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  1. I updated and finished the Nightmare Teddy I had been working on, and I just took pictures in the last month or so. I realized I never posted them here. I'm posting via my phone, also, because I don't easily have computer access - unsure how the pictures look because they haven't been edited or color balanced. I'm doing a similar basing style to my other Neverborn stuff, except Teddy is completely "indoors" here compared to the rest. Comments, questions & critique appreciated!
  2. Yeah, that was kinda the point. To see what would happen. Now I'm painting a figure using entirely shades of one color from black all the way up to white. All these "challenges" are helping me to actually paint!
  3. So I've been working on more stuff off-and-on and have made decent progress on my first Insidious Madness. I'm painting it in a monochromatic style for a #MonochromeMadness painting challenge elsewhere and am looking for feedback, please. I've never painted anything monochrome before, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I have my primary color (Citadel Enchanted Blue) on a wet palette and a range of grey mixtures from Black to pure White, and I'm pushing them around as needed. Comments and suggestions for improving this guy much appreciated, please? (I rea
  4. Thanks! I kinda "cheated" going in, knowing that I'm not so precise - esp. since I was born partially missing fingers on my right hand. I started out with my lightest color and shaded down wherever possible. All my highlights were done with either washes over a light color with the side of my brush point. Not really a big difference from my usual painting, other than having to compensate. I was surprised to find that my paint skills stayed the same, it was just accuracy and stability that weren't so good to start - but got better as I went. I think I prefer my non-domi
  5. I realize it's been a while since I last posted an update in my thread here. I've still been painting here and there, but not been able to get a game of Malifaux in since January or thereabouts. Motivation to paint to get stuff done and on the table has therefore been a little lacking. I just finished up this guy yesterday and got pictures of him last night - I painted him up for an Off-Hand Painting Challenge in a Facebook group I belong to, so he was painted using my non-primary hand in support of a FB painter friend who had surgery on her painting hand. He's a Wyrd Puppet Cheru
  6. Apparently Luther's hat blew off during the race. Bummer, as it really added character.
  7. I think the bunny is now on my Must Have list, and I'm not even picky what cards he comes with. He would totally get fielded as a proxy Teddy regardless (although I guess that would really be more of a diabolical Velveteen Rabbit, but whatever)... I love the Tortoise as well and ideally I'd be playing a Seamus crew with support from Izamu - wonder how that would go over? Too much to paint and build at the moment to even put together Seamus and his lovely ladies, though.
  8. FWIW, I am now a happy owner of a Brotherhood of the Rat box, as of this past Saturday. I don't know which distributor my FLGS uses/used to order Wyrd product (although I can find out).
  9. Love the nice bright colors and the alternate color schemes. When I get around to painting my Miss Ery, I'm torn between painting it in fur colors or patchwork fabric colors. As for the bases, they're pure class!
  10. Thanks! I'm assuming you're referring back to this picture here: On the right is a standard plastic Daisy wheel well palette - this is what I actually used when painting the Ice Golem since most of the work was painting glazes over initially the white primer, and then transitioning from one color to another. I followed a general color progression so I could repeat it later with the Gamin from the set. For basic layers, I generally painted with 1 part paint to 4-6 parts thinner. For shading, it was more like 1 part color to 8 parts thinner. Highlights I tightened back up a
  11. I was thinking a valid strategy would be to try and avoid the enemy entirely, or at most leave a model as bait (if Frame for Murder happens to be a scheme, for example) while the rest of the crew keeps moving to accomplish other schemes or pick off enemy frontliners/scheme runners. Does this list have mobility, or should I be putting Dreaming Wings on maybe Coppelius to help the non-Incorporeal models to move over scenery?
  12. I hadn't planned on turtling up, per se, I had planned on using the Waldgeist as a semi-barrier up front for the rest of the crew to tactically retreat from. From there, I was hoping to circle around the outskirts of the board using cover with strikes of opportunity assisted by pushes/Fast from Dreamer. I'd considered Tantrum to allow for faster Dreamer/LCB swaps, but I thought being able to stone to lessen damage and/or draw more cards each turn would be more useful playing defensively. The foreseeable trouble with taking both is that I have two upgrades (plus the game i
  13. How do people make Dreamer crews more resilient in games with strats like Reckoning or where Make Them Suffer is in play? Choice of models, different upgrades, or both? I came up with a tentative list, if people could maybe give me some feedback please? (This would be me trying to minimize model count while making use of limited model selection - I have the Hide and Seek box, a box of Madnesses, the Starter Set, Widow Weaver, Waldgeists, and a single proxied Stitched Together.) -- 40SS Dreamer Crew -- The Dreamer - Restless Dreams, 1SS - On Wings of Darkness, 1SS - Aether
  14. I view it as the Neverborn version of December's Pawn for Raspy. i have it in my lists to take for models that are going to burn through a lot of cards in a turn, like Teddy in a Dreamer crew, say. You could (I would) have Teddy loaded with Pact for statistical reasons. Between 3 pushes + Ml actions from The Dreamer and to hit/damage flips, plus possible cheating, Gobble You Up, and then a Flurry with all those to hit/damage flips plus possible cheating I figger you could cycle through maybe a third of the deck just on Teddy. Being able to override a Black Joker and surprise the he
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