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  1. I love the Eternal Dance and the Domadore de Cadaveres, so nice to see this. A few comments on the abilities: Nice, seems well balanced Timing clarification needed. How long does the bonus last? Undead basically go on their own turn. Maybe make it last until the start of your next turn. Also, I'm assuming it affects the movement used while casting, if so you should say so. Otherwise it could be interpreted as only applying to things that happen after. Seems a bit underpowered if anything, but very useful. For Undead under player control, this bonus would only really apply to them defending from attacks; they flip for attacks when Ordered. Then, if the player has the Defense Protocol Talent, the Undead will also flip on the defense and this will do nothing. Is that the intent? If not, maybe have it add to all Tests they do. Though maybe base it on either Charm or half Necromancy; by the time a player gets to this point I'd hope they're going to have at least a Necromancy of 3 if not 5. And that seems a lot to add to every action the undead are making. Necromancer (or Graverobber) already gives this (I think, don't have the books in front of me); making it redundant for many. I like what you're going for though. Perhaps some other affect to increase the effectiveness of Order.
  2. I think the thing to remember with Ghoul is that in order to get those bonuses you need to be chowing down on the corpses of minion rank or higher. The Fatemaster shouldn't make it too easy for the Ghoul to stay Well Fed all the time. Depending on who/what the other players are playing, the stigma of the action could mean its not something they can do in front of the other players; making it even more difficult.
  3. Thanks folks! Interestingly, I was poking around my PDFs and found that this had been addressed in the TTB FAQ from 4.27.16. So obviously that was for 1st edition, but I imagine the rule hasn't changed. And it pretty much agrees with @solkan.
  4. When a PC gives a subordinate an Order (via the Order Action) how many AP does that subordinate receive on their turn? I cannot see anywhere that indicates this. My assumption is that they, like every other character (PC or NPC), get 2 AP. This makes sense with the frequent "Slow if activated on the turn summoned" rules. This was a source of disagreement between myself and the Fatemaster at a recent game. In a related question, the Commander's Issue Command talent; does/is the subordinate taking the (1) AP Action the same as the one that was given the Order action? Given that this also works if the Firing Line action is taken, I'm inclined to think it can be someone else.
  5. Invested start with a Height of 1, 2, or 3 depending on their Chassis. Gremlins start with a Height of 1. Unless they get the Big 'Un Conflict talent, in which case they're Height 2. How do these two non-height 2 races interact with the Wall of Muscle Talent? Big 'Un makes a reference to a gremlin character gaining Wall of Muscle, but gives no additional advice beyond how the talent interacts with gremlins. Does this mean you can have a height 3 gremlin? And probably name him Hulk, because why not? Can an invested in a Lightweight or standard chassis take it and be height 3, but otherwise count as their chassis choice? So have a super spindly height 3 lightweight chassis?
  6. While trying to figure out my options for creating a character I notice that (at the very least) the Body Card physical aspects vary at least minorly between the different tarots. For instance, for the Red Joker: Assembly Line & Lifeline: 0/0/0/3 Cross Roads, Ram's Head, and Waterways: -1/-1/-1/3 Are these differences intentional? And while I'm asking about character creation. Does a starting character only receive the Step 0 Talent of their starting Pursuit? I think yes, but wanted to make sure.
  7. I've found a lot of great resources out there to build train engine and cars from scratch and I think thats the approach I'll take. Most of the details (bells, window frames, couplers, etc.), I've found a number of companies manufacture relatively cheaply and can be bought over the internet. I'd link them but I can't find them at the moment and all my links are on my home computer. My only issue is I can't seem to locate the linked engine wheels and I doubt my ability to build them from plasticard. I will likely fake something with a couple of freight trucks.
  8. No no no no! You're getting your books confused again. Thats the Necronomicon (or possibly the latest Stephenie Meyer book) not the next Malifaux book.
  9. Very nice! Do I understand correctly that you're freehanding the design of the buildings based off of pictures? Or do you have plans/blueprints?
  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions guys. I'll guess I'll try the bargin bin and hope to get lucky.
  11. As part of my effort to build some Malifaux appropriate terrain I wanted to add a Train and tracks. I know Malifaux is roughly O Scale, but all the train engines I find are horrendously expensive for my purposes. Is anyone aware of any relatively cheap model trains? Preferably without engines and such, but I'll take what I can get.
  12. If you look under Conversion Parts ( http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?group=72) on the Scibor website, you'll see they have a number of the broken heads that can be purchased independent of the bases. Grab some of those and you can make up a 50mm with a bit of greenstuff and some work.
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