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  1. The Fate of Billy Reins Prologue “You asked to see me sir,” Guild Librarian Minh Thi Kim stood a respectful distance from the front of the imposing, horseshoe shaped desk of her superior. She was used to being called by the higher ranks for special research projects, running down and sifting through old files. Sitting on the edge of the desk was a mountain of paperwork the woman eyed like a butcher deciding how best to attack a side of beef. She was a slight woman with a healthy, if pale complexion from spending so much of her time in the various vaults and librar
  2. A long time ago, when I first started playing Malifaux, I created a character that represented one of the members of my crew. Playing the part of the Convict Gunslinger (who other old hands from first edition may remember was something of a staple for many crews), Billy Reins was a man who joined the Guild at gunpoint. I even wrote up a (very) short story which I plan to incorporate into this story because of my excitement for the world and lore of Malifaux. Malifaux has grown a lot since then, and with my return to the game in this new edition, I was bit by a bug to write a proper story about
  3. Drink up me hardies, yo ho~ Now that's a fine Nightmare box.
  4. Great new look, I enjoyed reading through the individual master entries. My one hope would be that eventually the Henchmen/Enforcer/Minion entries under each will have a link to their art.
  5. @Ludvig Very possible. It may make the mindless zombie plan dead on arrival, but I think the build with the gravediggers doesn't mind as much, as you're giving them pass tokens, but creating big, scary, reckless models. As I've already implied, I'm not always good at judging value of points vs value of order of activation.
  6. I like the general idea of it. How do you see yourself using the Gravedigger after the first turn (I haven't thought too hard about one gravedigger on their own yet)?
  7. I really enjoyed the battle report, I think you did a fantastic job with the voice over as well as keeping the audience abreast of what was going on in the game, and really like how you labeled everything in the deployment phase. I hope we see more reports from you, well done!
  8. @Ludvig the pass tokens are an interesting point, I also haven't played him yet, so don't know how swing-y an issue it will be. Watching and reading battle reports on youtube leads me to think that the early tempo really comes down to scheme and strategy pools. That's one of the interesting parts of Malifaux and something I sometimes struggle with, the game isn't always about 'value' which most minis games are about. With the game being 'I go, you go' the first activation can be important, but my kneejerk reaction is that if they want to use the tokens that's ok, I'm mostly going to be do
  9. I'm a big Hoffman fan, I do think he's more interesting Arcanists due to the reasons trikk pointed out. I would also just mention that everything he wants from Guild he can port over into an Arcanist list due to the keyword system. Unless you were really hankering for a Guild upgrade or out of keyword model, Arcanists just offer so much more to the Hoff. But I like the Peacekeeper, Watchers and Hunters to bits. I'm halfway convinced the Guardian has a place for movement shenanigans, but I'm not entirely certain (ironically out of keyword it is more exciting to me to throw Sonnia or Lad
  10. That That's interesting to me, what are you doing with McMourning on turn one that you would miss? I kind of look at it simply as using that AP to earn a Soul Stone, which doesn't seem like a bad deal. I'm not too concerned with Distracted, as the Nurse can strip it for free since she gains fast. I'll also freely admit this is a theory and haven't had the opportunity to throw the doc down yet (hopefully starting a regular game day with some friends again, finger's crossed). Sebastian does seem a better choice all things considered. I was thinking too hard about the suit requi
  11. I do still think that clarification is warranted in either FAQ or Errata. But to be clear, my stance is not about whether 'I' understand, it is about whether it was the rule book that made things clear and would make things clear for players, and I would argue it does not. I think that the lack of a paragraph in the rulebook is not going to come across as a clear ruling to most players (gamers I have learned after several forays into game design, simply do not approach things the way you want them to (obviously the intent was X but they're playing it as Y because the rule can be inte
  12. @Adran @Kadeton Neither of those are unreasonable arguments, but a clarification through FAQ and/or adding another box that talks about 'models with auras of hazardous terrain' are necessary. I'll point to the video above in the OP itself as a good indicator of this. Neither of those players, or those supporting the stream are new, or newly returned players like me, and made the same mistake, and were unable to really come to an agreement of how the rule should be interpreted.
  13. I also do not think the rules 'should' work this way, as there is a clear case for abuse, so I hope folks don't take my defense of the way they played as the way I think it 'should' be played. I think the most important thing is that the rules mention what happens when a marker moves with a hazardous aura, but not a model. If the sole reason it does not work boils down to: 'the rules only mention Markers and not Models, thus the absence of evidence is the evidence of absence,' then the rule should be clarified, there is too much room for interpretation, and the last thing you want to
  14. @Morgan Vening I'm not arguing that it is balanced. I'm arguing that they played it correctly. I'm saying that with the rules as written, 'abuse' and 'unfair' are not suitable reasons to say that the rules do not allow something. It should be errata'd or otherwise clarified if deemed unacceptable or for causing a negative play experience, perhaps adding that models with such auras do not function that way, but the way it is being played in the battle report appears to check out in the rules. 'Fair' and 'Legal' are different terms.
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