ramatar, purely for gamey reasons as he is just better, but the model is cool too. A large Steam Punk Arachnid won't go wrong for more steam spiders, but I'm struggling to see more models that will fit the Portal theme well. Cheers
  7. One more model completed: Only Joss to go... I might have to pick up a few more. Other than the Mobile Toolkit any suggestions? I suppose I still have to do objective markers and such as well. Cheers
  8. Cheers Cmonkey, I look forward to the challenge :masks:rams I think I almost have too, don't I I thought exit doors might be cool too? Cheers
  9. I managed to quickly knock out the Electrical Creation this evening (I think you will either love it or hate it, lol): So now I have a crew to show you: Cheers
  10. Just a quick update with a Steamborg Executioner (you have to feel sorry for test subjects who survive testing only for GLaDOS to 'upgrade' them): Excuse the drying water effect on the base And I have added a little extra detail to the Arachnid Swarms base, as it was a little too mono-chrome for my liking: Hopefully I will have time over the next few days to get the brass arachnid and electrical creation done in time for some gaming on Thursday. Cheers
  11. Thanks folks, I'm glad they have tickled you @EternalVoid, the strip is the made from perspex (the stuff used for window glazing) and is supposed to be the energy bridge you use in the game, with Ramos using it to traverse some electrified water. @RebeccaJo, you must have read my mind (or it's just too go an oppertunity to miss) with the companion cube... though I will just have one on its base. As for GLaDOS I did consider the executioner as a full blown conversion, but I figured it might just be easier to have its severed head on its base if I decide to got that way. I will need to do some tests making GLaDOS. My scrap counters are going to have to have little radios and cds Cheers
  12. There is a Steamborg (with green stuff Aperture jumpsuit), Brass Arachnid and Joss; though I do fancy picking up a Large Arachnid, Mobile tool kit (as it looks like the bot from Portal 2) and a few other bits and bobs. As for the bases I want to make a few more iconic portal items such as blue and orange goo, plus pipes, buttons, confetti and of course a slice of cake! Cheers
  13. It has been a long time since I have posted anything Wyrd, but as my local club is running a league I have finally getting round to painting some more Malifaux minis Rather than giving my Ramos crew the usual steampunk look I decided to paint them up with a Portal theme, while they may be a little mono-chrome I hope you like them: Ramos (with an attempt at osl on white) Steampunk Arachnids (on un-accessorised bases) Steampunk Arachnid Swarm (with puzzle cube) Sadly the poor little arachnids did not survive there trip across the pond and their some of their legs were weakened or already broken so had to be replaced with pins. To make matters worse I just got a pack of the alternate versions and none of them have front legs That's all I have done for now, but I have the remainder of a 35pt crew get on with over the next few weeks. Cheers
  14. Thanks folks. I was not actually sure about putting any dusty marks on Sonnia, mainly because I am worried I make a mess of it. I was thinking about mixing dust in to the watered down paint I used and certainly if I add another coat I may give that a go. Cheers
  15. They are indeed the ones from pegasus - I have to say I am very happy with them. I also have some IMEX ones too from their Alamo accessories set - the natural items are fine for scale but everything else is a little small, for somethings like barrels it does not matter too much though. Cheers
  16. Hey folks! So I have just started play Wryds fine game and thought I would share the few models I have finally got round to painting. I do recognise a few screen names from the Privateer forum so I hope I have changed my style enough from my Cryx force to be interesting to them also. Anyway enough blabbing: I really hate doing faces, thats why I play Cryx in Warmachine, but I have to say the detail on Wyrds models actually allowed me to enjoy doing Sonnia's face. I really wanted Something different for Miss Criid, compaired to the art work and studio colour scheme. I am fairly happy with it but there are a few little touch ups needed and my shading is far from smooth. But I am still working on becoming a good painter. Looking at the pics of the Witchlings I dont think that the I have painted on the dust thick enough on the bottoms of their outfits, I might have to go back and make it a little more obvious. I still have to do Samael Hopkins the one man howitzer, which I intend on doing something very much like the mexican poncho outfit in Red Dead Redemtion. I also have the Lady Justice crew to paint at a later date and only once their done will I buy any more, otherwise I will end up not painting anything. Cheers
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