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  1. okay cool, thanks for the explanation. in the case of measuring to your unanounced objectives, i would just err on the side of not needing to measure, or measure to something known, like your stratagey, and use that to guage how close your are to your scheme that you don't want to reveal.
  2. just a quick question on the acolytes deep strike rule, it now says he must be placed up to 12 inches from "AN" objective. does that mean just friendly or enemy as well?
  3. welcome neighbor! I'll will bring some stuff with me to the tourney this weekend incase there is time to give you a game before or after... later
  4. just wondering if anyone has tried a two list tourney? I have infected a number of people at my LGS with malifaux and I think is it high time a organize a little tourney, but the "how" has also been a big question for me and so far this thread has be quite helpful. The one thought I had is as stated above, to set the point value, and say "bring two lists" strats and schemes will be determined as normal, then the players will be able to pick which list they want to use. I am tempted to add the "from the same faction" requirement to the two list point but am still on the fence over that
  5. I see that no one has replied, so here is my somewhat inexperience reply: my suggestion for this list, especially as a counter to a shoty list, would be to drop a gamin and a mole man, and add a Gunslinger and one more sole stone to your pool. I wouldn't put to much reliance in casting Ice pillars and tanking up the field, It is a good strat, but it is also a trojan horse. In other words, if they don't take the bait, it won't work to your advantage as well as you might like. Ice pillars is certainly a great way to control the board, but I would want a strong ranged element to like the
  6. I did pick up some hoarcats and a sabertooth for something similare, but what about the Acolyte? I got him too, and he seems pretty solid for 6ss?
  7. the gamin was there mostly as filler, and I don't currently own johan, though he is on the list. Wombats, so you don't use gamin in your raspy lists anymore? what do you use in their stead?
  8. good suggestions, I will give them all a try untill I find the list that works for me, @CserZ sorry for the confusion, the 2ss I listed after ramos is the Extra 2ss in the list. making his total 4.
  9. Yeah my second order came in on friday, with some more arachnids, horecats, acolyte, Joss, essence, Brass arachnid, saber-tooth, alyce and a Gunslinger, kinda big order, but I wanted essentially two armies at both box set size and bigger that my friends and I could play with, at least untill they get their stuff...(already hooked one friend) I kinda like the essence of power mini myself, just got to come up with a cool way to paint it. my first 35ss list is looking like this for ramos: Ramos 2ss 2 arachnid swarm 18 joss 9 Brass Arachnid 2 Ice gamin 4 just wondering if maybe i sho
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I just put an order in last night for the Lady Justice box, as well as some reinforcements for Ramos and 'Tina. -pryme
  11. First of all hey, new archanist player here! So I recently picked up the book, 2 decks, the ramos box and the 'Tina box. I have been crashing around the boards this weekend reading up on the other "new player help" threads to get some ideas of where to go next. The main reason for this post is for suggestions for two crews to face off against each-other for demos. I originally bought the ramos and tina boxes because they are the same faction but look very different and that is important to me when giving demos. For those of you that have been running demos, have you been using the bo
  12. thanks for the welcomes guys! look forward to playing some games! later, pryme
  13. Hey, long time Wm/H player as well as a Heavygear player. Heard about this game at Gencon, and the system really intrigues me. Got the book, the Rasputina box and the Ramos box coming soon. (in the hopes of pushing some of my buddies into playing too!) If anyone will be at Templecon in Feb, look me up, I will have my stuff and would like to get a bunch of games in! later, Pryme
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