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  1. When did they do the freikorps ? Are those recent additions ?
  2. Thanks for the quick replies !
  3. Just a quick question about poison, been playing a while now but only just had someone with a poison using crew.... Does it stack like burning ? Ie poison+3 and then poison +2 - would that become poison +5 or do you just take the higher amount ? Were a bit unsure as someone told us you only take the higher level of poison damage, but to me that seems to make some triggers a bit useless, such as mcmourning giving +1 poison ? On the other side if it DOES stack this makes certain abilities a bit powerful like expunge, pretty sure I've seen examples of something with poison +8 ! Is there a maximum amount ? Thanks !
  4. Just put a post in the trade thread with some metals for sale - austringers , hounds and Collette crew if anyone's interested
  5. Hi Clearing out some old metals and have the following up for sale Guild austringers (both versions) £15 4 guild hounds £10 for 2 Full Collette metal crew including angelica, doves and a coryphee duet looking for at least £40 -sale pending Full metal Ramos crew including brass arachnid and mobile toolkit looking for at least £30 Open to offers ideally from the UK, prices do not include postage Thanks
  6. I'd be more tempted to go I for these from warmachines cephalyx Big enough to justify ryles size
  7. There's obviously only 1 reason why there's 2 hunters.....it let's you make Ravage and Nightstalker....:-D
  8. Is that a submachinegun the mechanical attendant has ???
  9. Nice to finally see the renders of Hoffman....
  10. Just in case it was missed... http://www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v3/NewSale.html
  11. http://www.wyrd-games.net/Newsletter_v3/NewSale.html
  12. Thanks ! Pretty easy actually - Vallejo model colour bronze, then washed with that new gw technical oxide one (nihilakh or something ?!), then drybrush really heavy with the bronze again, then a light silver drybrush
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