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  1. @CapnBloodbeard have you heard of Gadzooksgaming dot com? they can help with future problems of needing that one model off a sprue;) (its where i got mine) also what kinds of guys do you put in a misaki list? anything similar to a VS crew? Does she want Amma no Zako or Sue?
  2. Been dusting off my collection these past few weeks and one of the groups of figures i would like to play with is my outcast collection. Since I didn't see a recent thread on misaki (ill admit to not looking all that hard ;p ) i thought i ask what some thoughts and suggestions on her are. Also i have a small VS crew of the old metals, just added the steam trunk and will prob pick up a few things like Hanna, Anna, Lazarus... As for misaki does she cover some of the strats/schemes that von shill might not be good into? Does she like to play with some of the last blossum models from TT? ( i have a bunch of tt stufff like oiran, misaki's box, Yamaziko) or does she fill a very similare role to VS? I ask b/c i have them both:)
  3. Thanks for the clarifications, getting back into the game after a bit of a hiatus so I have forgotten some of the more obvious interaction...
  4. Sweet! I didnt even think that was possible, thanks for that!
  5. Ah! Cool so that would also explain the trigger on his gun, that gets him a chi for killing an enemy model... Which would always happen anyway (if within 8") except that the trigger doesn't say controlled, so killing mindless zombis with the trigger would work... thanks again!
  6. Just a quick Q about yan lo's gaining chi ability; it says when a controlled model is killed, gain a chi counter. is that implying controlled by him, or anyone? So to rephrase, does killing enemy models net him chi counters, or just friendly? Thanks in advance!
  7. hey guys, thanks for all the replies! as for the questions, the first one is easy, about the bases of my dreamer crew: here is a WIP pic of lord chompybitz and his base, with an explanation following so what I did here was use Industrial Design model making foam. of the Tan variety. ( the different colors of foam had different densities and also diff $ amounts too. Tan is denser than yellow, and still pretty inexpensive. Don't know where to get it ATM, but try art supply and college book stores that sell materials... I just looked at my hand and cut out the shapes in the foam with my xacto, and built the base from the palm up, with the finger joints as separate pieces. After shaping with the knife, i gave the pieces a light sand with an emery board, and then sealed the foam with zap-a-gap, brushing the excess glue off the modeling foam with a pluck foam square from my transport case. (pluck foam is a great super-glue sponge, just don't let it linger, keep it moving) The "water" is done with green stuff that i pressed a dremel tool into to get the wave effect. as for the yellow, i built up to yellow with Vermin Brown, then Vomit Brown, then Bleached Bone, then Golden Yellow, then some brief striations with some silver(Boltgun Metal) and finally a light black wash to tie it all together. also, the successive layers of color are thin and inconsistent. I find that allowing the darker layers to show through a little ads to the depth of the final color and gives it a weathered feel. sorry for all the words, off to think about which of my unpainted crews to finish next! later, pryme
  8. as far as your witchling idea/question goes, I just played a game with the Hoff on thursday and I used the witchling/Ryle combo against three ronin to great efectiveness. Will be using it more. plus the witchling ignores severe terrain which helps with grabbing an objective in a forest, or other weird situations...
  9. Here is my hoffman crew, which is nearing completion... letmeknow what you all think, later, pryme
  10. so I am finally getting back into mofo after a year long hiatus, thanks in large part to the new book and my gamer ADD. Thought I would share my progress with you all as I work through my tremendous backlog of stuff. First up is my dreamer crew which started out as: "well I want coppelious for hoffman and the Dream crew box has been sitting at the lgs for a year......" Then I got inspired to have the dreamer walking on a sidewalk that is ending, like Shel Siverstein's poem/book: "where the Sidewalk ends." This is what I came up with, let me know what you think... more to come soon, If anyone wants a close up, just ask, I has them ready, just not posted yet
  11. okay cool, thanks for the explanation. in the case of measuring to your unanounced objectives, i would just err on the side of not needing to measure, or measure to something known, like your stratagey, and use that to guage how close your are to your scheme that you don't want to reveal.
  12. just a quick question on the acolytes deep strike rule, it now says he must be placed up to 12 inches from "AN" objective. does that mean just friendly or enemy as well?
  13. welcome neighbor! I'll will bring some stuff with me to the tourney this weekend incase there is time to give you a game before or after... later
  14. just wondering if anyone has tried a two list tourney? I have infected a number of people at my LGS with malifaux and I think is it high time a organize a little tourney, but the "how" has also been a big question for me and so far this thread has be quite helpful. The one thought I had is as stated above, to set the point value, and say "bring two lists" strats and schemes will be determined as normal, then the players will be able to pick which list they want to use. I am tempted to add the "from the same faction" requirement to the two list point but am still on the fence over that one.
  15. I see that no one has replied, so here is my somewhat inexperience reply: my suggestion for this list, especially as a counter to a shoty list, would be to drop a gamin and a mole man, and add a Gunslinger and one more sole stone to your pool. I wouldn't put to much reliance in casting Ice pillars and tanking up the field, It is a good strat, but it is also a trojan horse. In other words, if they don't take the bait, it won't work to your advantage as well as you might like. Ice pillars is certainly a great way to control the board, but I would want a strong ranged element to like the gunslinger to offer further control. of course, everything in this game is based around what objectives you and your opponent flip. also, one last bit of advice, in the future, when you post a list, you should really post the point value as well, it is helpful to those who would offer comments to be able to see the SS level without having to add it up themselves. hope this helps, pryme
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