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  1. the links to pictures of the shirts doens't seem to be working for me. Any one else have this issue?
  2. sunabe

    Gen Con 2014

    Those samurai are looking so cool
  3. OOh an other dutchman. we have a dutch Malifaux group on these forums http://www.wyrd-games.net/group.php?groupid=70. Its bit of shame you live so far away
  4. Essen was fun last year. hopefully i'll be able to go this year
  5. So I'm an Outcast fightin in the badlands. Searching for treasure or carve out my own kingdom
  6. Sounds cool. so iit will be ressers or outcast i'll be playing
  7. Its far too quit in this thread. unite dutch/belgian malifaux players. Are any of you anter the vassal league only a few spots left
  8. As a dutch Malifaux player I disagree with that they are popular over here. As soon as they are released i'll be getting them and thus having 3 pair of vikkies and the avatar
  9. very good to see you here indeed
  10. If we get elves do we get orcs too. ooh what about dwarves? *wink* You could print 9 cards on an A4 paper(3X3) very easily
  11. +1 to Netrunner is awsome but they should pickup the spycraft CCG for LCG it was a great run but far to brief
  12. hmm the last e-mail i received from you was with the big list and the question if we were a ß-testers
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